Yoga Camp – Day 15 – I Am Open

– Hey my sweet friends. Welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It’s Day 15 y’all. We are halfway there. I’m super proud. I hope you are feeling the same. The mantra today is awesome, and it is, “I Am Open.” Let’s get started. (lively, uplifting piano music) All right, today we’re
going to begin seated, opening up the hips. So we’ll draw the left heel
in, followed by the right. So one foot in front of the other. And we’ll sit up nice and tall. You might notice that your
right knee is really flying up here or that your back
is having a hard time finding support to lift. So in that case, maybe
you sit up on a block or a blanket here, and then
also just give yourself time to open up the body and it
might shift or change, right? So take a second to get settled in. And once you have the
legs where you want them, hey-o. Once you have the legs
where you want them, sit up nice and tall. Lengthen through the
crown and begin to notice your sweet breath. (breathing) Maybe it’s taken you quite
a bit of effort and energy to get to this point today, where you could turn on
the video and practice. So just get settled in. Well done. The hard part is over. We have a fun practice today to celebrate and mark our halfway point. So awesome. Close your eyes. And the mantra today is, “I Am Open.” Yeah, I am open. I am open to all possibilities. It’s gonna be important to pay attention to the breath today, in my opinion, to really get your money’s worth, so that you’re kind of making the most of this mantra, I think. I am open. I’m open to what’s next. I don’t know what’s next, maybe. I am open to what’s next. I’m open to all possibilities. I’m open to transformation. Just take a second to consider that. A little private moment to
consider today’s affirmation. And then back to the breath here. I think it’s important
to really pay attention to the exhale today. So inhaling in, all the possibility
and all the opportunity, but really making sure to
press that exhale out today. Find grounding through the exhale. Create space so that,
again, you can be open and available for whatever’s next. So if that resonates with
you in any way, awesome. If not, let’s see if we can
just start moving the body and opening things up, and
we’ll see what happens. So starting with the hips today, I’m just gonna take my
fingertips to the mat or to the earth out in front, and slowly crawl them forward. So you can stay on the
fingertips here if it feels good to press back through the
sitting bones, the tail. Or you can begin to, maybe
come onto the forearms. Everyone will be a little different. Maybe you, bubble gum,
bubble gum in a dish the hands. (laughing) And bring your forehead to the fists. Some people just had
like a smile and a great childhood memory, and the rest were like, “What the heck? “Is this girl an only child or what?” Take a second here to
breathe, breathe, breathe. Send your awareness to the right hip. It’s probably speaking to you. And then just keep a little
energy through the feet. Allow the weight of the head to let go, and we slowly open up today. (breathing) Mmmm. Usually on that third
breath is where I feel a nice release. And then we’ll press into the palms. And we’re just gonna walk
the hands to the left, stretching through the side body. That tugging the shoulders away, counteracting all these things here. Relax the shoulders down. But you got that by now, right? It’s so incredible how the body
forgets that muscle memory. I really have to keep practicing, which is why I love Yoga Camp. Back through center, and to the right. Breathe. (deep breathing) And then back to center. And back, all the way up, and we take the right
foot and we bring it in. Switcheroo, walking forward. So, right heel in. Left leg on the outside this time, and just find what feels good here. You might sway a little back and forth. You might bring the forehead down. (breathing) Breathe. Send breath. Remember when we discussed
what the heck that could mean to send breath to the outer
edge of your left hip? Well rather than getting all pissy about, “What does that mean?” Not saying that you
are, but we tend to like just knock yoga teachers
when all they’re trying to do is kind of, you know, assist you in exploring your body. But sometimes I admit,
it’s pretty ridiculous, but instead of letting it turn you off, just laugh at it, smile at it, and then interpret it. Whenever I end up in a class
where I don’t really resonate with the teacher or something, instead of judging them, I try to just honor them, and then make my own interpretation. That’s why I love, “Find what feels good.” And then slowly, we rock back up, and take the palms over towards the right. (breathing) Make sure you’re breathing here. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. (exhaling breath) And back to center and to the left. (deep breathing) And back to center, and
