Peaceful Yoga ♥ The Perfect Balance: Breath & Flexibility

hey guys welcome to ur calm and peaceful waterfall yoga we are at a beautiful waterfall on the island of Koh Kut and i have a yoga practice for u thats going to really focus on the intention of breathing i want you to clear ur mind focus on your breath and just stay in this present moment for the next 10 min so if you’re ready a mat some water and lets do it ok guys so were going to begin today in a seated position on ur knees inhaling reaching the arms up to the sky palms together exhale hands down to ur heart releasing into your chilspose taking a moment to breathe bring yourself to this present moment then reaching the arms forward rounding through to your all fours inhale look up exhale round the spine and let it go then tuck your back toes under and extending to downward dog walking it out on the spot if that feels good to you if not stay in a still downward dog and then slowly release into plank position and then push back to downward dog one more time rounding through to plank hold coming back to downward dog taking a full flow chaturanga dandasana and downward facing dog reaching left leg up to the sky hold here for a moment and the nslwoly take a big step forward arms reach high lunge letting yourself sink down inhale exhale bend the elbows squeeze shoulder blades together reach exhale reaching the arms up exhale bring all the weight towards the front foot extend right leg into warrior 3 then slowly from here coming up then grabbing on to that foot and placing into your tree postures if keeping your feet near your knee is too challenging then place the foot along the ankle always either below or above the knee releasing the foot coming back to warrior 3 finding your balance then releasing your hands towards the floor take a moment to breath and then reach the leg up and again feeling that deep stretch from your hamstring holding that leg up taking a twist into that warrior 3 reaching left arm up to the sky keeping right fingers on the mat and then slowly coming into half moon and takin our half moon right arm extends open those hips as well coming back to center step back to high lunge reach diving all the way down step back to plank upward dog downward dog other side right leg reaches up and then slowly stepping forward to high lunge reach arms up high lunge inhale exhale bend those elbows squeeze the shoulder blades reach up exhale inhale reach the arms exhale shift your weight towards the front foot warrior 3 hold using core muscles lift body up lift left knee opening the leg out taking your tree pose placing foot to the inner thigh or towards the inner calf muscle release extend leg back to warrior3 hold it hands com down back to the mat lets take that twist reaching right arm up to the sky switching hands to half moon opening left arm up opening the hips left hip stacked keeping that back leg straight releasing back stepping back into high lunge arms up inhale exhale dive it down stepping back into plank chaturanga dandasana upward dog and downward facing dog walk it out on the spot then reaching your left leg stacking those hips and then if you’re comfortable go ahead flip your fog taking top left all the way to the floor if not comfortable with this position just stay in that first pose releasing and then come into pigeon hips are square back leg is straight make your way down to your elbows then really focusing on your breath here letting any tension or anxiety or stress melt away from u as you exhale slowly coming up and taking our mermaid pose bend that knee first phase continue to pull your heel into your glute if you like to try the full mermaid bring elbow towards right toes then open and bind don’t worry if u can get into it at first start from first stage overtime you will get there awesome release stepping back into that downward dog and taking a flow upward dog and take it back to downward dog lets do the other side if you like to release into that flipped dog poisition go ahead contunie to release the foot down comeback up and then taking your pigeon on the floor inhale and then slowly exhale make your way down to your mat stay present with your breath deep inhale in and a long exhale out feeling the tension melt away very nice slowly coming up lets take our mermaid pose again if you to go ahead and try the full posture then bend the back knee place left elbows at your left toes and then opening and trying to bind your hands releasing stepping back into downward dog take a moment to breathe round through to plank chaturanga dandasana exhale toward facing dog take a moment to breathe in then slowly exhale come down to ur knees childs pose from here grab onto your heels only then pull up balance your head on the crown of the head this is an awesome pose to release upper back and releasing the come to a comfortable seated position crossing your feet infront taking a moment to come back to your breath exhale hands down tot your heart thank you guys so much for joining me in this beautiful location i hope u have an amazing rest of ear day namaste

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  1. Thank you all for the positive feedback and energy on this video guys. It means so much to us when our classes connect to you guys in a deeper way like that. Thank you.
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  2. I hate working out… I really do . But u are the only person that can actually make me do staff …just by looking at you, the beach …I'm like " get you ass up !" thanks again guys you are the best

  3. I love these videos. I've gotten to the point where I do my own routine but turn to the videos for variety or to see how to do a new pose. I find myself getting out of poses often because the video moves so quickly, I'm not even in the pose before she moves on. It's hard to be calm and relaxed for stretching when I'm constantly stressing over missing what happened because I either can't see the screen or she's already moved on. Maybe you could post a video more oriented towards the stretching side and not just what to do in the routine?

