The Cheapest Home Gym Build Possible !

so if 2019 is the year you’re gonna
start working out and you want to optimize your time maybe having a small
workout, before you go to work, or when you get home you don’t have to deal with time wasted at the gym and you want to dedicate yourself fully
to working out you should consider buying a home gym and there’s a
a large misconception that you don’t need big squat rack or barbells and a punching bag but you can build a home gym cheaply from a a local site like Amazon and have prime
shipping right to your house so today on awakendgainz I will talk about how to
build the cheapest home gym possible in 2019 using the Amazon basic products and also utilizing your local Craigslist or kijiji deals here on awakendgainz let’s
break some Fitness limits and build the the cheapest home gym we can to get a great workout on awakenedgainz a home gym has many compartments the first being a
floor you can exercise on because you don’t want to damage your floor when
you’re exercising and an easy way to do this is to either use a yoga mat or
rubber mat, you don’t need to go crazy like I did since use very heavy weights I got runner flooring they can be bought any tractor supply
store or you can just buy the Amazon the basic mat which we’ll show here they’re like little rubber floor just not as strong they can connect like puzzle games you played as a kid you can buy the yoga mats and as the
video progresses I’m going to show a picture of a gym building and the gym
will be your cheap home gym and I’ll show a little price to figure on top of
it so the first one is the flooring or the yoga mat for you do your basic
stretching in dynamic flexibility on workouts up next is the bench the bench
is where you can start to utilize excerise beyond what your body
weight can do. Even hundreads of others like hip thrusters or hundreads of other variations are all possible often you pick up items locally like a dumbbell for cheap with some rust on them so you can do cheap dumbbells box squats or a barbell which adds even more varity of exercises you can do but the most
the important part is that this object can hold a lot of weight and the Amazon
basic bench while it is cheap and shipped directly to your house as
pictured here it’s not going to support a large amount of weight that a higher premium quality benches will support more I believe the Amazon basic bench is around
300 pounds of capacity but there are videos where people have dropped like
500 pounds of weight on them and they haven’t broken but I don’t want that to
be something advice I’d give to you they probably are built to be a little bit
more stable so Amazon doesn’t get any lawsuits
they’re about rated for 300 pounds or so so you can work out of them but if
you’re a larger individual I’d be more careful in purchasing a stronger bench the third item is dumbells since they are the cheapest way to get into weighted and the variety they bring different exercises like shoulder presses,
curls, ab workouts, donkey kicks etc etc can all be done easily with
dumbbells but if you probably know that shipping and buying dumbbells on lines
probably the worst way to spend your money when trying to build a cheap home
gym because of the shipping rates of literally shipping pounds of Steel so
the easiest way for you do it is to find a local retailer for me there was one
called finner fitness but you can also do ones like local Craigslist deals
or local Kijiji deals depending on where you live the best price you know for
dumbbells is about dollar per pound if you’re buying use and you can get like
80 cents or 75 cents per pound you’re getting a good deal you can’t really
find less than a dollar per pound and Canadian dollars next is resistance
bands and the price of these has gone down dramatically as they become more
worldwide available resistance bands add a variety of exercises that dumbbells
weight benches and yoga mats really can’t do and for the average price of
let’s say 20 to 15 dollars dollars you can get a great variety of great exercises like hip mobility wokrouts or face pulls which is a really
important for anyone especially in baseball or any type of throwing
activity when they want to strengthen their shoulder girdles by working in the
antagonist direction resistance bands can add a huge variety and as a bonus
you can buy cheaper dumbbells or lighter dumbbells and just use resistance bands
as a way of increasing resistance on them so you can get a little bit more
curling tension at the top of your curl and added bonus s your don’t have to buy so much weight initially if you don’t want to the fourth item is weighted medicine balls. Mainly for throwing type sports ball against a wall and rotating, it’s
very dynamic and explosive movement the best way to use this is at a local park with a solid wall and not your own house alwasy ask first of course items like this can be bought cheaply on sites like
Amazon but I don’t recommend that for the cheap home gym another cool item is buying an AB wheel or the Amazon basic battle ropes although they need some setup ab wheels are great since they force you to work on core stability if you can find maybe a wood frame or
