How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Permanently (Try These 9 Steps To Stop The Cycle!)

so you're a yo-yo dieter Ryan Adams here from natural weight loss mastery comm if you're working really hard to lose weight but then you gain it back a couple of weeks later and then some more I think this will be the ideal video for you I'm going to share 9 strategies to help you combat this crazy yo-yo dieting style cycle let's get into it step one you must absolutely stop the hardcore calorie restriction so many of us swimmer in a desperate place eagerly looking to lose weight force our calories down so so much to the point where not only is it unhealthy in the process of telling back on your calories you're depriving your body of key nutrients and vitamins as a result of doing that and the calories that it requires to function at a happy healthy level but also to the point where it drives you after five six seven days one week two week usually not long to grab the most calorie dense food that you could possibly wrap your little mitts around and stuff it down your throat and then endlessly go on some crazy binge eating marathon where you can't control yourself this is the number one reason that I see time and time again for this yo-yo dieting style cycle of weight loss and then sudden weight gain okay the rebound effect unfortunately I find when we come from this calorie methodology it often leads us down a bad path in a number of ways we start looking at our diet in terms of numbers in terms of inexact science we discard any element of intuitive eating and oftentimes people that are calorie counting although they've most certainly mean well they're having half a cookie every day they're having half a slice of budget cake and trying to work it into their calories I find that force merit most of the time it's easier to not give yourself permission to do that stuff it's easier to say no altogether to the junk food that way you're eating as healthfully as you possibly can whilst we're losing weight and I find that actually allows your taste buds to change and you grow to actually love healthy food if only 70% of your diet is quote unquote clean foods and the rest is naughty stuff and you're fitting them into your calories for the day let's say it's a really dangerous game to play off on that most people do this they never stay long on a diet because they're constantly introducing every day even if it's a small percentage some artificial foods to light up those taste buds again to create the dopamine there's a link with the biochemistry of the brain here when you're eating certain foods and really I don't see that as fixing the overall problem with your nutrition right now if that's your attempt to solve this it might be a step in the right direction but I don't think it really addresses the root cause which is that you must begin to change the foods that you're eating on a daily basis me on a daily basis and the foods then your taste buds and your palate laughs and if you can make it win-win if you can make it win-win in terms of your palate your taste buds your through preferences and your health then you're on to a winner and you're going to sustain these incredible results for the rest of your life there's no question in my mind if you take the right steps of course so ditch this calorie counting methodology I would suggest to you guys and focus on eating fiber-rich plant foods which fill you up leave you feeling truly satisfied because they're rich in the nutrition the vitamins the minerals all of those things that are absolutely essential to our day-to-day well-being and therefore you can feel fully generous portions because these fruits tend to be very low in calories anyway they like to the grains the fruits the veggies the potatoes the beans legumes split peas lentils so on and so forth tend to be very low in calories anyway so you can eat volumous portions feel truly full with lots of fiber there that's really key to help you feel full for a long period of time and lose weight and lose weight so that's a really sustainable way to do things versus this flexible dieting harsh calorie counting style approach that so many of us regrettably adopt step number two under no circumstances should you let the scales be the only measurement of your success I had a client say something amazing to me recently a brilliant soundbite they said Ryan it's like the scales are bipolar and I thought wow what a wonderful statement sometimes they're up sometimes they're down there are daily fluctuations to your weight guys you must understand this this is imperative daily fluctuations it is your long-term weight over a period of weeks and months that is going to show you as to whether you're taking the right steps in terms of your weight-loss goals but even then you cannot allow the scales to be the only measurement of your success you've got to consider your health and your day-to-day well-being to a lot of yo-yo dieter czar taking the actions that they're taking the drastic weight or strategies because they're jumping on the scales they're seeing something that they don't like to see and very quickly they're jumping to a conclusion thinking oh my goodness I'm doing something wrong I've got to do this now I've got to cut this out my diet and often it leads us I say to these very extreme precautions so my suggestion to you guys is have other ways of course of measuring your success scales is one it is one I would say it's the most accurate but it must be measured over time it can't just be every now and again you're jumping on the scales and freaking out and overreacting about it it must be something consistently you measure at a time alongside that though there are two other ways I would say or maybe three in a push of measuring your progress number one is you can actually take a tape measure around your waist around your chest area your biceps your upper thigh so on and so forth that's a good way of tracking your progress combined with the scales another one is by taking before-and-after photos or photos perhaps once a week in the same lighting in the same mirror at roughly the same time of day that's going to give you a set criteria let's say for and set parameters for making sure that there's some consistency there you don't be taking a photo at 9 a.m. after no food and then one at 9 p.m. after