all the way back up. Great. Hands come to the thighs
or the knees here, and we take our neck circles. By now you might start to
notice less of a soundtrack. Ck-ky-ko-ck-ky. Or, maybe not. Big circles with the nose. One way and then the other. (bone cracking) Oh yeah. I wonder, can the mic pick that up ’cause it’s so loud to me. (breathing) It’s like when Benji stretches, he like stretches and then
he’s like plu-uh-uh-uh-hh-h, so that’s that moment. OK, anyway, bringing the hands behind now to guide the legs out. Just take a stretch here. Nice and long, pointing
and flexing the feet. (exhaling breath) And then sliding the hands down. Finding flexion in the feet. Just a little forward
fold here, nice and easy. Nothing too intense. Just stretching out. You might just be here. Ooh yeah. Great. Then slide the hands behind the thighs. Bring the heels in, knees up towards the sky. Loop the shoulders. Lengthen through the crown. Lift your heart. Imagine being lift– In fact, we’re not sweaty yet or anything, so take your thumbs to
your armpit chest here, and lift, lift, lift up. Go ahead and lift your toes too. You start to connect through
the abdominal wall, hello. And just notice if you’re
rounding in the spine here, can you lift up through the heart? Lift the chin to chest. And this is like you’re
wearing suspenders here, like 76 trombones. It’s like that. So lift up, lift up. And then maintain that lift
as you bring the hands back to the hamstrings. Loop the shoulders. Lift your heart. Inhale in. Exhale. Rock back just a hair so
that your shins are parallel. Yogi’s choice, you can
bring the legs together, or if it feels better,
keeping it hip width apart, by all means. You can hold on here, clasping the wrists, and we’re just gonna take
a couple breaths here, connecting to the center. You might even close your
eyes and visualize that line in the spine from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail. (deep breathing) Beginning to deepen the breath. And again, we’re connecting
to that plumb line from the crown to the tail here. So if you’re rounding through
or the heart is collapsed, you might just continue to play. Lifting up from the armpit chest. Let’s take one more full
breath in and out here. (breathing) Draw your navel in. Cross the right ankle over the left. Release the arms. Come through to all fours. Awesome work. So take a second here
to find your alignment, and then we’ll just move
right into a little Cat-Cow. (deep breathing) Then veering off the railroad
tracks, whenever you’re ready. Exploring the body today. And staying open to all possibilities. Opening up through the chest. Opening up through the
hips, the shoulders. (exhaling and inhaling) Mmm, yeah. And then we’ll come back to all fours. And when you’re ready,
send the hips up high to Downward Facing Dog. Press into your hands firmly. So strong foundation. And then just feel your
way up into the pose, rather than slamming up into it. Nice and soft and easy as
you explore the body here. (deep breathing) And then we’ll come to
a place of stillness. Dropping the weight of the heels down. It’s OK if they don’t touch the earth. Maybe one day they will. And then nice and easy, I’m
gonna bend the right knee, and keep the left heel grounding down. Notice if the right
shoulder is dipping under. See if you can keep the shoulders square. And then right heel to the earth. Left knee bends generously. Strong work in the arms
and the shoulders here, but you got it. (deep breathing) And then back to center. And now we bend both knees generously. Belly comes to the tops of the thighs. Melt your heart back. Strong in the arms. I know. You got it. Big breath in. Big breath out as you
send your feet forward, so you can hop to the top,
you can walk to the top. We’ll meet in forward fold. Shake the head a little yes, a little no. And let the weight of the head
go, the arms, the shoulders. Bend the knees as generously
as you need to here. (breathing) And then we’ll slowly roll it up. Take your time. As you slowly rise up and lift the heart, lift your toes too. Then open the chest. Lift from the armpit chest. Open the palms. I am open. Big breath in. (inhaling) And exhale, release the toes. And reach around, interlace
the fingertips behind the tail, so nice and soft and easy here, don’t, you know, cram. Knuckles down. We begin to open up slowly. You can rock a little
or you can sway a little side to side here. Be mindful of the knees. (breathing) Check in with the neck. (breathing) And then bring it back
