Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Prep 1.7.18

everyone welcome back to my channel today I'm doing another meal prep video for you make sure you check the description bar below for the meal prep containers I use I get tons of questions about those as well as some frequently asked questions about generally how a meal prep and how I reheat them all that also I want to mention I get a lot of questions and requests to show like my beauty routines my skincare routines makeup videos I do want to tell you for those of you that don't know I do have another beauty channel here on YouTube I will link that in the description bar below so if you're curious on how I do my makeup or anything like that I do have a few videos over there showing that I just don't think I really want to do those kind of videos here on this channel since I already have them on that channel now back to the food today I'm going to be meal prepping a pizza pasta bake for our lunches I'm going to be making some little oatmeal muffins for breakfast and some little snack packs to take to work for snacks any recipes I use I usually don't follow them exactly just so you know but if I'm referencing any specific recipes those are always linked below as well so let's get started in my crock-pot I already have 3 cans of crushed Tomatoes I'm adding another large can of diced tomatoes the recipe calls for an entire onion I already have this chopped so I'm counting that as an entire netted I'm going to put some garlic in the recipe calls for one teaspoon of crushed red pepper I am going to do a little bit more than that because I like spicy and then two tablespoons of oregano and two tablespoons of basil I'm just going to give this a stir and then put it on low for eight hours I'm going to start with my pasta Bank and you just tell me making the daily dose of pepper or marinara sauce I did that a couple of nights ago so these are all ready to go it's zero points for this marinara sauce which is really great and I'm going to start by boiling my pasta this is what I am using it's five points per serving I am going to be doubling this recipe today and because I need to enter this in the recipe builder I'm measuring out four cups but I need to know the weight I have a package of turkey pepperoni here this is 113 grams for this entire package and I will be using the whole thing I'm going to be cutting these into bite-sized pieces but I'm going to leave just a few of these whole to put on top of the pasta I'm going to be mixing in fat-free mozzarella with part-skim mozzarella and so I'm just gonna weigh out how much I have left of the fat-free mozzarella and count that in there I'll let you know how much it is alright my water has come to a boil so I'm going to go throw this pasta in there this fat-free mozzarella came out to be 119 grams so that's about 4.3 servings now I will be doing 112 grams which is one cup of this part skim mozzarella while my pasta is cooking I'm gonna go ahead and get everything else in this big bowl we're gonna mix it all together and then pour it into the casserole dishes to go in the oven and bake I'm just mixing this fat-free and part-skim mozzarella together so they're trying to get equal parts keep in mind I am doubling the recipe like I said except I should have bought a second package of turkey pepperoni I didn't realize that till right now but I'm actually going to try to make some meatballs later so we're still gonna get more protein in this bowl I'm going to need two cups of the marinara sauce we're also going to need one cup of pizza sauce now I will need half of this cheese the rest will be to talk the casserole dishes with I'm going to do all of the pepperoni that I chopped I'm going to put in a tablespoon of this Italian seasoning mix I have my cooked pasta I'm going to put that in and then we will just mix it all together these are the two baking dish that I'm using one is smaller than the other but that's how I've got to work with it so I'm just gonna do my best to split this right in half I'm going to put my remaining cheese over the top now all the remaining pepperoni is going on top you want to top it with just a little bit more seasoning my oven is preheated to 350 degrees I'm going to cover these with foil they're supposed to go in for 20 minutes and then remove the foil and cook an additional 15 minutes all right I'm gonna start on my oatmeal muffins for breakfast I have two ripe bananas and either going in the bottom of the bowl to eat smashed now I am adding in an egg and I'm going to smash this all together now I'm going to add in my other liquid ingredients to this a teaspoon of vanilla 3/4 of a cup of unsweetened almond milk I'm adding a quarter cup of this Truvia brown sugar one teaspoon of baking powder half a teaspoon of cinnamon and two cups of oats I am using old-fashioned oats today if you didn't know this old-fashioned oats are going to be more filling instant oats or quick-cooking oats are not as filling because they have to make them smaller so they cook faster and then that also means they digest faster I have my regular muffin tin here and I'm going to fill all 12 spaces now I'm going to add in a few frozen blueberries to each muffin and I kind of like to add these after rather than folding them into the batter because they always seem to sink to the bottom for me and then I get uneven amounts of blueberries in each one these are going in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes here's the pasta fresh out of the oven I entered everything in my recipe builder and it's showing that each serving is only four points and each of these pans is six servings so we've got 12 servings total now we're going to get vegetables in the oven I'm using as always for as I've edge table this is the California blend I'm going to season this today with some Italian salad dressing mix I've actually never used this to make salad dressing I only ever use it to season with because I think it tastes really good I'm gonna save the rest of this to use in my meatballs now these are going in the oven at 350 for about 20-25 minutes okay I just want to show you the muffins they are done I'm just letting them cool for a second and once again the blog showed that these were three points each but according to my recipe builder with what I used for some reason they came out to two points apiece now I'm gonna work on some meatballs I want to add these in with my pasta for a little bit more protein I have some 99% lean turkey I'm going to put this in my bowl I'm adding one egg I'm going to add a few onions that I chopped I'm going to use the other half of this Italian salad dressing mix that I didn't use earlier by the way I don't ever count points for most seasonings and then I'm gonna add in just a few little sprinkles of this Italian seasoning I'm going to mix it all together now I'm just gonna start forming these into little meatballs and putting them on my sheet pan I made thirty meatballs these are going under the broiler for probably five to ten minutes I'm gonna be keeping a really close eye on them so if I need to be flipping them then I will I bought these containers to put snacks in not realizing that half of them were bowls and half of them were the ones I thought they were so I guess I'll be making five of these in these containers and then I'll figure something else out for the rest I'm going to chop up my celery I have my celery and a bag of baby carrot I'm going to put some carrots and celery in each container for each one I am putting a baby Bell light cheese now I have these small little containers I got these from Dollar Tree in each of these little containers I'm going to put just a little bit of Greek yogurt this would probably be about a quarter cup if you fill it to the top I'm going to be putting one tablespoon in each of these of this Knorr vegetable dip mix I saw weight watchin mama use this and say how good it is and then I also saw Weight Watchers journey the healthy use it and say it was really good so I decided to try it also it is very good I don't think I have very much in here so I'm going to use as much of this as I can and then for the rest I'm just going to use some Frank's Red Hot wing sauce and mix that as my dip I'm going to put a dip and each little container so it's one point for the cheese and then if it's a nor fit mix that is one if it's the Buffalo dip mix and that is zebra it's time to start filling my containers so I'm starting with my pasta here is how the meatballs turned out I broiled them for probably five to seven minutes I honestly didn't even time it I was just watching them so five to seven minutes and then I flipped them over for probably another four or five minutes I'm putting three meatballs in each container of course these are zero points whenever I make baked pop positions it always comes out a little bit dry so I'm going to add just a little bit more of the zero point marinara sauce to each container and also for the meatballs these meal preps are four points for the pasta zero for the meatballs and zero for the veggies the last thing I have to do is package up my oatmeal muffins I'm just putting them in an airtight container here's how they came out they are so good and there those are ready for the week that completes today's milk up I hope you enjoyed if you try it out let me know what you think and I will see you in my next video bye

