ILLEGAL JUNGLE FOOD in Vietnam!!! Catching and Cooking Asia’s Most Freaky Foods!!

all right so the technique in here you hold a hat and you put a whole thing in your mouth okay that’s good okay here we go I’m grabbing it [Music] today our Mekong Delta adventure continues along with our quest to learn more about Viet Nam’s coconut cult there was a guru out here he created this coconut religion do you think it’s possible to live just off of the coconut you know he’d eat it and survive he did well he died after three years last time mom and I enjoyed a Mekong feast wild birds fried junebugs and grilled wrap meters Amica local gave us a hot coconut cult tip he suggested going deeper into the mekong to the bench a province have you heard about the coconut people or the coconut religion just a few decades ago the coconut congregation built this a temple on a floating island and the answer to all my burning questions all this is from that guy I’m the founder of the religion that’s crazy today we’re exploring the unending bounty and beauty that is Viet Nam’s Mekong Delta including the king of extreme jungle Phu a worm that thrives on these coconut trees from the inside all this has been chewed up along the way I may try my own luck at this coconut religion oh it’s refreshing it’s got electrolytes is that Gatorade but first breakfast bench a province with a population of over 1.6 million this is its metropolis each morning the day begins with this sprawling market where vendors proudly display their offerings your fruit looks magnificent why no coconuts though is it a home medical or not everybody have two 1s oh I don’t think visited the Mekong Delta is an agricultural miracle while the Mekong only accounts for 10% of Viet Nam’s landmass it pumps out more than a third of the country’s crops and 60% of its shrimp and fish and maybe frogs too down the street pork chops and broken rice for breakfast I saw in the fact the lady was beating the meat did you see them yes if you do that you actually stopped in the pork picture we’d be much better they’ve been doing this for 15 years with no name and no signboard just food good enough to keep locals coming back I’m looking at this plate it’s very busy what is your strategy when you have so many foods here what are you trying to do of course I’m gonna pick the one I like the most off him oh the foundation of this dish broken rice fractured rice grains perfect for soaking up fish sauce do you put fish sauce on everything yeah what yeah toss on pickled daikon and carrots then the pork chop pork chops are marinated in sweet sticky fish sauce and beaten before grilling next the egg then a sort of egg and mushroom loaf called chant kind of like a mekong Cash pork skin and finally a sort of green onion and fried pork fat dressing all this for just over a buck how’s that for a dollar menu behind some rice some pork skin right here and let’s go for it oh just the fish sauce and rice is already good enough fish sauce doesn’t taste like fish at all to me does it taste like fish steel only to be polite hc1 jump into the steak hahaha I love it it’s like so thin and then you can see it’s just caramelized on the outside wow it’s a perfect breakfast see how I look angry because I like it so much I can’t control it [Music] I want to learn more about the coconut religion its people but there’s a conflict of interest here if I change my whole diet to just coconuts how can I have a food review show it’s a big problem today I risk it all taking on the coconut lifestyle and seeing if this super food can heal my body and soul I think for me this would be a good way to find some uh peace [Music] to get some help we’re headed to the headquarters of the Mekong based YouTube channel down down in take this three-person team highlights the most delicious and unique food in Viet Nam’s Mekong the channel’s host we will be our guy guys this is perfect I’ve got coconut water from an actual coconut I’ve got this will when that paper will call it cool in a paper after being here just five minutes we can already see the versatility of the coconut in action I’m gonna try this up Wow good stuff you guys made this yourself yeah maybe coconuts do have all that I need coconut water coconut paper here in Vietnam they even make a coconut caramel the result of boiling down gallons and gallons of coconut water and yet another use for coconuts we use the caramel for you know like dying to kala from meat when you marinate the meat it’s not all the way finished but I do want to try it it smells like caramelized coconut sugar oh my god that is so sweet it’s like molasses like coconut molasses wow that is full of flavor syrupy mmm it’s a powerful flavor if this all goes well maybe instead of being a coconut follower I could be a coconut leader can you ask him what he thinks does does he think I could be a leader of some coconut people and the winner yeah okay I’m with a mango that’s guy you know have been a miracle he can leave on coconut I think that he’s doubt about your ability your capacity so I think like when people look at you they don’t take it seriously with all the coconut has to offer I’m still missing some protein but perhaps there’s a loophole do you think it’s okay that maybe also eat coconut worms if you’re part of this group so he said at least he’s not so sure but at least he can show you where the coconut bumps are all right good enough let’s do that as our hunt begins we is searching for coconut trees with dying leaves they just might be infested with coconut worms are the coconut worms eating the coconut or they eating the tree the wall I’m gonna eat you know the youngest Park up the tree need a top because that he does soft it part the maximum we can get a hundred of them a hundred of them so he’s got a cleaver here and he’s starting to take off some of these branches okay I’m gonna take a peek in I see ants I think we’re gonna have to strip back these branches maybe this is gonna reveal it right here and this tree psych an onion we’re just kind of peeling the layers back we don’t see any