to center and inhale. Lift your chin slightly. And exhale, release the fingertips. Take it into a forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift to your flat back. Baby got flat back. (laughter) No wait, that’s not good. And then exhale, forward fold. Inhale, reach up. And exhale, release. (exhaling) Open palms. Inhale, loop the shoulders. Lift your toes again. Big breath in as you find that
ascension through the spine. Lift, lift, lift. Then exhale, lower the toes. (exhaling) And we reach behind once again. Opposite thumb on top. Inhale, lift. (inhaling) And this time exhale, bend the knees, forward fold from here. Knuckles are gonna draw a
line all the way up and over. (exhaling) Rinsing out through the shoulder blades. Find a little movement
here if it feels good. And then inhale, halfway
lift, knuckles draw back. And exhale, we release. So warming up the neck,
the head, the shoulders. The chest opened, yes. Inhale, halfway lift again. (inhaling) Exhale, bow. (exhaling) And inhale, reach for the sky. (inhaling) And exhale, rain it down. (exhaling) Shift your weight on
over to your left foot. And we’re gonna slowly just reach behind. Nothing fancy here. And grab the right ankle. And maybe the left hand on
the waistline for stability, so we’re just stretching through the quad. Lift your heart. Open up through the chest. And then see if you can find that connect, pubic bone to tail, just hugging
them in a little bit here, and lengthening the tailbone down. If you want to do something
else here you can. Just gently opening up the body. Inhale, lift the chin just a hair. And then exhale, release with control. Shift to the right foot. (exhaling) Reach, grab the left ankle. So we’re just kind of checking
in with our balance today too, right? It’s different every day. Whoa. And hugging everything in in the mid-line. Checking in. Then maybe you inhale, lift
the chin just slightly, and exhale, release. (exhaling) Inhale, reach for the sky. (claps) Namaste. Exhale, down we go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Plant the palms, bend the knees. Step or hop it back to plank. Stretch out the legs. Fire up that belly. And then slowly we’ll
lower all the way down, and inhale, Cobra. Ready? (inhaling) On an exhale, release. (exhaling) Press back up to your plank. Find a little movement, and then again, all the way down, lowering. Inhale, Cobra. Open your heart. Exhale, release. And one more time, pressing up to plank. Connect to your strength. This time lowering all the way down, belly to Cobra or you bring Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog to the party. Playing here, inhale. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. (exhaling) Take your time. Feel your way up into the pose. And then keep feeling. (exhaling) So if you tend to be one of
those folks that comes here and stays there forever,
just kind of waiting, like I did for so many years, first of all, no worries. Totally normal, totally human. But see if you can just
kind of keep going through your checklist here. So you’re not waiting,
not holding, not gripping. Drop the left heel. Lift the right leg up high. Big breath in here. Exhale, squeeze nose to knee. Connect to your core. Then step the right foot up. Pivot on the back foot, and slowly we rise up, Warrior One. Strong connection through the back leg. Remember when we lift the
toes, lift your toes here. Inhale in, exhale, lower the toes. (exhaling) And Warrior One. A couple breaths here. Knit the lower rib cage a little bit here, so if you find it splaying out like so, then hug it in just a hair. Crown of the head all the way down through the navel and the tail. Nice line, can see it
with your imagination. Big breath in. Big breath out as you
release the fingertips down. And interlace behind the tail. Inhale, open your heart. And then exhale, break everything free. Pivot on the back foot. And come back down to your lunge. (exhaling) Move through a vinyasa here. You can start to have a little
fun lifting one leg, maybe, it’s called an Eka Pada, one-legged. Moving through your vinyasa. Depending on where you
are on your yoga journey, just keep playing. We’ll meet in Down Dog. (breathing) From Down Dog, drop the right heel, lift the leg up high. Big breath in here. Exhale, squeeze, nose to knee. Connect to your strength. (exhaling) Step it up. Pivot on the back foot. Find strong foundation. Bend through that front knee. And Warrior One. So I love taking this second
to really just check out what’s going on in my body today. No need to rush to here, right? So where we’re headed
today, you can’t rush. You have to go on the journey. You’ll see. Inhale, reach the arms up. (inhaling) Exhale, grounding down. (exhaling) Inhale, reach. (inhaling) And exhale, raining it down. Opposite thumb on top
