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hey guys it's Danny and I know that we are now officially all back to school and back to work and back to routines and schedules so I wanted to share some of my current favorite snacks from Trader Joe's because I find this time of year people tend to really be looking for convenient snacks and things that make life a little easier as our schedules tend to get a little bit busier so I've got 10 of my favorites here today and we're gonna jump right in so the first one I'm gonna chat about is a new one to me I just found this one it's their full grain crisp breads and basically these suckers are just made of sunflower seeds sesame seeds rye flour oat bran oatmeal it's a whole bunch of whole grains a little bit of salt and then some fresh herbs the oregano and the thyme and what I love about them is they're really nice and hearty and they're all the seeds you can taste and feel throughout the crisp so let me show you one so you can see they're like these little rectangles and what I like to do with them is one of two things I'll either mash some avocado over the top and if I had a few hard-boiled eggs I like to slice one of those on top as well that makes a really quick convenient delicious snack or breakfast or the other thing I really like with these crisps is a little Shinya of cream cheese and some fresh tomatoes we still have tons of tomatoes coming out of the garden so it's a really delicious seasonal snack for me right now and I am very much enjoying that so that is snack number one another snack that I have really been loving are these our X bars and they come in lots of different flavors as a matter of fact I think there's 11 different varieties altogether usually what I do is I just grab all the different flavors that they have on the shelf because I like to keep a little variety in the house and I find myself turning to these a lot of different times throughout the week they are great for a breakfast on the go they're a great pre or post-workout snack I think they're also great to like toss in a backpack or if you're running out even if you're going on a plane or you're going hiking because it's the kind of snack that doesn't need to stay cold and it's a real rib sticker but more to the point of what I really enjoy about them is their simple ingredient list I'm not a huge bar person because usually they have a lot of fillers and preservatives where you know a lot of additives and these bars do not have that so I am a big fan and on the front of all the bars you'll see that it actually lists like the base ingredients in the bar so basically with this bar you're eating three egg whites six almonds four cashews and two dates and this flavor is the chocolate coconut and then you could go on the back and you see what else is in there it's literally the cacao powder a little sea salt and the coconut so it's a very clean bar and says no gluten no soy no dairy no added sugar so it to me is as natural as much as a whole food as you're gonna get in something that's a processed bar it's a minimally processed bar my current personal favorite flavor is the coconut chocolate and I'm going to show you guys I want you to see the texture of the bar here you can see that it's firm but it's still a little bit chewy and then it has these nice and bite-sized pieces of nuts and chocolate chips throughout the bar so it's sweet and it's savory and it has a very good texture mmm chewy Senshi sweet even a little salty great balance dig down and as you will see this is one of the only products that I'm highlighting today that's not made by Trader Joe's so I've reached out to them and the kind people at the our X bar establishment agreed to give anybody in the clean and delicious community 25% off your first order so if you guys want to take advantage of that go ahead and go to our X bar comm backslash clean and use promo code clean when you checkout and you'll get 25% off your first order and I say if you're gonna do it stock up on them because these bars come in handy the next snack that I'm totally loving are these sweet and spicy pecans now I don't really just like take a handful of these and snap them in / sake but what I love to do with these is add them to salad even a little sprinkle on top of a soup or even what I'm obsessed with is making like a baked sweet potato and then crushing some of these up and sprinkling it over the top it literally tastes like the holidays they are crunchy and then they have the sweet flavor and then you get a little kick of heat so mmm and the texture is so good so if you're trying to find ways to work more vegetables in your diet or more salads keeping little flavorful ingredients like this on hand and using them as finishing touches is a great way to get that job done highly recommend it okay next up are the dried fruit now I know this isn't like a brand new idea you know getting dry fruit as a snack but let me tell you why I like try for it so much a lot of people think that you shouldn't have dried fruit because it has too much sugar and to condense and stuff like that but what I love about dried fruit is I like to think of dried fruit as nature's candy right so sometimes when you have a sweet tooth are you really looking for something I find dried fruit is a really good natural whole food way to get the job done and as a matter of fact years ago I'm talking like 10 years ago when