No-Bake Yogurt Cheesecake – How to Make Easy Rare Cheesecake Recipe

Prepare digestive biscuits in a ziplock bag and crush into fine crumbs Graham crackers, ginger biscuits, or arrowroot biscuits are also good Add melted butter Mix melted butter evenly with the biscuit crumbs Pour the wet crumbs into a 15cm cake pan with a removable base The bottom of the pan is lined with baking paper side of the cake pan is lined with acetate cake collar Use a spoon to press it down evenly Or use the base of a cup Smooth out the edges Chill in refrigerator till needed Prepare filling The cream cheese should be softened first so the batter will be smooth and lump-free Add sugar Mix sugar into the cream cheese till smooth Beat till sugar is blended into the cream cheese Mix in greek yogurt I used sugar-free full-fat greek yogurt Mix the whipping cream in 2 batches First batch in Scrap the side of the bowl from time to time Switch to a whisk for easier mixing Mix in the next batch of cream Whisk whisk~ Add lemon juice Lemon juice helps in thickening the cheesecake and gives a nice flavour Prepare water in a small bowl Add gelatin powder For vegetarian substitutes, try using agar-agar instead of gelatin Set it aside for a few mins and microwave for 20~30 seconds to melt the gelatin Melted gelatin Add a couple spoonfuls of cream cheese batter into the melted gelatin Lightly mix to combine Pour gelatin mixture into prepared cream cheese filling Mix thoroughly till smooth Remove chilled biscuit base from fridge Pour filling into pan Chill the cheesecake for at least 6 hrs or overnight to set Remove the cake mould from the removable base Take out the cake collar Remove the baking paper Serve and enjoy ^^ If you like this video, don’t forget to press the ‘Like’ button and subscribe ^^

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  1. To digestive cookies gram wafers in crumb form or whole and crumble yourself that’s the proper ingredient. digestive cookies give you the poopies

  2. What a load of rubbish……Sweetsmin could at least give this a severe edit to reduce it down to 30 seconds, or perhaps explain at the beginning that they thicken it with gelatine. Not worth watching otherwise.

  3. What natural low calorie sweetener could be substituted for sugar and what amount. Also what can be used that is a vegitarian product in place of gelitan? TY

  4. Loved the silent, no fuss, great recipe. Loved the actual sounds of the making. Great job.

  5. This cake can be made without gelatin too. Just pop it in the oven at 200°F for about 30-40 minutes or when sides look a bit brown. Remove it. It's ok if it's jiggles. Once it's cool refrigerate, yogurt will help set it. As long as you use 3.5 % milk fat yogurt no more no less and with active bacterial culture and don't put lemon or sugar but condensed milk, it will taste darn good.

  6. the plastic guard on the cake sides. I found it at Amazon – acetate cake liner used by pro chefs…you can get it in many sizes or in huge rolls if you are pro….fun.

  7. Great video! Wonderful to be able to make cheesecake without cooking and heating up the place when you are trying to keep cool in the summer! Thank you for sharing the recipe! 🤗

  8. Hi there. I just have one question. Why do we need whipping cream in this recipe? Is it ok to exclude whipping cream? Thanks ❤

  9. Brilliance I love your quick easy technique and clean working zone, You demonstrated a very easy uncomplicated rich tasty cheesecake receipe
    Thank you, I really enjoyed It!!!!

  10. 刚才做了来吃 觉得不错。就是蛋糕太软 而且拿出来切的时候很快就会出现融了的状态,想问是哪里的问题啊?

  11. If you whip the cream to stiff peaks and fold into cheese mixture, you don't need the gelatin

  12. I don't have microwave.. Do have another solution cook gelatine?? May i just use hot water + gelatin or steam gelatin?? 😅😅

  13. I love de natural sounds, of every single ingredients!!!! I feel like ASMR session! I feel so good !!!

  14. I don't know why, but just hearing the sounds of the ingredients mixing, the sloppy wet sounds… it turned my stomach! GROSS! It was so offputting that I most definitely won't be making this recipe. 🤮

  15. Greetings! Happy to let you know that today I made this cheesecake. I changed 2 things, instead of lemon juice I used pure vanilla, did not have whipping cream so substituted it with milk with butter. Because I want it to be lower in carbs, I did not make the crust. It came out delicious! I could eat the whole dish!

  16. Saludos es muy buena tu reseta pero no entendemos si también lo pusieras en español
    Saludos desde CDMX bendiciones gracias

  17. I love it. First time i try it was a success and the yogurt taste is very strong. I alter it a little by using normal low fat fruit yogurt and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. It taste good too. I love both. Thank you. Now i can eat more and no need to pay expensive price for a slice each time.

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