this time, the weird one. And draw the knuckles down and away as you open your heart. (breathing) I am open. Maybe you’ve been a little close-minded or a little close-hearted lately. This practice should serve you quite well. Inhale in. Open the chest. Exhale, break free. We’ll pivot on the back foot. Inhale, reach the arms up high. And exhale, rain everything down. So just keeping it soft
and easy, plant the palms, step the left toes back
or maybe keep it lifted. Then you groove through your flow. (breathing) Great, Downward Facing Dog. (exhaling) Once again, we’ll drop the left heel. Lift the right leg high. Stick with me, inhale. (inhaling) Exhale, squeeze nose to knee. (exhaling) Step it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot. Same thing. Inhale, rise up, Warrior One. Get out of the way hair. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, interlace behind. Knuckles go down and away. We open the heart. (exhaling) You can just find what feels good here. You can pivot on the back
foot if it feels good. You can reach the arms up, instead find stretching
through the side body. Wherever you are, take one more breath in. And then exhale, lower down. Plant the palms. Move through your vinyasa. So we’re creating a little heat today. Halfway through, you got it. Make your way to Down Dog. Drop the right heel, and
lift the left leg up high with a big breath in. Squeeze nose to knee. Connect to your strength. Welcome that heat. (exhaling) Warrior One, as you step it up. (inhaling) And we find our footing. Inhale, reach. Exhale, interlace. Open the chest, open the heart. Open to new possibility here. (exhaling) And you might come into a
little pivot on the back foot. Maybe you send the fingertips up high. Find what feels good here. Inhale in. And exhale, release back down. (exhaling) Plant the palms. Step the left foot back
and move through your flow. (breathing) Child’s Pose. Take a rest. Great job. (deep breathing) Take some nice, refreshing breaths here. And remember, perhaps what
I invited you to play with earlier with the exhale, really focusing on that exhale, seeing if you can make it longer. Extended, really clean out all the air, making room for a nice, fresh breath in. (breathing) Then slowly we’ll come back to all fours. Take your time getting there. And find your tabletop position. (breathing) Great. Press away from your yoga mat. Make sure you’re not collapsing here. And then slowly we’re
gonna turn the right toes, actually we’ll just turn both toes, just to protect knees if
you are suffering from some sensitive knee syndrome. Send both toes to the right. And then I’m gonna slowly
extend my left leg out long so right foot is on the earth. And press away from the
right palm as I open up, left fingertips to the sky. Now I like to turn the left toes in here so I can press into the outer
edge of that back foot strong, but you can also practice
this on the heel. (exhaling breath) And I’m pressing away
from my yoga mat here. Reaching left fingertips up high. Inhale, extension through the crown. Strong foundation. And just remember, the neck
is an extension of the spine here so it’s not collapsed. You might even take your
gaze from out to up. And if you’re feeling
like you have a hard time opening the heart here, if you’re here, you might take your left
hand to your right rib cage, and imagine just smearing some honey all over the belly. Whoa. Opening up. Then, inhale in, stay where you’re at, pressing into the outer
edge of that back foot or on the heel or connect to your center, navel to spine, engage the belly, slowly begin to lift left leg up. Just in line with the hip. Press into your foundation. Top of the right foot. Pressing into all five
knuckles on the right hand. Inhale, wooooo. Exhale, release the leg down. Send your gaze down. Let your heart follow, and
we melt it back to center. Great, come back to all
fours and Child’s Pose. (inhaling and exhaling) Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of your breath. (deep breathing) Hmmmmm, other side. Reaching the arms up if
they are not already, connecting to your center as
you come back to all fours. So I always love this tabletop position. It’s a place just kind of
like ground and connect to the earth and my foundation,
make sure I’m not rushing. So find that. And then we’ll send both
toes to the left this time. We can just shift our
weight onto the left palm as I extend out through the right leg. So I’m definitely using
the top of that left foot as a foundation mark here. I press into the outer edge
of that right foot strong. And when you’re ready, open it up. So take the neck along
for the ride with you, and open up from wrist to wrist, from shoulder to shoulder. If you’re having a hard time opening up, maybe you take the right