I first started to really transit transition to all Whole Foods I was a big candy aholic like chewy candies like gummies and Twizzlers and things like that and so when I started to shift my focus to quality foods instead of trying to deprive myself from having those things and I would buy dried fruits instead of the gummy candies and then when I wanted it I would eat these instead and it really helped to kind of transition me off of the processed candies and then eventually I didn't even want the sweets as much and I think that's because the dried fruit it's a more natural gentle sweetener in the body and so the cravings don't feel as strong and if you've never tried the dried figs before hang on a second they literally tastes like a Fig Newton just look at the inside of this have you ever seen a Fig Newton guys that's what the inside of a dried fig looks like the inside of a Fig Newton so if you like Fig Newtons you will love a dried fig and if you want to get really crazy try dipping some in dark chocolate and then letting them set up in the fridge and then keeping them as a sweet treat like that and the last note on the mango is you will see at the store a lot of times they have mangoes that have added sugars to the dried mango so you always want to check your ingredients like this bag it's called just mango slices and the ingredients it's dried mangoes no added sugars no added oils so that's what you want to keep in mind also when you're buying your dried fruits that the only ingredient listed is the fruit now the next snack that I've discovered is the dole loss and if you're not familiar with this it's basically rice stuffed in vine leaves which I think are the same as grape leaves now I would never in a million years think that you could buy these in a can and that they would be good and probably left to my own devices I would have never picked them up except my girlfriend had bought them and she was raving about them so I was like alright I'm gonna give him a try and I was so surprised at how good they are so basically if you take a look at them you can see it's got this green leaf on the outside and you cut into it and you can see the rice on the inside and I feel like these have a really great texture and they have a great flavor they're a little bit tangy they have a little bit of a bite to them but what's nice is I think for something that comes in a can that is this convenient it's kind of like a whole food option on the go right it's like a pantry it's like a tier two right and you could take these out you can put them on top of a salad if you were making some chicken or fish for dinner you could serve them as a side sometimes I just take them out and I'll slice them in half and give them to my kids as a snack so it's just a nice alternative to what we conventionally think of when we think of snacks next up is the healthy eight and this is a chopped veggie mix now as we know if there is anything we all need to be conscious of and working on adding more up to our diet it's hands down vegetables vegetables vegetables why don't we eat more vegetables it's not ultra convenient many people so I think little things like this can really help get the job done so first off let me tell you what's in here it's literally just chopped broccoli carrots green cabbage red cabbage jicama green bell pepper radish and celery so you're getting eight super nourishing vegetables all chopped up and ready to go and you could do a bazillion things with this package right some of the things I like to do is I'll throw them in a pan do a quick saute and then add them to some eggs in the morning great way to start your day with a good bunch of vegetables you could use them along with a salad so if you're making a simple salad and you just take a scoop of this and mix it in it adds great texture it adds good flavor and it gives you a big nutrient boost another thing I like to do if I'm doing like a quick soup or a can of soup I'll saute this first and then add it to if I'm making some frozen rice so if I'm making quinoa again quick saute mix it in give it a little soy sauce you've just added a ton of flavor and a ton of nutrients to your base dish another thing I really like to do with this is add it to my tuna or my salmon salads so if you do like canned tuna or two canned salmon instead of chopping all your veggies you just take a big ol scoop of this and mix it right in then you could do a little bit of mayo or Greek yogurt and you have yourself a super fast salad that's rich in protein and packed with vegetables so something like this keeping it on hand I think is a great way to help work those veggies into the diet without having to put a lot of effort right so it's easy it's convenient and it's delicious and working my way around the table here next up I have this seed and bean medley which is so good I think it's brand new I don't think I've ever seen this one at Trader Joe's before it's a crunchy salty mixture of pumpkin seeds corn chickpeas of fava beans edamame and dried peas it's got a great texture to it it's super crunchy and very salty which i think is a lot of times what we're looking for when we just kind of want a munch or we want some type of snack so I think it's a great alternative to something stay with a lot of refined carbohydrates in it the only thing I would keep in mind with prepackaged snacks like this is that 9 out of 10 they are made with