three meals a day do you that's going to have a little bit of a different impact on your physique and especially lighting conditions and what not has to be set parameters in that regard and third of all so maybe the fourth strategy in total for measuring your success its feedback from others this is difficult sometimes people are very biased sometimes people won't tell you the truth sometimes people will be far too blunt than you perhaps would you like admittedly or your ego would like so this is a difficult one can you really trust your friends opinions on your physique all that much I'm not so sure I depends what your the expectations and standards of your your friends and your peers are I suppose but all together bring these things together guys and have all four of these factors as ways of actually measuring your progress and not just the scale step 3 implement baby steps credit where credit's you a lot of yoga when they're on track when they're on progress they're doing a lot of the right stuff I would say they're very committed they're very disciplined that's great the problem is for many yo-yo dieters they're so new to weight loss that they're setting the bar extremely extremely high by pursuing some kind of perfectionist strategy – weight loss where they overall overhaul excuse me all of their diet overnight they completely start out fresher a new exercise program five days of the week in the gym bootcamp classes on the weekends yoga on Sunday mornings that's a tall order for somebody that isn't particularly used to doing lots of exercise and isn't particularly fit quote-unquote let's say so my suggestion to you guys is start with baby steps fixing one thing at a time you've heard the saying small battles win the war it shows great ambition to me that you're very keen you're very motivated to rip up everything and start fresh in the morning on a new healthy living program that is wonderful but at the same time some people set the bar so high that it's only a matter of time before they fail they can't keep committing to all of these things as well as managing the other different areas in their life so one step at a time that's a much more sustainable way to do things and there's longevity there you've got time to build the habit slowly slowly is the wrong word gradually change your belief system undergo the mental transformation that's actually key to sustain long-lasting weight loss results and not just go for some hardcore shred down in the summer where you're perfect for three or four weeks and then it all rebounds so to speak so yeah take baby steps guys that's so essential another crucial bit of advice do some exercise whilst I often play down the role of exercise when it comes to weight loss there are a number of benefits to it the stuff is rocket science helps you de-stress raises your mood takes your mind off the food some yo-yo dieters are so hyper focused on the food all the time that it makes them neurotic they get crazy they get paranoid they're so confused about whether this food is one that it's conducive to weight loss those these are of course good questions to ask but sometimes we get it to the point where we're so anxiety ridden about every gram of food we're eating it can drive us insane so do a bit of exercise really helps lighten you up I feel tremendous after my gym sessions after a little bit of weight training nothing crazy I only do about 30 minutes in the gym when I'm there wait you know the free weight section I play tennis two or three times a week at most but it's not hardcore it's just a bit of a knock around I don't take the stuff crazily seriously that's what I advise you guys so I'm not asking you to do anything demanding I'm not asking you to go in the gym and follow it as strict kind of weight training and cardio program and you must run two miles tomorrow night and then on Friday night you must run three miles in under 20 minutes blah blah blah blah I'm not asking you to set the bar very high with this just do a little bit of exercise be moderately active can really help lighten the load so to speak and make healthy living you're weightless attempts a little bit more enjoyable get outside get in nature it's amazing step 5 have a bit of flexibility I can always spot a weight loss beginner from a mile off because they follow whichever nutrition or exercise program that they're utilizing to Atty exactly word for word instruction for instruction wonderful brilliant I suppose when you just get it started you don't really know better and that's fair enough it you do need somebody to take you under their wing so to speak and give you some in exact instructions whether that's a personal trainer or a coach your friend at the gym who's a little bit fitter than you are and better shape than you are or you know a book you've read you do need those instructions but these things I tend to find are a good template but there must be some flexibility there you must successfully adapt the strategies you're learning let's say to your lifestyle other otherwise excuse me there's going to be very little longevity to this so if you're going to the grocery store and you've got 50 ingredients there to buy because your nutritionist told you to eat these exact meals and you're thinking hold on this stuff isn't in my budget I don't have time to pick the stuff up every week some of this stuff takes 30 minutes to prepare in the kitchen I don't have time to that I've got the kids this weekend then 2019 life then really there's not going to be much longer Bertie to your attempts here to lose weight so there has to be a little bit of tail to you and this is difficult at first I imagine but there is a certain level of intuition that comes with practice here that comes with doing this for months and years at a time whereby you start to pick up on these things very very easily so as best you can guys even if you're just getting started for the first time right now and you admittedly do need some clear instructions try and just have a little bit of flexibility fit certain meals around your preferences your exercise program you need to be doing exercise that you actually enjoy I told you guys a minute or two ago that I'm playing tennis at the moment I played a lot of tennis in my childhood stops had a hiatus for about seven or eight years picked it up again about two or so months ago