hand to the left rib cage, and open, smear that honey. Just a little touch goes a long way. Am I right, people? Am I right about that? Gaw, might be the wisest
thing I’ve ever said. A little touch goes a long way so just a little guidance here is nice. Opening, opening. Stay here, connected
strong to your foundation. Or let’s see what happens
if we connect to our center so really navel to spine here, engage. And then we lift. (breathing) Wooooo. Big breath in. (inhaling) Slowly release right leg down. Send your gaze down
and everything follows, cascading its way all the way back to Child’s Pose. Soften through the wrists here. If it feels good, you might
rotate the wrists a little bit. (breathing) Close your eyes. Listen to your breath. (exhaling and inhaling) Stay curious here. Stay open. (breathing) Take one more nice, juicy breath here. (breathing) And let’s keep playing,
reaching the fingertips all the way up, make your
way back to all fours. From here, plant the palms mindfully. Curl the toes under. Send it up, Down Dog. Right away, inhale, lift
the right leg up high. (inhaling) And exhale, step it up into your lunge. (exhaling) Pivot on the back foot, and
then slowly straighten the leg, come into your triangle. Whoa, you got this. (breathing) Opening up. Lengthening through the crown of the head. And just taking a second,
whatever time you need here to go through your checklist. (breathing) That self adjustment, it’s golden. Great. Then send your gaze down. Soften through that standing leg. What? And then we’re gonna kind
of crawl through here. Step the back foot up halfway. Now if you have a block,
it’s handy to use here. You can also use a stack of books. Or a little somethin’, somethin’. But you don’t need it. You can work in a way that feels good even without the prop. Right fingertips are gonna come about a foot away. And then when you’re– I’m just giving you a
little second to catch up, look at the video, look at me. And then when you’re ready, we’re gonna inhale,
soften through both knees. And exhale, begin to lift the back leg up. Now careful not to collapse
onto your foundation, but press away. Then begin to open up through
the left hip here, half moon. Pressing into an imaginary wall
with your left foot strong. Strong flexion in that left foot. And then remember, smearing the honey here as we open up through
the heart, the chest. (exhaling) Maybe the left fingertips
reach up towards the sky. Or, maybe just left hand to waistline. Now remember, neck nice and long here. If you want more in your core, then begin to work up off the block. (exhaling) But just be where you are today. Open your mind, and maybe you never thought you could come into this shape before. And here you are. In your own beautiful version. Inhale in. Exhale, gaze straight down. Let the heart follow. Everything cascades here. We come to a standing splits. What? Draw your nose towards your knee, left leg is out long. And then slowly, try not to
slam your left toes down. See if you can control
it all the way back. Oh, it’s hard. Into your lunge. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, plant the palms. Optional vinyasa here, or
you might choose instead, to take a rest, Child’s Pose. So you’re moving through a flow. Or you’re taking a break. (breathing) So if you moved through your flow, then you’re making your way to Down Dog. If you chose to take
a break, make your way to Downward Facing Dog, nice and slow. (deep breathing) And this time, dropping the right heel, lifting the left leg high. Last side here, you got it. Stick with it. Inhale, lift. Exhale, squeeze. Step it up into your lunge. (exhaling breath) Beautiful, pivot on the back foot. Make your way to Triangle. Take your time. So peeling the left hip crease back. Working from the ground up
so I love doing Triangles from the ground up. I love working this way,
really keeping it nice and low and connected. And then opening up. (exhaling) Trikonasana. Tug the shoulders back. Just go through your checklist. Stay curious. (deep breathing) Maybe you smear that honey even here. (deep breathing) And then we’ll take the gaze down. Soften through that left knee so bend. And then I’ll bring the
fingertips down for stability. And soften through my right knee, step it up halfway. Now if you know where you’re going, you can begin to build your half moon. Otherwise, I’ll cue it for those
who are new to the posture. So you take your block,
your books if you have it, if not, that’s OK, about a foot up. And then we inhale in, and on an exhale, soften
through that standing leg. As you exhale, press through
your standing foot strong, and begin to extend out
through the right leg, foot. So really charge through
that right inner thigh. Press your right foot into