coconut worms yet but this is the part they’ve been chewing on from the inside all this has been chewed up it’s just soft and kind of nasty but no worms yet we’re like eight layers in at this point one more try well there’s not much deeper to go on this tree yeah so they used to be in here yeah look at this a handful of what inside has become mulch if I’d they basically have been rotting the tree from the inside out and they’re no longer in here I think they ate everything they could from this tree for this tree it’s too late the worms have already reached their adult form as the coconut weevil and they’re in search of more food if you look inside a healthy tree this is what it’s actually supposed to look like that tasty inner part of the coconut tree trunk something that humans can eat too you can eat this yeah it’s just the inside of the coconut what this is what the coconut worm is eating okay I’m gonna try it up there’s not that much flavor it’s like pure fiber when would you eat this if you’re starving to death you know we use it loud to my count Salah but coconut worms gonna love it yeah the hunt continues and it’s clear that this is not going to be easy scratches did you hear anything he didn’t hear anything um I found this chainsaw do you think this might speed things huh [Music] yes selling coconut worms is illegal in Vietnam the government doesn’t want to encourage the spread of this pest oh oh look at what we’ve on but there is still a coconut worm black market where independent sellers can earn up to $1 a piece you can see it’s got insane huge mandible its mouth here it can bite you and the purpose is to gnaw it’s eating through the inside of the tree turning it to mulch before they turn into an adult into a weevil they well they just take them out and they eat them and that’s what we’re doing today it’s a win-win okay we get to save the tree well maybe this tree is pretty fun after more cutting more digging and more collecting we’ve amassed enough coconut worms to satisfy me for a lifetime time to dig in as we look down to these worms I mean they have a little kind of a disturbing way of moving or I can I notice that one is completely shedding it’s outside skin so that’s fun we just got back from hunting all of these worms we’ve got about 50 worms here I think we should start right now eating it with the fish sauce are you pumped we’re gonna add some images well all right you just get the whole thing and I’m gonna walk it out uh-huh they’ll eat a whole thing I’ll gotta say okay here we go I’m grabbing it I’m holding it oh gosh the way it moves it’s like pulsating in my hand mul hi ba yo what the Newseum everyone hmm I don’t ma’am we need to late concert ahead yeah crunch ahead so does about you mmm-hmm I know what done you know like it hit you see is good right now thank you it’s so weird the texture is pretty weird I mean it just tastes like chilies and fish sauce SARS I know yeah I think is this better because we have this but you asked me to eat it all along without this one next no way dude very proud of you thank you thank you from here we’re gonna cook these in two different ways we’re gonna grill them and we’re gonna want the other one pudding um on a bagel deep-fry all right let’s do it [Music] I feel bad there’s only two skewers I just feel like you guys can each have a skewer and I’ll just watch you guys you watch come on you hold it it doesn’t look advertising at all you know look ugly and scary how dare you this is another cultures foot away this is your cultures food all right that’s fine you can say that all right should we try it out sure hmm better than they’re all one for sure that’s skin the skin is so thick and leathery Oh another one thank you the inside that explodes it’s got a kind of smoky nutty taste to it my bro wouldn’t you normally eat some beer with this honestly I don’t think anyone around here is eating this as a regular part of their diet coconut worms seem to be some kind of manly Mekong Delta drinking food the perfect partner for a BSI gun gentlemen thank you very much for having us here today this guy you chopped do you see here he chopped down like three trees we have our final specimen here but honestly it’s not about the food and in fact even if we didn’t eat it it wouldn’t matter cuz it’s about camaraderie and friendship the skin has ballooned up and become translucent and the rest of the bodies inner part has become a squishy tube on the inside on a yogurt filling with their crunchy head on there please join me Cheers Oh are we doing it alright cheers guys be different from you know down yeah the cream one oily Harley of course the head is still very crunchy I think any of this food it just feels weird because it’s a bug and you know it’s a bug but if you just got more used to it or if you ate it from when you were young no big deal it’s a good snack but I think you really you have to have beer right they can’t handle it without beer for me somebody who is potential to join this coconut religion I think I could do it I think I could handle the coconut religion as long as I can eat some of these delicious coconut worms okay [Music] oh hi but yo the power of the coconut is unquestionable its powerful enough to inspire a religious movement powerful enough to provide millions of people in the mekong delta with food and resources and powerful enough to bring strangers from opposite sides of the planet together to eat coconut worms [Music] next time on our Mekong Delta series finale I bite off more than I can chew taking on the Mekong Delta ‘s most extreme 8th [Music] well thank you so much for being an incredible guide as always mama is a one trip guide from the company called one trip one trip is the highest-rated tour company in Vietnam doing tours from north to south in all major cities including hanoi ‘no chang Danang hi em and saigon you can experience food tours adventure tours and more to learn more about one trip check out the links in the description down below I will see you next time jiggers

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