NIH Job: Health Scientist Administrator – Program Officer

I was interested in the Health Science Administrator position and I specifically was interested in the Program Officer side because,having been a scientist in the outside world and conducting research, I didn’t want to get away from science too much. Basically, what it allows me to do, is be involved in the bigger picture. I’m able to actually work with my colleagues to help shape the whole field. So, at first I was a little nervous when I came into this position because it’s title is Health Science Administrator and I was a little nervous how much administration would there be, and I’ve actually been really pleasantly surprised. A lot of what I do on a day-to-day basis is still very scientific in nature. To be successful as a Program Officer, you need to be flexible. Your day is never gonna be the same from one day to the next. While we do have some administrative aspects of what we do, the fun things we get to do are we get to plan workshops, we get to bring in scientists from all over the world and so you’ve got to be willing to jump into an opportunity and just kind of go with it, see where it leads.

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