vegetable oils and when we get to many vegetable oils in the diet we tend to throw off our omega-3 and omega-6 ratio balance and so a it's important not to overdo the packaged snacks especially those with vegetable oils but B it's important to be making sure that you're working a lot of those healthy omega-3 fatty acids into your diet so I think avocados flex seeds salmon chia seeds all of those types of foods are gonna help boost the omega-3s in your body and help to keep that ratio in balance and back to these for just a second not only do I love to just kind of snack on them one two three but again these are great like sprinkled on top of a salad or even some soup because they add such a great texture sometimes it's not just about the flava it's about the texture you know as I am next up I have seasoned kale chips that are dressed with cashew butter and tahini now kale chips they used to be all the rage and maybe they're making their way back I love myself a kale chip I just think it is so great I love the texture and I also think if you're gonna have a chip why not have a kale chip because in my opinion every little bit counts so yes I know some people say they're cooked they're packaged all the nutrients are gone okay there are still some nutritional value in that kale chip and in this clean and delicious kitchen it counts and they are delicious and what I really like about this particular snack is that there are no added oils so all the fat that is in this bag it's coming from the cashews in the tahini so there are more whole intact forms of fat so I'm a big fan of that as well these are great alongside a sandwich or some soup with lunch or if you're having a salad again I'm a big fan of adding flavors and texture so I'll take some of these and just kind of sprinkle them right on top of my salad absolutely delicious I'll sneak some into my kids lunch boxes they're really just a fun more nutritious way to enjoy a snack okay we're down to our last two snacks the next up are of pop have you guys ever tried these before I am a huge fan and basically what parts of comm is is the ripe intersection of a palm tree they're a little bit crunchy and they're also tender and what they really remind me of is like an artichoke heart so what I do is I buy these and then I'll do a few different things I'll either just put them on a snack plate like I'll put this a few of these cut into rounds with maybe some carrots and some pickles and some olives and maybe a little bit of sliced cheese and it's just a little fun little noshing plate I enjoy having that my kids enjoy having that I also like adding them to a salad or I will literally just open up this jar and just slice went up and snack on it because it's so good they have a little tangy flavor to them and really like I said before the best way to describe them is like artichoke hearts so I'm so curious if you guys have ever tried these before if so give this video a big thumbs up or come down to the comments below and let me know and then last but not least this snack is a drink it's the organic and raw kombucha so if you've never had kombucha before it's a fermented tea and it has natural enzymes and probiotics in it so it's really good for the gut and it comes in a lot of different flavors so this one is the ginger aid this is the first time I ever saw these at Trader Joe's now it may just be because I wasn't looking I'm not sure but I was super excited to see them there because I am a huge fan of these I think they are such a great drink they're very like soothing and they're also very refreshing and like I said before because they have the natural probiotics in them they're also good for the guy and these are really great especially if you're somebody who's trying to get off of drinking diet soda or hive sugary drinks because they have a lot of flavor they have a little bubbly to them and they only have two grams of sugar per serving which is good compared to soda right so this whole bottle but have 4 grams of sugar so it's really something to think about if that is something you're working on I know I get a lot of personal emails and messages about how to kick the soda habit something like this is a great way to baby step your way out of that habit so my friends that is what I have for you today ten of my current favorite snacks from chair Joe's I would love to hear your thoughts which ones have you tried which ones do you think you may try or more importantly what are some of your current favourite snacks come on down to the comments below and let me know and if you have not already please subscribe like and share this video with anyone else you know who wants to keep healthy eating easy and don't forget I have that special discount code for you guys down in the description box below you can save 25% on your first order of our X bar so if you want to try them out make sure to check that out as well thank you guys so much for watching i'm danny Spees i'll see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers and eventually I didn't even want it as much because I think because the natural and then eventually I didn't really even want to that much whole intact forms of fat so I'm a big fan of that as well [Laughter] a little bit bubbly like to have a little effervescent effervescence and they are a little bit bubbly they have a little F of s I'm so Jersey after the effervescence how do you say that word

