100 thoughts on “I Made A Giant 50-Pound Pizza For Two Little Kids • Tasty”

  1. Wow this is my first time seeing her since the haunting of Hannah Williams in BuzzFeed unsolved with Shane and Ryan

  2. Yo think about it, if the fastest someone has ever made the pizza was 45 minutes at most, and baking on each side takes 15 minutes on each side, then that means the workers LITERALLY SPENT only 15 MINUTES assembling the pizza

  3. Alvin: Can I try?
    Holds the flour
    Yeets it everywhere 😂
    Btw great vid 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  4. his name is pronounced t-ee-q-o
    Edit: Dont sharpen the t
    btw he is armenian and i am armenian so i know how to pronounce it

  5. hate to be that person, but I wish we could do this type of thing for people in need that would be super fun

  6. Hey Alvin, how about making giant food for kids at the orphanage? It'll made their day ❤️
    Please like this comment for him to see!

  7. #saveyourinternet

  8. I have a question about your making it big series, do you allow non-tasty producers to help in the kitchen, and if so which state (if your in the US) is Tasty based in.

  9. Thank you all for tuning in the for finale! We had such an amazing time making giant foods this season, and we're so grateful to our wonderful team behind the cameras that made it happen. Huge shoutout to Tiko from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Glendale to making this happen, as well as Hannah Williams for being such a great and hilarious mother.

    Who should we invite in next?

  10. I love how Alvin doesn’t act like he knows everything, he is always trying to learn and he asks questions like he doesn’t know anything

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