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hi everyone welcome back to my channel and welcome to this week's meal prep this week I just made a quick and simple breakfast casserole just throwing some different things in there that's what I love the most about making a breakfast casserole you can pretty much put anything in it and in my opinion it always turns out good so I threw that together with some bacon bits and some frozen hash browns super easy and then for lunch I made teriyaki meatballs and chow mein the chow mein recipe comes from Jerry at like cravings comm I have made this before and she posted a picture of it recently on her Instagram page and it reminded me how much I love it and I want to make it and her recipe is supposed to be a copycat of Panda Express chow mein noodles and picnics Brice is one of my favorite places to eat but I don't ever get the chummy noodles because they're very high end point and I don't ever splurge on them so it's so nice to be able to make something like this at home for such great point it's only 4 points for a heaping 1 cup serving it's fabulous if you don't already make sure you follow me on instagram if you want to keep up with what I'm doing when I'm not here on YouTube now let's get started on this Mill prep I'm gonna start my meal prep today by getting all of my vegetables chopped and I do need quite a few different vegetables for everything I'm cooking today and I'm starting with what I need for my teriyaki meatballs I've got a red and orange pepper along with one red onion I'm just gonna slice these and go ahead and get them on the baking sheet that I'm gonna be baking the meatballs on now for the chow mein I've got three ribs of celery here and one onion I'm gonna be tossing these into my vegetable chopper I'm just gonna set these to the side until I need them and I think this is the last thing I need to chop and that's just going to be a few stalks of green onions now I want to start on my breakfast casserole I'm going to get 10 eggs cracked in here I'm going to season my eggs with a little bit of everything but the bagel seasoning and a little black pepper I'm going to add one cup of real bacon bits okay there's not a cup in here there's maybe I don't even think that was fully 3/4 of a cup but we'll count it s 3/4 of a cup next I'm adding in 3/4 of a cup of this dairy-free Mexican blend cheese if you are not dairy-free then go ahead and feel free to use anything you like and the last thing I'm adding in are the scallions that I chopped now in the bottom of my casserole dish I do have this already sprayed in grease by the way I'm adding in 3 cups of these hash brown potatoes these are the southern style O'Brien ones I've got my oven preheated to 375 degrees and I'm gonna put this in I'm gonna first set my timer for 20 minutes and then go from there breakfast casseroles always take longer to cook than I think they will now I'm gonna get going on the teriyaki meatball I've got one pound of 96% lean ground beef I'm adding in 1 egg and 1/3 cup of plain panko breadcrumbs I'm gonna season this with a little salt pepper and garlic powder and then I'm going to use my food scale to measure out one ounce meatballs I've got 2 8 ounce cans of pineapple chunks I am going to drain the juice of these and add them over here with the vegetables okay now this is ready to go in the oven I'm going to cook this at 375 for 15 minutes and then flip the meatballs and cook it 10 more minutes I'll also make sure to stir up the veggies as well I've got a pot of boiling water going and I'm gonna add half of this box of spaghetti so that's also 8 ounces and now I'm going to get the onions and celery sauteing for a few minutes now I'm going to make the sauce for the chow mein I'm starting with 2 teaspoons of light brown sugar this recipe calls for a teaspoon of sesame oil but I think I'm all out because I can't find any so I'm just gonna have to omit that for today and then I need 3 garlic cloves and I am going to be trying this garlic paste today so how much of this do I need I'll need three teaspoons next I'm adding 2 teaspoons of minced ginger and the last thing I need is 1/3 cup of soy sauce but onions and celery have been sauteing for a little while they're looking good so now I'm going to add in this 10 ounce bag of cole slaw mix and let that saute for just another few minutes I've got my cooked pasta here and I'm adding in the sauteed vegetables I'm going to pour the sauce mixture in and I'll go ahead and update you on the breakfast casserole I'm going to be slicing this into 8 pieces and I did have to cook it for 30 minutes and this comes out to three points per serving now I've got my meatballs out of the oven just placing them in this bowl so that we can get the teriyaki sauce on them I'm using this PF Changs teriyaki sauce and I'm going to need 1/3 of a cup and I am using my food scale to measure this in case you're wondering I'm not just dumping it in now I'm going to start filling my meal prep containers and for my vegetables I'm using this Kirkland stir-fry blend and I will be seasoning them with salt and garlic powder now to each container I'm adding a heaping cup of the chow mein noodles now I'm going to add these vegetables and pineapple into each container and you guys know how I do this I just pile everything in but you could certainly use the three compartment meal prep containers if you prefer that and now I'm adding four meatballs in here the last time I made this meatball recipe I got I think it was 18 total meatballs and this time I got 19 so these come out to one point each and the last time I made them since it made one meatball less whenever you have four meatballs it made it five points but now it's still just four points you know how sometimes that algorithm goes and one of these is just gonna have three meatballs but that'll be fine all right here is this meal prep finished for the chow mein which you can't even see down there anymore it is four points it is four points for the meatballs and of course zero points for the peppers and pineapples so altogether this is an eight point meal prep alright that is everything I have for you today thank you so much for watching and I will be seeing you in just a few days bye

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  1. I just made your lunch prep for dinner and my husband and I loved it! Thank you for sharing! Very filling.

  2. Made my breakfast casserole (zero pts). But my excitement is that I made a cold chai latte with the creamy cashew/almond milk and Oregon chai tea (premixed). I've been drinking this hot for a year but never cold. I tried this at your suggestion and LOVE it!! I used 2 pumps of cinnamon and one of vanilla too. OMG. How do you order at Starbucks??

  3. So excited to try this breakfast casserole. I just think ill make the lunch meal prep too. Looka delish โค

  4. Very yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹ do you stay the same weight all the time eating like this? Because I'm not at goal yet but would like to know for when I am! ๐Ÿ’•

  5. Have tried to access your hash brown casserole recipe but it keeps coming up error. The other recipes I had no problem with. Can you perhaps repost it?

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