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hi I’m RIA I’m a tasty producer today I will be showing you how to make my favorite recipes I’ve Lawrence since coming to America some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in the u.s. words from howling rates in downtown LA and Prince’s hot chicken in Nashville Tennessee I wanted to recreate it so I don’t need to wait in line for two hours I’ve also worked for a restaurant where they make really good fried chicken so I combined those techniques I recommend using chicken thigh with the skin on for this recipe personally I like chicken thighs more than the chicken breasts because it has more flavor and it’s more tender another important component is marinating the chicken in buttermilk this technique it’s definitely something I learned after moving to the US because buttermilk is not available in Japan buttermilk is not available in your country you can substitute it with milk and lemon juice Nashville Fried Chicken is spicier than the one I made before and also uses the flour instead of potato starch which keeps more tender and crunchy exterior the secret of this recipe eats after you have Friday coded of its oil-based seasoning sauce so the fried chicken stays crispy this is a recipe I’ve never heard of before coming to the u.s. because we don’t have anything with a similar flavor palate in Japan I’ve come to enjoy this dish as much as my chicken wing recipe but in a different way there is a popular Japanese dish called a cream color get it it’s a croaker with a creamy filling just like chicken pot pie filling so I mashed up those two dishes and made this video there is a type of cuisine called yosaku which is a cuisine influenced by western style cooking but adapted and evolved in Japan Muricy hamburger with cheese salisbury steak and croquettes are considered your shop food Yoshio greets my childhood favorite and i’m really happy to see your shop it’s getting more attention recently it’s actually quite difficult to shape the cream filling but if you divide the filling and freezer it easier to shape one thing I’ve tried to do with my cooking it’s not only make traditional Japanese dishes but try and combine them with elements of other cultures from around the world the first time I had a chicken pot pie was Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan and I really enjoyed it oftentimes family will eat there for Christmas it’s an American comfort food I’ve really come to enjoy and I thought this would be an interesting way to combine the flavors with something I was familiar with already to give my own unique take on that pie it’s one of my favorite American bizarre to eat and to make arranging apple slices rod shape needs some patience but it’s totally was die for this pie will impress whoever you are eating with I combine sugar and apple so apples become more pliable when you combine sliced apples and sugar sugar draws moisture out of the apples and creates syrup don’t discard it because we are going to make caramel sauce with this syrup so I used pre-made pie sheets for the pie bakes make sure to prick holes so pie one pops up I between this rod shape apple tart but wanted to make it more approachable I also made a despite from scratch for I try to make a pie with zero waste video for the video I try not to make any waste so I didn’t peel the Apple it tastes good either way it’s totally up to your preference apple pies are official American bitter and something I didn’t also need in Japan I like making pies and eating them because of the seasonality since you can make pie with any seasonal ingredients that’s something that Japanese people are obsessed with making seasonal dishes this needs a super easy apple pie recipe that I made into a different style so that it would be very pleasing it just takes a little time you might notice theta-not my hands making this recipe as a tasty producer sometimes we bring in different people to make tasty videos with them I made this video with my coworker Nick who is from Louisiana I always wanted to learn how to make good Cajun food and the best way to do it it’s learning from people from there Louisiana andouille it’s spicy and it gives a nice smoky flavor to the dish he told me the secret is using andouille sausage links it’s such a simple one pot recipe but you will taste Slayer flavors from spice the sausage shrimp and vegetables he’s no longer working at BuzzFeed but whenever I think of him it reminds of us cooking together at the studio I love how cooking bond us together so I’ve been to New Orleans before I remember how different the flavor combination was done anything I’d ever had before so I’m glad I had a nick there at someone who was from that area to teach me more about it this is another video where it’s not my hands making the food my coworker Angie makes the best biscuit so I asked her to make a video with me so I can share the recipe with space the audience angie is our food expert foods from North Carolina hibiscus it’s tender and flaky I can’t stop eating it whenever she makes them there are some discussion in the comment section that those are not biscuits because in UK they call cookie a biscuit American biscuits looks similar to scones but biscuits are more moist you can eat them with butter and jelly or make a fried chicken sandwich so Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan they sub biscuits and I used to eat them a lot the difference between American KFC’s biscuits and Japanese camps its biscuit it’s that the Japanese biscuits has a hole in the middle of them like a donor I assumed this is because they can shorten the cooking time also just to be clear this video is not sponsored by KFC I just didn’t have any other biscuit or American fried chicken in Japan to compare them to I preferred it to America Kelsie but I know this biscuit recipe is a bust when I was living in New York my husband and I used to go to Key Lime pop shop in Brooklyn they sell key lime pie on a stick covered with chocolate it’s perfect dessert for salmon now I moved to LA and wanted to recreate so I can eat it all the time killing me is much smaller than regular lime and contains less juice and it’s not accessible to all over the world so when you squeeze lime I always use this technique so you cut in half and use tongs to squeeze the juice out I learned this when I was working in a restaurant my pastry chef Jen showed me I should have named a as lime pie since I didn’t use key lime but it doesn’t sound as good so I used regular line I was actually training in French culinary at the International Culinary Center in New York most people probably think of me as a Japanese chef but Japanese cooking is just what I learned from my mom but I don’t want to be limited to just one style of cooking my goal is not to just cook Japanese food or cook French food I’ve been living in the States almost 10 years now it’s starting to feel like here it’s my home I’m fortunate to have two places I can call home I know I can learn so much about other cultures cuisines through exploring all different types of food and if Hastie had such a diverse audience and I’d love to hear your background well further do you think I should try making next oh yes [Music] do you want to know more okay [Music] [Music]