  4. I am in awe at your beauty and the amazement of your backdrops! I love these short but potent flows that I can squeeze in throughout the day!!! Thank you!!!

  5. This is one of my favorite yoga videos. It's the perfect mix of different poses – requires just enough effort and work while at the same time calming me down and relaxing my mind after a long day. Thanks for this great practice!

  6. Did this today in winter evening just before 15 mints …. N n n m SWEATING like anything remover wwarm clothes. Feeling warm. Thnks boho

  7. Thank you for your classes! From all classes with Yoga here, are your the best! And I like them so much!

  8. Thank you for inspiring yoga practise ❤ Please tell me which company yoga mat is best and that hands and feet doesn't slip on it. Something that is avalable in Europe.

  9. I love following your videos..: I’ve been following you for about 2 years now and I’ve done almost every one of your flows.. you’ve taught me a lot 😍
    The only thing I’m still feeling is that you go way to fast through the flows… try slowing down the transitions and it would be absolutely perfect! Keep it up and lots of love. Namaste ❤️

  10. How do I even begin when I can't kneel. My knees are tender and I've had knee surgery on one. What would be a good alternative position?

  11. good poses just a little too fast for me. I'm a beginner so that may be why I had a little trouble keeping up. I still love this channel and I'm going to stick to it! Thanks for sharing your gifts

  12. this seems a bit advanced for beginners. as someone starting out with fairly average flexibility, how long before u can complete this sequence of yoga moves as in the vid? And what can I do to start out to get to this?

  13. im a new subscriber but im not new to your channel.I cincerily enjoy your videos because you helped me to find a will to this sea of many other people and videos i find your voice and technique very good and calm.I onestly enjoy every day to exercise.I am 25 years old but i have back pain ,also in my arm and shoulder from an accident and work and i was to lazy to make myself to do something,anything,….. but thanks to consistant workout its getting im eating more healthy and after few months i already feel better with my arms and lower back were weak,they still arent as strong but i see the change in working out half an hour to hour a day.Im getting more and more interested in this and i plan on getting into it serious so i dont regret it later in my older days.i hope my eng is ok,i feel kind of rusty haha

  14. So wonderful. you guys! Aimee in Wash D.C.. .mama of 3 little vegans…maybe you could consider offering a few yoga classes for kids…my 8yr old girl loves to do your classes

  15. I loved this because of how it is centred around breathing and balance and not as much about working out 💛

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  17. This was one of the first practices I followed on this channel. 2 years later and it still has the same healing effect. I cannot thank you enough for guiding me on this journey. You gave me hope when it seemed impossible. Forever grateful.

    Love and light to your wonderful souls 💛

  18. I really enjoy and love your workouts, your videos are the highlight of my days. You are the best. Thank you for sharing.

  19. WOW… this was so calming and beautiful. I leave for college today and this really calmed my stress I will be doing this every morning if I can

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  21. Hi…..
    Dear yoga teacher
    I'm from Gujarat India
    I don't know where you from I want to join your class
    My WhatsApp number is 8980 60 7676 you can message me or call thanks

  22. Thank you sincerely. At the end of the flow I could felt really present with my body and connected with the world. I felt peace and gratitude for the moment. So I specially want to thank you for making that moment possible. Blessings and good vibes always, namaste.

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  26. honestly was having the worst week and this sequence just bought me so much peace. Thank you so much. You are amazing. Namaste.

  27. I agree with some of the comments of this being too fast. It's a good sequence but you move way too fast! It's important to take time to settle into each pose otherwise, I'm not benefitting from it. Too fast. You need to slow down. It's called yoga for a reason! So we can focus on the breath along with the postures.

  28. It's incredible how much you've helped me. I can't believe that in a year I changed so much, and you guys are people, that inspired me to do so. Thank you so much for your postive Energy, for your calmness, and for love and heart that you put into these videos. You are truly beautiful. Namaste.

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  31. The first half of the body after tree pose you do the leg lifts and not for the second part??? However this is my favorite flow sequence to do at the end of a routine, so peaceful! So I just stay in forward fold during the leg lifts

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  34. Missed standing splits on the second side! But overall a beautiful and amazing much needed practice 💚✨

  35. I enjoy doing your workouts very much. I’m able to do some advanced poses like the reverse dog and the advanced mermaid pose yet I still am not able to bring a leg from downward dog between my arms to the front of the mat to get into high lunge. Maybe my arms are too short, my foot hits the centre of the mat. I have to lift one hand off the mat, hold the ankle and assist it to the front of the mat, then put the hand down beside the front foot. Do you have any tips on learning to do this flow while keeping both hands on the mat?

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