and I'm absolutely in love with it once again I've completely got the bug so I'm purposely because I want to stay fit as well but I also want to play tennis I'm purposely picking a mode of exercise that I actually enjoy doing this stuff really is a rocket science so you have to fit your strategy around your preferences around your schedule around your budget perhaps you can't afford to go to the most expensive gym in your city or perhaps you can't afford so-and-so ingredients in the grocery store you perhaps you can't afford the the green smoothies all the time the spirulina so on and so forth so yeah build it around your preferences and your lifestyle step number six is all about eliminating opportunities to fail when you're at your weakest when you're trying to lose weight when you're trying to eat healthily get rid of all of the junk food possible out of your environment this one is a very obvious one but I must mention it get rid of any junk food you've got in your cupboards in your pantry in your fridge in your freezer right now don't go down and I know this sounds menial but don't go down the ice cream section of the grocery store if you know that that is a particular weakness for you simply don't do it don't give yourself permission to fail this sounds so rudimentary but so many of us are taking steps and actions every day whereby we're lining ourselves up to go for our favorite junk food to grab a fast-food burger to have a drink of beer or wine with our mates after work or on a Saturday night we are lining these things up in our lifestyle now it is hard to be perfect all the time absolutely the reptilian emotional brain can take over and it can think oh I'm gonna have that and it almost overrides anyway power that you have but I stressed to you guys as best as you can try and manage your environments trying to manage your lifestyle whereby you're not crossing paths with opportunities where while you can fail strategy number seven review your goals so many people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the speed at which they think they're going to lose weight we hear this all the time I want to drop a dress size by the summer for my vacation I want to fit into my favorite outfit for Lucy's wedding next month okay sometimes these goals are realistic but most of the time when I meet with people when I respond to comments on my youtube videos here Instagram DMS when I jump on initial coaching calls with my some of my clients they have very very unrealistic expectations not in terms of their end goal in terms of what they're ultimately looking for but in terms of the time at which that's feasible so have a good review an honest review this is difficult to do especially if you're very new to weight loss about what your goals and expectations are that bit of disappointment that comes with not meeting up to your expected or predicted progress often leads people to throwing in the towel early going back to the jump through thinking sorry I'm done with all this stuff it's not even working that much anyway and actually I find most of the people that say those sorts of tag lines those cliches like it's not coming off as fast as I wished they very rarely have the perspective of oh wow look how much weight I've already lost over the past two months it's it's never that they are is very rarely that they've not lost anyway they've often lost some but they're just not happy with their progress and that sort of impatience drives people down a very very bad path I find especially with their food choices they're like right I'm just gonna have the chocolate because this isn't working anyway dangerous dangerous game to play indeed step number eight push through the hump allow your taste buds to actually change if you're only staying on track with healthy eating for one week two weeks three weeks or four you might not be going through that all-important metaphorical hump whereby your taste buds begin to change your palate begins to change the preferences you have for certain foods changes you start to build these wonderful new healthy habits you start to ingrain discipline in your day-to-day life and it doesn't necessarily feel like a chore to go to the gym or to go for a run to go for a quick walk or something like that you mean grain these sorts of behaviors and preferences into your lifestyle that is the hump that is when we get to the promised land so to speak when weight loss just becomes so much easier life changing life changing when you get to this point where it just becomes so much more easy so ingrained in your day-to-day habits into your day-to-day routines and that's when you can really push on and actually not only lose weight but keep those results hopefully for the rest of your life bar nothing crazy happening and so my suggestion to you guys is rather than coming at this from some kind of short-term diet quote unquote I mean diet is technically the word for men you know the type of nutrition you're eating but a lot of people with the word diet anyway is synonymous with you know weight loss with fads and so on and so forth so lose that and start thinking about this as a lifestyle change that you're consciously making and that better puts you in a place to push through the hump to adopt the strategies and practices that are actually going to allow you to push through the hump when the going gets tough just keep going and it is amazing just half have this light at the end of the tunnel knowledge whereby you know you're going to get to a certain point where you're going to undergo the transformation a mental transformation that's essential to long-term weight loss okay just know that that will come and it does come fast but you must commit to get there you can't be doing five days on a diet and then two or three days off having these binge eating sessions you must keep pushing through and then it suddenly clicks whereby everything starts to change everything starts to change your preferences your value system your belief system your palette taste buds so on and so forth it all begins to morph it all begins to transform and put you in a position whereby you can actually sustain those results it's actually a pleasure to stay on track eating and you feel terribly guilty and you don't like the taste you begin to not like the taste of junk foods they're too artificial for you they're