The Apple Cider Vinegar Detox to Beat Belly Fat

well apple cider vinegar will help improve belly fat and bloating now it's also great at improving that your digestion it will help improve bowel movements oh yes it seems like every time I'm here I'm always talking about pooping but if it comes up it just comes up every time but it definitely will improve bowel movements but what I really love about it is it reduces the amount of time that fats are in the digestive tract so it will help fats metabolize faster and get out of the body we don't want them in the body we want the fats out of the body you know I've been really curious about why apple cider vinegar works I dissin really got it mhm I think part of its because it helps the bacteria in our gut the good guy bacteria survive and thrive yeah this may be holdbacks the bad guy and that's good because all that ran FST's us up with the benefits your speak right so who's it right for you be an idea give you okay so it's really great for people who have signs of toxic overload that would be bloating constipation low energy pain headaches weight gain those are the typical signs of toxic overload if they experience those they can benefit from this plan and specifically it can help jump-start you yeah it's a great jumpstart to any weight loss plan I like it because it can help you recover from a cheat day as well and then it's so simple and easy to use you can add it to any diet regimen a plan and you know what this cheat day shoe is a big deal now cuz folks are on their new planes I know you're all gonna fail once in a while we all do that's us normal but what's good for me us is the fact we can bounce back quickly price that's up one issue that I've had with the apple cider vinegar is sometimes it could be a little difficult to swallow so we take a look very young that's our hanging be ready choice of super kids it takes us oh it's time your light and the lemon really gives it a little thing I thought I had nothing to begin with all right I'm not alone I'm not alone she made sure this plan is not about just taking shots of apple cider vinegar jj-just created recipes that are easier to drink and to eat that you could ever imagine and listen we all recognize the body naturally toxify this up it wants to be healthy this detox with the apple cider vinegar is designed to support that process so give us an overview of the plan how often do you do it how long okay for well basically you're going to be having two to three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar throughout the day in various meals and snacks and drinks I mean you can work your way up to more I do about 3 tablespoons per day now 3 tablespoons 3 tablespoons and the way we have a design is it's you don't take shots it's in various meals and snacks now we're gonna give you everyone your detox plan but if you don't want to do that guy it's okay just take one teaspoon before each and every meal yes right three meals a day three teaspoons and you're set to go it actually may help before a meal because it helps you that the digestive process okay they get one through a typical detox day and you want you do this for a month and yeah you want to do this for an entire month and you want to do it for a few times a week if you can do it daily it's even better it will accelerate the results but you can do it basically for a few times a week and you want to do it for a month now we start off the day with the berry apple cider vinegar drink oh I'm so excited see you mentioned about the taste you already know if you take apple cider vinegar in water Oh ciao yes it is not good and so I've created this drink which actually is great to take in the morning particularly if you're interested in weight loss because it will really wake up the digestive system so I suggest people take it about 20 minutes before meal and what it has in it is mixed berries lemon juice a little stevia here is the apple cider vinegar which is the main ingredient in about twenty twenty four ounces of water and this is much better to taste the berries will curb sweetness and we know the berries have a lot of accidents so that slows the aging process and it beats back the cravings why I think that's so well I think the important thing about cravings is it's known to act as a appetite suppressant and apple cider vinegar is yes an appetite suppressant and so because it has it has the ability to really reduce cravings and one of the things see we want to get our best body so what you want to do is to be able to reduce cravings before they start and this drink will reduce cravings in the morning and really set your day off on the right track all right now except apple walnut spinach salad this thing is pretty hot yeah and your argument here is that apple cider vinegar if you're gonna make it part of your day you ought to make it part of the dressing what makes us see the beauty of dressing is what I like about salad dressings is most of them contain vinegar anyway but this particular salad has a combination of fiber protein and fats so what that does is going to slow the absorption of sugar so it's going to reduce cravings throughout the day so this is a healthy meal but it's one that will reduce cravings you won't get blood sugar spikes your energy will be stable so you'll be feeling all good all day we want and looking good yes so how do you make it actually give me the dressing okay so you basically add this the the interesting thing is anytime you add apple cider vinegar with some fruit or oil it'll add a nice flavor to salad so we have a little salt and pepper apple cider vinegar some olive oil and you just mix it all up and stir it up and then you put it on the salad and the salad get you don't mind having some fruit that's that that's Apple right yes that's Apple and it has nuts in it and you just chop the apples up into little pieces and then you squeeze a little bit of lemon on it and that's how it turns out and you can make this and whisk it up in about less than a minute and you have a salad dressing and the beauty of this I gotta say yeah a lot of women do the right thing with their salads they don't do the right thing with their salad dressing oh right that's right you so you sabotage everything you're doing this is actually a reasonably low-calorie approach and works for you and absolutely okay good now compare compare this face one worth it okay next up apple cider vinegar needs to be added to clean protein you actually make a big deal about this we don't put enough emphasis on protein and you don't want to get off the protein north to do that per se right when you lose fat you don't want lose muscle – so I always tell people protein is king particularly when you're detoxing you do not want to forget the protein and so one of the things we made sure is when we use protein we added apple cider vinegar to some spices to give it flavor anytime you add apple cider vinegar to any spices it's going to be a great way to really spice the fish salmon chicken or anything but never forget your protein when you're doing a detox so you used it you made us but obviously you can add it on top of the protein but you made a little dip here with it yeah I made a little dip and it's basically apple cider vinegar and some cayenne and we made a little sauce we call it buffalo sauce it would be like you know we've got a buffalo wings all right have I heard of buffalo wings buffalo sauce so this is a great way to give it a lot of flavor has a little kick to it you know and it has a little tang but it's a great way and it's super super healthy be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss anything remember to check back often to see what's new

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  2. I've been adding Apple Cider Vinegar to my morning smoothie and it's really helped.

    you could also try a supplement

  3. I create a health boosting drink every morning with ACV. I use a 46oz water bottle. I combine one can of naturally flavored seltzer water, ACV (1-2 table spoons), 1-2 small packs of stevia, 1-2 sprinkles of cayenne pepper, and one Arbonne alkaline rich fizz stick, and added filtered water to fill up the water bottle. I LOVE this mix. It jump starts my day, boosts my energy, keeps me hydrated & full. I do two of these per day but 2nd time, instead of Arbonne fizz stick, I use 'Amazing Grace' green super food effervescent tablet. It's packed with superfoods. You can get 'Amazing Grace' tablets from any grocery store in the healthy food section. You can get the Arbonne fiz sticks from me if interested.

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  6. I'm 18 and made this salad for my family and I have to say it is absolutely delicious.
    This is now going to be my all the time salad I make.

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