Top 10 Paleo Friendly Fast Food Options and Ideas

    paleo fast food options

    Beginning a Paleo diet can be a tough decision to make, and sticking to it requires an even tougher decision. Apart from the fact that you will be hit by frequent temptations to slide back to your junk diet, you will soon realize that finding the best Paleo fast food options is a daunting experience.

    One of the best ways to stay faithful to a paleo diet would be to make your own meals at home. But if you are out with friends or family and the only option you have is to grab some fast foods, your options become limited. However, it is not entirely hopeless for the paleo enthusiast. There are several heavens sent restaurants in the US that incorporate a few paleo options on their menu.

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    Below are the ten best Paleo fast food meals:

    1. Guacamole

    If you are lucky enough, you will find restaurants that make fairly paleo-complaint guacamole. Chipotle, for instance, prepares theirs with paleo diehards in mind. They use simple ingredients that are purely natural with as little addition of artificial spices as possible.

    2. Burger Wrapped in Lettuce

    paleo fast food

    Many Fast Food joints probably have burgers on their menu. For a paleo friendly burger, get one that is wrapped in lettuce. You don’t find a lettuce-wrapped burger in a restaurant every day, but if you ask nicely, they’ll do it for you.

    3. Grilled Chicken Nuggets

    For the chicken lovers, the grilled chicken nuggets will give you a taste of true delicacy while staying paleo. If you get a really good chef, the sandwich won’t even be necessary. The problem is, most of these chicken nuggets are made with soybean oil, which means that they are not wholly paleo.

    4. Vegetable Salad

    It is fairly easier to create a paleo diet with vegetable salads than it is with most fast foods. Unlike the other foods, which may be fried or baked in non-paleo oil such as soybean oil, vegetable salad undergoes a less ambiguous preparation. You should, however, be cautious of some items in your salad such as cheese that is not paleo. Always look for customizable salad so that you control exactly what you include in it, and what you leave out.

    5. Fresh Broccoli

    If you are on the road and you are on a paleo diet, this is the best meal you can find at a local restaurant. You can have your broccoli with coleslaw just for the sake of variety.

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    6. Roast Chicken

    Most restaurants sell their roast chicken cheaply so it’s the best thing to eat while on the car. Paleo enthusiasts know that chicken dominates the paleo menu, so you already know you can’t go wrong with a roast chicken.

    7. Double Burger with Bacon

    The double burger is a great alternative to a lettuce wrapped burger. You can eat it with bacon to make the meal more exciting. However, make sure that the ban does not make it to your burger. If you still prefer yours with lettuce, feel free to make your order.

    8. Burrito Bowlpaleo friendly fast food

    If you decide to go with a bowl of tasty burrito, make sure it doesn’t come with rice and beans. They tend to add their chipotle black beans, which make great paleo rival.

    9. Protein style Hamburger

    With a protein style hamburger, you scrap out the bun and substitute it for a lettuce wrap. While at it, don’t shy away from asking for ketchup and mustard. These usually substitutes its usual dairy-laden spread.

    10. Oven-Roasted Chicken salad

    paleo diet fast food

    This salad comes with the right ingredients for paleo, but you can still customize it if you what to add more veggies. Otherwise, the oven roasted chicken comes loaded with spinach, green pepper, tomatoes, and cucumbers. If you are going to use the sauce, make sure it doesn’t have any dairy or sugar.


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    In Conclusion

    In as much as finding your favorite paleo fast foods can be exhausting, you shouldn’t give up and go back to your unhealthy diet. Most fast food restaurants may not have paleo friendly food directly on their menu. But if you talk to them about how you want your order to be, they will probably custom-make it to fit your needs. So, before you walk away because you can’t see anything paleo friendly on the menu, ask around if you can have your order customized to be paleo.

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