44 thoughts on “Trader Joe's Grocery Haul | Healthy Snacks”

  1. Thank you , I did used to drink 2 bottles of soda a day, that was about 8 years ago. I realized I had to ween off so I switched a glass of tea for one glass of soda the first day, two glasses of tea the next and 3 glasses of tea instead of soda the 3 rd day and continued every day 1 glass soda 1 glass tea until I didn't drink soda any more. It may take someone else longer for instance 1 glass of tea instead of glass of soda 3 days, then the next 2-3 days switch 2 glasses of tea instead of soda and on. Just don't do tea in a row, do 1 glass soda one glass tea in a day, it takes time. I personally don't like kombucha but the tea really helped, I made it pretty sweet but it wasn't as much sugar as a glass of soda. You can do it. If you think you are not addicted to soda try quitting it cold turkey. Nah ah.
    Dani I love your videos. Do you have a Fresh Market and do you shop there?

  2. I like how you showed us each snack in detail. Just looking at the outside doesn’t give enough info. Love your videos always❤️

  3. I have tried the palm hearts, the one's i got at trader Joe's unfortunately where moldy when I opened them .

  4. We all drink a shot of kombucha after dinner every night, in one of those little mini mason jars!

  5. New to your channel, and realize your in a local area I'm very familiar with! I shop the same Trader Joe's, unless visiting daughter in CT, then stops are made in TJ of CT. Placed the rx bars on my list to try now. Could be an alternative to the larabars. Love your recipe ideas, and will continue to run a marathon.😉

  6. Hey I’m from Saudi Arabia and we make homemade dolma and those rxbars are similar to our homemade traditional sweets but we made it like balls dipped into tahini sauce with Arabic coffee

  7. I have the Gingerbread RX bars (won the from a IG giveaway)My daughter thought they smelled and tasted alot like potpourri lol which they do somehow BUT theyve grown on me and I enjoy them! I want to try the other flavors!

  8. I do not like the Rx bars, its the texture that does it for me. I do like the ingredients though. I will keep looking. Love your videos, keep up the good work. Thank you!

  9. I love to top crispbread pieces with some natural cashew butter or almond butter. Or even homemade strawberry-banana yogurt.

  10. Never used hearts of palm as a snack however they are great in vegan crab cakes with chick peas, panko, vegan mayo, old bay and jalapeno….got the recipe from youtube,

  11. I have eaten Hearts of Palm since I was a young child. My grandmother made them. This was 30 years ago.

  12. Thrive life also has freeze dried vegetables and fruits. It saves me from eating a lot of chocolate and other refined sugars. I bag some up for work. Its way better and saves me money.
    I am a consultant for them. If your interested it is

  13. I like Trader Joe's, but the packaging in that store is over the top.  I can never justify all the plastic garbage I would be creating if I bought all that stuff.  Sigh.  Too bad, because it all looks really good.

  14. I was wondering if you could try to make the RX bars at home, or something close to it.  That would be cool. 🙂

  15. We just got a Trader Joe's nearby, and I already can't wait to go back and pick up a few snacks you mentioned! What I did manage to grab were plantain chips, seasoned popcorn, and the veggie & flaxseed tortilla chips.

  16. Kale chips are delish BUT they ar ridiculously pricey and the bag are tiny. Much better to make your own no?

  17. Thanks Dani. Just got my order of 12 rxbars for 25% & free shipping. I love a good discount and free shipping! Just found your channel recently and I love how many of your recipes have carb counts. My mom's diabetic and that info is really important in meal planning.

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