The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C

♪♪ Man:New Year’s is just
around the corner,
and so are your resolutions,so give yourself
the best gift of all:
a membership at
One Time Fitness.
Here at One Time Fitness,
you can sign up
for a one-time 30-minute gym
membership experience.
It’s just enough to give you
bragging rights
about going to the gymwithout all the self-loathingfrom never actually
going to the gym,
so you can feel free to come in
and warm up on the bike,
get a drink,check your texts,take a gym selfie,lift your chin,puff your chest,flex your arm,whoa, just
strike a pose.
Take 20 minutes
to write a caption
and then post your gym
selfie to Instagram.
Get a drink,relax on the only
leg press machine,
accidentally creep
on the yoga people,
wish you were that guy,or even that guy.Get a drink,do lifts incorrectly,go down in weight,go down in weight,go down in weight.Grunt loudly while
lifting no weight
so you can feel
better about yourself.
[grunts]Think about that
Instagram post.
Neglect to put the
weights away.
Delete your post,
go in the locker roo–
Never go back in
the locker room.
Try to join the yoga people,then leave and never return.– See you later! – No you won’t! Man:One Time Fitness,
because let’s get real,
that’s all you’ll use it
for anyways.
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how you feel about… me. I want to know. Just give me the truth. What do the kids call it? Roast me? Don’t roast me.

100 thoughts on “The Perfect Gym for Resolution Breakers…One Time Fitness – Studio C”

  1. I will be responsible for 100 of the views cuz imma keep refreshing until studio c comment

  2. The funniest part of the video wasn’t even the sketch
    Funniest part: roast me….don’t roast me

  3. You're a very funny man, Matt! I love watching you "break character" by cracking up. I wasn't a huge fan of Scott Sterling, though, for reasons that I hope are obvious.

  4. Are we seriously supposed to think Matt is weak? I mean, have you seen their P90X sketch? The dude is straight muscle

  5. So does this gym have two entrances? One for all the people who enjoy working out, and one for all the one timers.

  6. I love you guys. I'm never this early so you might see my comment this time. I don't want to sound dramatic, but I seriously wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you guys. I was going through a really rough point in my life and didn't want to live until I found you guys. You cheered me up so much, thank you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. I personally think matt is the one who makes us all just lose are ability to keep a straight face, the one who makes us laugh even in a really weirdly sad sketch like diabieties intervention or something. Anyway I know your sick of this comment so thanks for reading to the end.🤗

  8. Y’all know the drill.

    1. Jason

  9. Sooooooo true!!!!! Lol we are fkn held up by social media and b.s. ww2 vets are rolling over in their graves😂😂😂😂

  10. Anyone who can do the crazy stuff Matt does in the shoulder angel sketches has to be freaking athletic

  11. I love you, Matt. My kids love you. You are the best Shoulder Devil, the best soccer goalie, the best sugar hyped kid ever. We look forward to seeing you in whatever sketch you do.

  12. Matt you are a great human being and very funny. You may not be able to figure out how the gym works, but don't worry! Mr. Pec's Peck Juice will make you think you do.

  13. Omg 😆 this is so true!!! This should totally be a real thing!! But how did Matt go from that P90X video to struggling to go to the gym??

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