50 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Prep 1.7.18”

  1. Thank you so much for your great videos! I joined WW (again) 3 days ago and I stood in the kitchen making circles not knowing what to do next. You have helped me SO MUCH! I subscribed to your channel so I won't miss a single episode. You have truly helped me immensely!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Omg omg!! Thank you so much! This is the most helpful weight watcher video I have found. You honestly break everything down and show it all. I suck at meal prep and now I'm so excited to prep my meals. I'm definitely going to be trying these recipes

  3. Wow! I just started my Weight Watchers journey yesterday. This video really helped me! Thank you for sharing 😍

  4. I love that you dont try to be perfect and use generic brand foods instead of trying to be gourmet everything and uppety. Seriously, its such a breath of fresh air. I like that you substitute things when you are out, or have already prepped items, like the onions in the first recipe. I just started WW and I will be using your meal plans

  5. Love this meal prep, love, love, love the pasta bake. One question, how do you store your muffins, was wondering if i should keep them in the fridge or if they are ok on the counter (covered of course) for a few days

    Again, i love your channel, very inspiring!!


  6. Just made the muffins and they are deelish even without the berries!!! Came out to 2 pts when I ran it through the recipe builder too. Thanks for a fabulous recipe for a little somethin somethin when you need somethin with that cup of Joe!

  7. Amanda when you put your veggies in the oven does the oven dry them out or do you drizzle a lite oil over them?

  8. Hey love your videos. Perhaps you can answer this question, when you made the oatmeal muffins I used everything you did except sugar and milk.
    light brown sugar 1/4 a cup
    A half a cup of 2% milk
    How many points is that?

  9. Points for boss ww meal prep! Your vids rock. Try chopping up the blueberries, then fold in. The smaller your fruit peices, the more likely they won't sink.

  10. You are amazing!!! I came back to WW after a ten year leave and packed on 60lbs. I’m meal prepping today and making your pasta dish for lunches. I just pulled the muffins out of the oven and OMG they’re amazing! Thank you so much for the great ideas. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  11. Thanks for sharing your meal prep video! Everything looked delicious! I can't wait to try your recipes! I just found your video's!

  12. Jenny Craig has nothing on you and the awesome presentation and meal preparation for a week! Great job, I am rejoining tomorrow. Recently lost my husband to Cancer and have not been able to function to stay on a meal program for myself. It is time, God Bless you on your journey..never take life for granted it is a gift!

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