an imaginary wall here. Open up, whoa. Open up through the rib cage here. (exhaling) We’re gonna draw the
shoulders away from the ears. So much going on. You know I have a video
on this for YouTube if you want to explore it more. Reaching the right arm up, maybe, or bringing it to the waistline. If you fall, awesome way
to work to your edge, to meet your boundary. I always say, “If you fall, don’t worry. “We’ll catch ya.” (exhaling) And just playing here, half moon. (breathing) Think Upward Facing Dog in the torso. Yogi’s who have been
doing this for a while, maybe you start to come
off the block a little bit, maybe you start to play with your focus. Maybe you notice if you’re
gripping in the toes like I was. And then wherever you are… (exhaling) Begin to let it go. Dial your heart, your head
back towards the earth. We’ll bring the fingertips,
right fingertips down. Square at the hips, standing splits. Draw your nose towards
your knee or your navel. Strong pose here. Inhale. (inhaling) Then exhale with control, best you can, bend that front knee and step it back… (exhaling) To your lunge. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, last vinyasa here. Take it or leave it. We are all going to meet in Child’s Pose. So you can totally skip
the flow and come straight to Child’s Pose whenever
it feels best for you. We’ll meet in Balasana, like a nice, little, tiny rock. Like a little rock in one of those zen rock gardens. (deep breathing) When you arrive, just take
a couple breathers here. Notice how you feel. (deep breathing) And we’ll slowly press into the palms. Begin to rise up and send
the hips over to one side. Kick the legs out long. You can shake ’em out a
little bit if you like. And then we’ll come to lie, flat back. When you arrive, take a
nice, full body stretch, reaching the fingertips all
the way up and overhead. Ah, you might yawn here. You might sigh here. You might sing a song. You’re like, “No. (laughing) “No, I might not.” OK, big breath in. Big breath out, connect to your core. Slide the heels up, knees come in. We wrap around, nose to knee. (exhaling) Inhale, heels down. With control, reach the fingertips up, slide it out, connecting
to the abdominal walls. Support your lower back. Inhale here. Exhale, slide it in. (exhaling) Nose to knees. Then one more time. Slide it out. The slower you go, the
more mindful you can be for the lower back. Inhale. (inhaling) And exhale, rounding everything in, lifting the head, the neck, the shoulders. (exhaling) Great, this time, soles of
the feet come to the mat. And we release the head,
the neck back down. Plant the palms. Bridge pose, pressing
into the tops of the feet. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath the heart space. Move your ponytail if you have one. Aw yeah, good. And then here we go. Inhale, lifting the hips up. Press in all four corners of the feet. Just doing one of these so you got this. Lifting, lifting, lifting. (breathing) Interlace the fingertips today. Crawl the elbows in and underneath. And strong foundation here as you lift up, chest to chin, and then
lift the chin just slightly to the sky. Squeeze the inner thighs together. One more breath. (inhaling and exhaling) Then exhale, break free. Oh, yeah. Nice and slow as you
allow the hips to descend back down to the earth. And send the left leg out long, and bring the right leg up high. Wrap the arms around the shins. Squeeze, big breath. And then exhale, over into your twist. Should feel awesome today. Open up through the right arm. Soften through your left foot. And close your eyes and
enjoy these last moments of our practice here today. You guys are doing awesome. Stick with your breath. The mind wants to immediately go to like, OK, the next meal or the next thing to do. Just try to stay present here. Gift yourself with this
time of just being present in your body, conscious of your thoughts. I am open. (breathing) And then making your way back to center. Squeeze the right knee up and in, and then switch. (deep breathing) Same thing on the other side. (exhaling and inhaling) Take one more loving breath here. And then make your way back. Squeeze the left knee
in towards the heart. And this time, right knee comes to join. We reach for the– Ow. We reach for the outer
edges of the feet here. Lift the soles of the
feet up towards the sky. And this is gonna be really
great after today’s practice. Send the tailbone, so it’s
really active in the pelvis here. Send the tailbone towards
the front edge of the mat. Actively. Draw the shoulders down. Now from here, you can play, whether it’s rocking gently side to side, or straightening through one leg. Or then the other. Maybe you grab the big toes
with your peace fingers, playing here. Maybe you open up a nice