what pillar to start to wrap them around that’d be great
and the app wheel is amazing for working on your core stability, it’s a lot harder
then a plank and provides a lot better spinal erectors stability and building
the overall flexibility of the core plus the battle ropes are a great dynamic
exercise to conditioning that can be also done to build muscle especially in
your forearms for anyone who wants to get also a cheap cardio workout in while
they’re doing this well you can just run and but use the shoes you probably have
or buy cheap running shoes on places like Sports check or Nike go to their
stores after a sales weekend then go to the clearance section and usually you
can find a double sale I’ve found shoes for like $12 Canadian
there and it’s been great but for anyone who’s doesn’t wanna do that maybe they also want to get into boxing and they’re also looking for a cheap way to get a great cardio workout in look on amazon for skipping ropes, in new or the warehouse section ropes can be bought for under $20 skipping, make sure though to have proper ceiling height at your gym or in your basement because your going to scratch your skipping rope and
not possibly break them after a while or you could hit your ceiling and maybe
knock the light down so be a little careful with that but you can always
skip rope outsides so for right now the only additions I’m going to talk about
are ones that aren’t for the cheap home gym set up there for anyone who wants to
get into serious weightlifting or serious powerlifting in their home for
anyone who wants kind of serious power lifting at home but you could always
have bought a cheap gym membership and save your money that way perhaps you can do
your lighter workouts at home in the the morning when you wake up like a 5:00
a.m. workout or a 6:00 a.m. workout go to work come home go to the gym do your heavy workouts come home and know you spent your money efficiently for a very
good price gyms like a good life Fitness even though they have that stupid lunk
alarm they also provide squat racks you can use lots of weights on but if you
want to get that at home like the one I have here that’s what I’m going to
suggest now for this cheap home gym set up squat racks like this can be bought
cheaply if you have a local retailer here that provides all your gyms I did
and the finner fitness they provided that squall rack for about 400 bucks shipped
to my house Canadian not American if you want rogue
buy rogue it’s a little more expensive but it’s the best of the best that you can
buy, don’t buy bars or weights On Amazon buy them from trusted
retailers because you don’t want it because it’s not certified how much
the capacity they have and I’ll show the the same issue with dumbbells come up or if you want to buy plates you buy them locally or you buy them all from rogue
and they shipped your house about you convenient price my guys did it very
cheaply it was 60 bucks to get 400 pounds shipped in my house the squat
rack the barbell and everything even the floor mats the 100 pounds each for 65
bucks so if you have a local retailer work it out that way in the last one you
can add to your home gym set up for under probably 20 dollars if you get a
little creative is a rice bucket rice buckets or even hand collars can be used
to extend the strength curves of your forearms by working on the distal ends and then contracting them when you work out and build great muster develop in
your forearms and everyone know the ladies like the forums and they’re in
the biceps so on awakendgainz if you enjoyed this video like comment
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you’ve enjoyed this video on the cheapest home gym setup possible and a
little guide to maybe a more expensive one this is but Nicholas have a great day from awakenedgainz hope you guys enjoy the video it’s been awakendgainz have a
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  2. I found this very informative as i am probably Building a Home Gym myself soon, but i Miss the leg exercises. Got any tips and Tools on that?

  3. Finally some good advice. Last few “budget home gym” videos I watched suggested 3k worth of Rogue equipment

  4. My home gym cost £32….5 dimbells 1 curl bar 1 home table and 3kg leg weights……ive had more results from this then the fancy gyms….the reason is simple….at home u will train everyday simple….

  5. I really wana make my own home gym but I need to move out first lol… currently living on site at my work place

  6. One thing i haven't seen discussed is the minimum space requirement for a home gym. I can't use my garage for a home gym cause of various reasons, and the space that I can use for a home gym is quite small.

  7. I built good home free weight gym for around $450 to $500 bucks. My go to store for some of it was Ebay though. New items too. Other items at Walmart and even sporting good stores. Squat rack, bench, plates, bars, resistance bands, ect. Everything I need for every muscle group in my body.

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