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  2. I can't understand why anyone who is supposed to be a real cook wears hand or wrist jewelry while cooking. You are absolutely cross contaminating. Please be smart.

  3. Please make HoneyCake. I've been trying to get every cooking channel to make it but nobody listens. It's soooooo good. and rare to see.

  4. I really appreciate the fact that this was an exploration of true American cuisine. So often, American food is considered just hamburgers, pizza and hot dogs. And while hamburgers are delicious, and the New World (which isn't just America of course) should get some credit for Pizza because of the tomatoes, and people from Chicago discovered inarguably the best way to prepare a hot dog, these foods have a "junk food" reputation. America is a relatively large country incredible diversity. And not just diversity in terms of where people came from. People from different parts of the world settled in America at different times into different regions of America. And before being "discovered" (there were already people here) by the Western Europeans, cultural and culinary roots had already settled in. As a result, true American cuisine is something to be celebrated and appreciated. And most of us Americans don't even understand that until we're older.

    So yeah, thanks.

  5. Lol those biscuits are what us Aussies call scones. Our version of "biscuits" is what Americans call cookies. You guys spread jelly on your biscuits, we spread jam on our scones. To Aussies (and the Brits) jelly means jello.

  6. All of y’all are complicating your life squeezing lemons, here in México, we have lemon squeezers since we eat so much lemon for quesadillas, tacos, enfrijoladas, sincronisadas etc..

  7. @Rie Come to India once. We too have diversity in food and culture. I am sure, you will love it. I really <3 your cooking.

  8. That fried chicken is really mouthwatering!
    This will adding my recipes collection which I shares at

  9. I adore you!! I love learning all different recipes and techniques. My family used to make bismarks in Wisconsin. They are homemade donuts without the hole, but instead have jelly in the middle and frosting on top. 1 batch would make about 90 donuts. We would take all day to make them.

  10. You should try New Mexican cuisine lol. With red or green chilie like Enchiladas, pasole, green chilie stew, and so many other foods. We take a lot of inspiration from Native American, Mexican, and Spanish food as well and have created our own cuisine that’s unique and absolutely delicious. Even eggs with red or green chilie are absolutely fantastic! We have a restaurant in Albuquerque called Teriyaki Chicken Bowl and there is a food item on the menu Where it’s green chili, rice, veggies, and teriyaki chicken it’s a weird combination but it’s absolutely delicious.

  11. Fun fact: Christmas is not widely observed in Japan and it is not observed religiously, so KFC advertised their food as the regular for Christmas time and it worked

  12. I think you guys should try to macaroni and ride into a dish (as the main ingredients) and make it spicey. I thought of trying to make something like that the other day but I couldnt think of anything so I'd like to see how you guys would go about it

  13. 1:30 Captions: "There is a popular Japanese dish called a cream (speaks in foreign language)."

  14. I'm not even cooking but she's so pleasant to watch. Its no wonder Rie has millions of viewers. Her passion for cooking is emanated from her food and her works here 🙂

  15. Okay so for the captions when you talk about the fried chicken pot pie when rie was talking about the Japanese dish the captions says "cream (speaks in foreign language)"

  16. 10 years didn’t make her japanese accent go away.
    I’ve met people who lived overseas for 2 years an came back with an accent but can’t speak his native accent like usual..

  17. Rie: " Im A Tasty ,producer "
    People who click on the video just to see Rie: hehe, yes you are, Yes,yes,you defenetly are

  18. Try some mediterranean dishes ☺️ my Nona makes some AMAZING one pot seafood lemon couscous with green beans and tomato

  19. Hey there. I belong to Pakistan n I’m a hugeee tasty fan. I might be the only one whose seen all tasty videos and know the chefs like the Hollywood stars. I would love watching you guys making subcontinent dishes and trust me you’ll love it. Since you asked how about making BIRYANI!!

  20. OMG! I went to the ICCin Campbell right as it was still the French Culinary Center for pastry. it was so much fun!

  21. So, I have a friend who doesn’t like Rie. Like she was a very good friend. Now…

    She’s not my friend anymore

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