I've been getting fat even before my fat video I was like insecure about my weight because it was actually like becoming a kind of a problem stopping to do something about it I gained like eight pounds from the fat video and I was already you feeling fat before that I have an D here as my spotter or CID as my spotter gonna make sure that skating eating healthy exercising waking up early so I get the most out of the day and what time is it 1:00 p.m. yeah off to a really good start said thanks for waking me up dude I haven't woken up this early ever the only time I see 5:30 in the morning is if I'm like really at the bar at this time piling up two hours sleep gotta pay to play oh god I don't know this is healthy right see they do it alright so I got to do four laps around this thing I don't want to do it at all but I have to cause I'm fat beats shit now let's just say that was a mile I don't think we should okay I did three laps I know though unless you're spotter I can't be okay with that so how to shave and I want this song 200 pounds what if I can eat in peace paparazzi that's a lot of blueberries high in antioxidants and it's also good for sperm count you don't need that moment of truth oh my god I'm so school yeah right all right oh my gosh chill the fuck out the greatest feeling you can get in a team of the most satisfying feeling you could get in the gym is the pump let's say you drain your biceps blood is rushing into your muscles and that's would be called a pump it's a satisfying to me as coming is and so can you believe how much I am in heaven I'm like getting the feeling of coming in the gym I'm getting the feeling of coming at home I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up when I pose out in front of 5,000 people I get the same feeling so I'm coming day and night I feel thinking that since that video and gained like 10 pounds immigrant yeah good I'm losing apartment I'm extra mad because I feel very heavy on my skateboard you can't do any tricks anymore well cuz a fucking beer party girls and shit I don't know what healthy people eat let's go get what do they eat vegetables debate spinach yeah it's organic spinach have you ever the prepared spinach not like this normally get in a bag and they're like little leads alright we're done fuck you eating fucking chef party dude you gotta try this it's only funny when ty does it what the fuck is that bro what it do that's true the poopoo can poop more much spinach bro you see that can you see it yeah it's just a big blob of shit don't they member organic just poop with each for lettuce spinach do I look skinnier I'm genuinely in the face yes but the body no you know when if a girl says hey do I look fat in these clothes you say no even if she looks fat in these clothes so like with me if I ask you do I look at skinny tell me I look skinnier don't say oh and you're facing on your body do I look skinnier yeah there you look great now your fucking life I dreamed you as my spotter you're supposed to be looking out for me making sure I stay to a strict schedule and be fit it is five o'clock we've done nothing but play video games all fucking day and I have not exercised once whose fault is that I know it's not mine I guess it's mine yes okay I'm getting a new spotter no nope you're fired you're really firing me yeah the fucking LAN – I already told people I was staying here why do you do middle my teeth I'm finding a new fat person for my vlog you need to find a new dent took me a little bit of juggling you fucking list that's weak shit he's my house is not man yet will man a bitch some games oh yeah let's see the guns yeah Oh put those away doesn't want that's good that hurt are you okay no I'm not okay well my truth I'm gonna wet myself after seven days of exercising my daily routine was wake up early I scrapped the running after the first day I was too sore so I was like fuck running wake up early skate all day eat minimally spinach lean chicken yeah I mean I was just skating probably like ten hours a day I'm excited to weigh myself I feel a lot lighter I think my face has gone slightly skinnier yeah for sure Oh what is that seven pounds yeah I think my camel pants are kind of heavy too what do you do now that you've seen some results I'm gonna binge drink and eat all I can thank you guys so much for watching make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I am going to keep my good habits up and actually not probabl I have new merch coming out and August on my birthday and I'm really excited for you guys she is dropping I'm really stoked on it shadow thank you this is for filming me and being my spotter I'll leave his channel in the description appreciate all support guys i bully said i just joke around all of them yep alright thanks for watching peace you

27 thoughts on “HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN I LOSE IN 7 DAYS!”

  1. "I don't want to do it. At all. But I have to cause I'm fat piece of shit now" I felt that. You felt that. Your dad felt that. Your aunt felt that. Your mom and your neighbor felt that. 38% of Americans felt that.

  2. First week you only loose water.
    Sounds great to get on the scale and see the weight drop … but that does not stick

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