100 thoughts on “Trump Will ‘Strongly Consider’ Testifying & His Health is ‘Very Good (Great!)’”

  1. Jimmy should consider testifying to his psychiatrist on how badly he wants Trump's cock down his throat since he loves talking about him every night for 3 years straight. The worst case of homosexual infatuation I've ever seen.

  2. Biden just lost a ton of voters…see trump, all you had to do was just let him yap himself out of the job…but no you had to go digging for dirt …both a couple of losers…

  3. Going to the doctor to get another bone spur note so he can have an excuse to send in a written testimony instead of going there

  4. I think this was just phase 1 of his plan to resign because of medical reasons when he finally realizes there is no way he won't get impeached.

  5. Saying a 73 year old obese adderall freak is "almost superhuman", would destroy the reputation of anyone outside the Trump sphere of idiocy…

  6. Trump better cut back on all that amphetamine he's snorting. It gives him super-human energy, but it could also give him a stroke or a heart attack.

  7. Listening to the sycophants over at Faux"News" and in the GOP is like listening to the propaganda spokespersons of North Korea.

  8. Absolutely amazing he’s not sick but he needed an unscheduled appointment because he wanted to get a jump ahead of next year! He’s almost superhuman and his radioactive Orange skin is proof that or he’s an alien! He’s thinking about testifying absolutely no way! He can’t spell that many words and can’t say any them!

  9. My jaw dropped seeing Trump's actual work schedule for a Monday. No wonder he tweets and watches TV so much!

  10. If he testifies then aliens will come to take him away! Actually Mexico 🇲🇽 doesn’t want him! We have no hope unless North Korea 🇰🇵 sends a plane ✈️ ticket 🎫! We’d never see him again… we can only hope!!

  11. Maybe he was just bored. I heard of someone who goes to hospital on a regular basis saying he’s got a knot in his scrotum and he ist terrified to have testicular cancer. It is a very cheap and simple way to achieve premium entertainment included getting your balls massaged.

  12. “He’s almost superhuman.” Historically, North Korean state tv says very similar things about their leader.

  13. Can you imagine trump testifying in person? He would just be interrupting everybody like a drunk person at a bar.

    “‘Scuse me! ☝🏻 There was no qui- ☝🏻‘scuse me! ‘Scuse me! ☝🏻 There was – read the transcript ‘Scuse me no quid pro quo. 👌🏻 What about Hilary’s emails? ‘Scuse me. ☝🏻”

  14. Trump: I will visit the greatest doctor that has ever lived. He is the best, most amazing, perfect doctor ever.

    Doctor: Trump, I'm sorry to tell you that you have the flu.

    Trump: FAKE NEWS, I hardly even know that doctor, whoever he is. He is just a "NeVEr tRuMpeR" with foistured diagnosis controlled by the deep state. I have the best health that any human has ever had. Some say I'm… SUPER human.

  15. The Americans are very lucky for the freedom of criticism of their President. Our Nigerian President would have arrested Jimmy and he would have been slammed with one law or another.I appreciate President Trump for. being very flexible. We cant dispute the fact he is a rare species of human being..All the same there is no super human being. He has the right to take care of his haelth,he only needs to get more approachable to people so that they dont have continous reservation about him.

  16. Try digging into this a little more leftist…..Trump's food tester became extremely sick….hope you lemmings can connect the dots

  17. Jimmy…you are really not funny anymore…don't you have any other content other than Trump the whole time?

  18. How can these ‘so-called’ God Fearing GOP defend this lying conniving grifting corrupt NY Conman anymore??

  19. Don't "strongly" consider testifying Mr. President. Get up there like a man you say you are and face the music. Tell us what you did. Your bimbos are arguing it's all hearsay . Tell the World what you actually did and say

  20. Notice he and his followers tweets "never trumper" not "un American". It's always about him. It's got to be him. Not the country. Him. That's un American. That's just selfish

  21. Trump's disdain towards women unless their name is ivanka is so astonishing to witness, trump's disrespect is nothing new and being president still hasn't taught him civility

  22. What does Donald Trump , the Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster all have in common?
    …..They're often heard of but seldom seen .

  23. While I don't wish ill will toward the president, I do wish he'd crawl back under that Rock he came out of.

  24. The man is superhuman. A human can only lie but so much. And his previous wives, and Ivanka, call him an Ex-Man

  25. so you people seriously gave up doing actual comedy? where's another installment for the handsome men club Jimmy?

  26. Trump reminds me of that guy on the GOOD PLACE. When you're telling him something negative about him all he hear is positive. But there's a little place inside his soul that knows the bad truth. But he refuse to let it come out because he rather completely ignore it.

  27. Trumps doctors appointment is just another trump exit plan as strategic backup in prep for impeachment embarrassment

  28. Trump testifying? 😂 Trump doesn't have the bone spur, forget about a spine to do anything that comes close to brave. Or moral.

  29. Rumor has it Trump uses a form of methamphetamine. There are pictures of him from his vlog at Trump tower with an open cabinet full of a now illegal British cold medicine that has meth in it. And I mean full to the brim.

  30. Marijuana is definitely a gateway drug. Not necessarily, but for a lot of people it is. Meaning it's the first drug a lot of people try in high school and it gives them more confidence to try other drugs. Who can even argue? I don't think that's the real issue, the real issue is no one likes when more conservative people say it because they always have an eye towards taking away civil liberties and criminalizing drug use.

  31. This is Trump and his sycophants' method to deny the reality and to create 'alternative facts':
    1.Define the 'problem' according to Trump's definition. How he frames the problem with the choice of words to describe the way he want it to be perceived.
    2. Create the environment and context of 'problems'.
    3. Set the talking points — time frame, what, when, where, how, who — to 'solve' the problem.
    4. Solving the 'problem' that he originally created isn't the aim — it is Trump's playground.
    5. Unexpected and real problems are framed and described as not being problems.
    6. The regime is subservient to him as he effectively silenced dissent and alternative opinions with ' you are fired' via his tweets.

  32. Jimmy is not funny anymore. Just mean. We love our President, and I am glad he is more popular that your sad little show for mean losers. You suck Jimmy! TRUMP2020

  33. Politics aside, who characterises another human being in serious tones on mainstream public media as "superhuman"? What's next "it's as though he's a god"??? Talk about being brainwashed and psychologically screwed. Can't believe this is happening in the USA – of all places!

  34. It's obvious to me he went to get a script for Xanax cuz yes he might have "the most energy in the white house" but that's also been his downfall too. He needs Xanax lmao with all those amphetamines he's sniffing lmfffao

  35. A "Never trumper" is just a person who has the intelligence to recognise a criminal conman when they see one. So being called a never trumper is a badge of honour.

  36. I like Biden but Obama just warned about becoming out of step with voters and then Biden tries to lose the stoners vote. Lol

  37. I know unemployed people with more challenging schedules that Dump. And what was that cross-eyed bird saying about him being 'superhuman'? What a complete meshugganah!

  38. Trump had heard – from some shady surgeon practicing in Ukraine – that a castrated man can get his testicles back if a particular procedure is followed (Trump was castrated by Melania when she got to know about the Stormy Daniels affair). He went there to confirm if that Ukrainian hoax is really a hoax or not. To his great disappointment, he learnt that it was one. End of the story.

  39. Everyone knows (or should know) that marijuana IS a gateway drug. I hardly think people should question Joe Biden for stating the obvious. Any presidential candidate who says otherwise is just after votes.

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