almost too sweet for you so many of us have never actually experienced these things these are emotions and experiences I first stumbled across perhaps three or four years ago when I first went plant-based in 2015 it was amazing absolutely amazing I was so used to maybe eating healthily for or what I thought was healthy in hindsight wasn't healthy and the scientists or very very limited limited in terms of good nutrition anyway but you know I was only used to maybe staying clean eating less safer I'd say a week at a time maximum I couldn't possibly hack anymore and I did all the flexible dieting stuff as well as I mentioned earlier on and so when I first started to actually push through and commit to a plant-based diet a diet excuse me eating lots of fiber each whole plant fruits on a daily basis and no excuses no little cheap meals here and there it's amazing the transformation I underwent not not physically I'm talking about mentally here that followed the physical stuff of course followed but that was so key going through that shift really important push through the hump essential and last of all but most certainly not least be conscious of your story and your beliefs so many of us are operating under narratives that accounts are productive from a weight-loss point of view some people I work with genuinely feel like they don't deserve to be slim because perhaps they've grown up in a family where by that's very rarely being a slim person in sight with very poor nutrition exercise and fitness habits some people really feel as though it's their comfort zone to stay overweight to stay unhappy about their health and well-being so dangerous I can't believe it some people really don't feel entitled to getting the body that they actually want and therefore in a really warped and twisted way as humans can often be they self-sabotage they've purposely even when they're experiencing some success want to go back to that default state of feeling a little bit miserable about their weight and they will purposely through hurdles in their way in order to just stay there they're so not used to the thought that they can have another identity of being a slim lean healthy active person there so that is so unfathomable to them that they will almost purposely trip themselves up so if you're doing this and you know a people people when people do this they know they're doing this isn't something that happens unconsciously these things are big difficult to dig into but people know when they're doing this if you're watching this and you're nodding your head a little bit you're thinking Ryan's got me on this Ryan's got me on this you need to sit in the dark room okay there's something readers but you need to sit in a dark room and I'm somewhat speaking figuratively and become self-aware you need to start unpacking I'm picking these stories and narratives that you've told and sawed yourself over the past 5 10 15 25 years you need to dig into this stuff perhaps there was relationships in the past whereby they ended badly or maybe in the relationships themselves lots of the fond memories came from eating junk food together or going out to eat together and therefore that's installed bad nutrition habits that stayed with you even though that relationship has ended or perhaps that relationship is even ongoing we need to take a long hard look at these things very very difficult to do and that's why I make this the last point because whilst this is one of the most important bits of advice I can give you on this subject of stopping yo-yo dieting and weight loss and health as a whole and perhaps even life as a whole I don't know on their guru I'm no expert I'm only 25 but this has been so essential to me this is so difficult to do but you must start trying to come self aware journal e journaling sounds to to some people so whoo-whoo so spiritual so happy but it's such a good way of becoming self-aware reflecting on these issues that could have really been holding you back so try guys to start thinking you don't have to start writing stuff down you don't actually have to start journaling but at least start asking yourself questions about why you don't feel why you deserve to be slim right now what is truly holding you back mentally these are such key difficult but such important questions to us so let's wrap it up here those are my 9 steps my 9 steps to combating yo-yo dieting let me know in the comments down below which of these you're gonna work on going forward really really key if you found this video valuable guys and then make sure you smash that little thumbs up button and we'll get this video out to more of the YouTube world such an important video such an important topic if you're just running into me for the first time make sure you hit subscribe and I'll see you very soon all the best you

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  1. Fantastic video! I could relate to them all. My biggest issue is the Perfectionist or 'all or nothing' attitude. Ive been working on it and its a game changer for me. Thanks for all your great info and the work you put into your videos ❤

  2. My husband is not on my whole food plant based diet, makes it harder for me. He wants the foods and desserts, ice cream, things I know not to eat. Makes it hard to say no thank you.

  3. Ryan, you are such a breath of fresh air. Love your advice. I've been bingeing your videos and it's been great! 🤗

  4. Thank you Ryan… JoseTheVegan on YouTube here, great video once again!
    My downfall has been potato chips. I can't put those down once the bag is opened! I just don't buy them anymore!
    Thanks and best regards!

  5. Ryan, such a good video! I’m going to concentrate on not relying on the scales so much for results. I want to lose about 10 pounds and in a little over a month, I’ve lost 4. I was hoping for more based on all the wonderful testimonies I see on YouTube. I now realize that this is MY path and I am happy with it. Sometimes I need a booster about food. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, starch and veggies for lunch and maybe some oatmeal at night for a snack. Please tell me what you think about this way of eating. I appreciate you!

  6. Thank you Ryan for your constant encouragement to all looking for a complete lifestyle change. Very grateful!

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