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Hey guys! Thanks for joining me today in Wills VIP Centre of the downtown, Xintiandi Corporate central, shopping central, restaurants, bars anything you need So, why would you not gym here? Today we want to answer one of those begging questions Where do i go to the gym? Why do i want to go there? You’ve just moved to Shanghai Or you’ve just moved to the district and you know, i think it’s a pretty big question everybody wants answered So, here we’re going to answer today. We were lucky enough to have a tour With personal trainer Kirido Fitness extraordinaire And he ran us through all of the points of Wills VIP What they offer And Well, i fell in love I’m definitely coming back here You can see today there’s not even .. you can’t even see people .. I think, i would say around 4000sqm of space Upstairs, downstairs and swimming pool 25m Yeah, let’s go check it out So first we had a look at the front reception they are here to serve your check-ins class schedules, if you want to book a private yoga class or group class body combat, aerobics They have boxing and physiotherapy i think pretty much anything you need to do really Any questions you’ve got they speak Chinese, they speak english This is our specific yoga room we do offer body balance, Les Mills products come on in here This club is about 4700sqm so about 47000sqf It’s two levels And it’s split between personal training one on one workouts to general workouts So we can do the group or private Correct And we have the special location just for one on one so you’re not overwhelmed by crowds or if you feel uncomfortable being around crowds, you have a special area where we can actually cater to your needs. I think that’s important in China because we need privacy or sometimes you just really want to relax and you need that ”quiet place” This is our personal training area you can see we have some pilates machines kettle bells treadmills So, we do specific training here We have Viper training this is for Viper training We do Pymetrics here, isometrics We do shock therapy here where it burns calories Ok, it’s like electric therapy You put it on You’re loosing calories, because your muscles are contracting And this is were we have our stretching and therapeutic modalities here Where they do myofascial release and stretching. So we offer MMA boxing muai thai jiujitsu submission wrestling Without getting hurt Or getting punched in the face No one wants to do that on day to day You cant be a CEO and come to work having black eyes doing business meetings So this is our arena This is our lobby area Our lounge We have wifi we have coffee you can do your business meetings you can do your work from here there’s no limit really We open at 8am This is an In Body machine this machine gives you your lean body mass your fat mass, your caloric intake, your water weight we really get down to the scientific level of it or we can give you your height to weight ratio your BMI, you name it. So this helps us gage our clients to see where they are at and where there goals at So this is free, we actually do this for free Lets get some coffee. This is something the CEO came up with and i was really impressed with this we understand that in China work weeks, work loads can be very demanding and heavy so, if you were working out and your exhausted you could come in here and lounge in here with your laptop We have extensive machines! Look at this place How could you ever have any trouble here? Here is the second studio This weeks aerobics studio How can you not want to be in here ? So this is not just for girls, it looks a little bit scary but there is personal trainers always on hand to help you This one’s pretty good actually for girls I like this one So have a great policy where everything is monitored and you must shower before you swim If you don’t shower you can’t swim So now i’ve finished my workout I’m in the relaxation pod And, i’m just gonna stay here Until i have to go out, back into work back into the real world I really enjoyed my experience here I’m definitely going to be here more often And for now, I’m gonna have a massage Yeah i think that’s a really good idea A million functions here I feel like i’m in an aeroplane actually Ok, we’re going back! Serious sleep time here I love this because no one can see over the back So if someone’s walking past, they’re not gonna see anything that i’m doing So you could be on your computer, or you could be you know, taking your selfies just having voice video calls, anything I think it’s a huge improvement to the gym lifestyle I love this Alright, time for me to go back into the real world Is that 5kilos over there ? There is no weights! Five is enough ! I’m getting sweaty already Comfortable ~

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  1. Oo those relax pods look interesting. Wonder if they can be used as a workspace…like everyday. 😄

  2. It reminds me of Holmes Place in Vienna. Very modern and clean. Relax pods like at Google. It's huge. And the massage chair… My favourite. How much is the membership?

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