flying V, sprawled eagle. (laughing) Aaaah. Find what feels good. Happy baby, you know. It’s that image of baby on their blanket. While you’re trying to get things done just doing their own thing. (breathing) That childlike state, super open. Excited. Close your eyes, return to
the mantra one last time, “I am open.” Finish the sentence. Repeat your mantra for today. I am open to all possibility. I’m open to loving myself. I’m open to yoga. Maybe this has been a hellacious
journey for you so far, Yoga Camp. Maybe you open yourself up to
a new experience in the next 15 days. Go ahead and release the legs. When you’re ready, send them out long. (breathing) Do whatever else you need to do to feel satisfied in the body. Then open your mind, open your heart, open your arms, and open your legs. And take a nice, beautiful breath in. (breathing) When you exhale, relax the body. (exhaling) Relax your heart. Let the weight of your body
release completely and fully. Close your eyes. Blanket yourself in
love here and gratitude. Way to rock out 15 days of Yoga Camp. (lively piano music) Thank you for sharing your time with me. I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (lively, uplifting piano music)

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    "I am open? Ew, no. I don't wanna be open."
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    does this practice
    beams with calm and joy

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    Practice #136 complete!

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    Thank you for the journey, thank you for the experience.


    #ywaOPEN #FWFG

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  51. Day 150πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ™πŸΎ Half moon made me feel bad about boat poseπŸ˜‚ but beautifully and proudly I can say IM OPEN πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ The Journey continues with EMBRACE

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  56. Day 15! Such a mixed bag, but I started to feel frustrated on the leg extensions with the knees out to the side. Could not lift my legs. Kept locking up. So okay, continue on. Was unable to do the half moon poses. Feeling frustrated, I watched and then stopped the video at 32:32. All my leg and feet issues at play today. I felt again like I had made no progress but honestly, having had a friend visit all weekend, I did not find time to practice. And it is what it is. Another day will be different. Okay, back in for the final seven minutes!

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  59. I must admit that instead of doing the final stretches, I just stayed in savasana lol. But in my defense, as a Ph.D. student, I presented in a conference this morning, then jumped in a plane to attend another conference where I'll present tomorrow morning. I am saying this just to add that when it came to the half-moon, I had absolutely nothing that resembled a block or books to use. So, I took improvisation to the next level and got a toilet paper roll in the bathroom. The highlight of my day.

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  62. I did a perfect half moon with my right leg grounded, but I couldn't even lift my right leg up without tumbling down when I was grounding through my left foot. The difference in strength is mind-blowing… πŸ˜…

  63. πŸ‘‹ Hi all! Man, it's so crazy to see how time flies when you are truly invested in things and/or having fun. It almost feels like there is a certain ease to life if we are willing to just let go, have fun and be a little uncomfortable by being open to new things. Lots of good things happened today: in particular the Half Moon expression manifested through me. It wasn't long ago that I not only couldn't do it, but I judged myself for gasping for air, being inflexible, etc. But you always remind me/us even that it's all good, find the chill zone, and if not today then another day–but don't quit.

    I could say that this success (of expression) took me some number of days; but "days" and "hours" are such a limited measurement to describe mindset changes. What could be a day of practice might be multiple dimensions of travel inwards towards changing our inner voice, developing the courage to express ourselves, and so many other good things. So much gratitude for you to always helping us stay here and encouraged. The quote I have for today is "The storm is in our mind, but not in our lives." I really vibed out with everything you said today (and every day really, but today I nodded my head so much like I was listening to a great hip hop beat lol). I am open to the journey .πŸ™

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