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someone punched Kendall Jenner you just want to touch me but you don't want to listen oh hi welcome back to my channel my name is Stephanie and today guys we are so freaking excited we are also so freaking sad we are also so freaking hungry and delusional I wish I could tell you guys what time it is this is our midnight snack we already had it I don't know what happened a girl got a little bit postmates crazy no dude dude because it has been staying with me for like the past month now here in LA but he is officially going back to good old sweet home yeah he's very sad but because we want to end it on a happy joyous now we've decided we are going to do your last meal I've done a version he's done a version yeah I just discovered something is this whistle oh my god but it's also everything he would have asked if he was on death row tell me please explain to me your food selection yes these aren't cinnamon delights some donuts I've been craving some donuts we got some shake burgers chicken and cheese french fries over here we got some with traditional Korean beef up and this is kimchi fried rice with egg this is black bean noodles and this is some Doritos Locos Tacos Wow Bahama bless oh you like that my favorite drink yeah Taco Bell he's like non out the energy what's your favorite alcoholic drink soju obviously when I asked you anything you like oh you know I appreciate like a nice white wine I like soju bottle yeah okay where's this bright yellow house cafe yellow house cafe yellow house cafe okay you know I feel like we all just really didn't eat Korean food for such a long time I've been craving Korean food actually right so then what are you most excited about in what in your last meal cool this is spicy nuclear black bean noodle so if I continue I'm sorry I'll say the dumb yeah no you said are you a cop Wow Wow this is so good literally so early in the morning oh my god and we thought in our little p-body brings to make things worse I decided instead of scaring dan dan with some scary ghost stories sending him back home with a ghost shoved up his ass I don't want to do that okay I don't want to get in trouble I've decided to actually just hit you guys so this has been a so highly requested you guys wanted me to do an entire video on my other channels while miss mango pod self promo and check out eating with w j god dan dan oh we've decided to do the who knows me better my fiancee or dan dan and it's not gonna be your simple questions like like how did you enjoy or dad Olive Garden like these is gonna be so I don't know I Olive Garden what the heck sweetie oh my god I love sweetie dang oh let me tell you sweetie unsweet always gonna cook everywhere I go nobody knows that's awkward I admit I only drink diet coke sparkly water coffee let me get three point she's hot dog cheese with extra cheese on top of cheese but a diet coke okay I'm gonna be asking you guys the most intense ask questions I'm gonna start easy this is gonna start super slow this is gonna be one of those situations where I feel like this could go either way right if I had to lose so we all have five senses yes out of those five senses if I had to lose one for the rest of my life which one do you think I would pick to lose if I had a choice mm-hmm all right there you go first it would be feel cuz I mean she doesn't need that she just hates food right let me tell you it's gonna be hairy here because you spend 23 hours talking one hours sleep am i right oh it's wrong yeah oh they be a lie Roberts I would like to lose my sense of smell but you're so big on smell and I hate it I'm so sensitive to smell you guys should know this I'm so sensitive to smell that's so important no it's only important because I can smell everything smell anything it wouldn't really matter to me yeah you're saying 99% of high smells bad yeah yeah and the dogs it's been really rough on my sense of smell okay this seems really insensitive you guys need to leave it in the comments when your answers to these questions are but I would absolutely a thousand percent without a shadow of mother freaking dad lose my sense of smell because I just do you know how crazy I miss well okay it's not even just like when I walk across my parents were so shook at how good I am at smelling things because the minute that I would enter a place I was like the minute I was on the other side of the apartment care the apartments really small so I feel like my point is not being proven in this situation but if I was on the other side of the apartment and mango farted in the other room I'd be like did someone fart or did someone poop you really do that though they're powerful no one was once you cook comes inside the house so there's a poop yeah she just notices right like nothing I think there's so many times I will come home from work she will like legit no you smell different today oh yeah what happened hmm so like when he would come home from work like they change the hand lotion at work right I'm like you didn't go to work tonight haunted you weird you know yeah exactly and I'm like you don't even wash your eyes and he's like no yes I really don't know what happened but like what would you lose if you could lose one of the five I lose the taste you lose taste yeah where's the joy in life no I mean a stillness you will look as if you smell mm-hmm you can still kind of get that idea of the taste mmm no but I don't want to look like tasty okay whatever kind of scared interesting what would you lose I'm so scared what was that today is so weird oh my god guys there have been so many helicopters just doing circles without noises stop outside of our windows yeah for a 10 second yeah everything's because of a criminal maybe they're looking for you wait why which the burger would each of you like so this one's for Stephanie sorry dad man you can do the chicken fried chicken or this your number did the fried chicken whichever you like it's your last meal no you haven't hmm all right he's like I want to lose hearing see what we're double teaming yo is this su family I think I know you can just drink that nobody's fighting for it okay yeah we're not like you know on the line waiting for that mm-hmm yeah I guess I'll lose Gary hearing are you gonna lie but like how you gonna live yeah how would you be so entertained how you gonna work you know I'm gonna tolerate will talk to people there just look at things and touch things you know and tasting you just want to touch me but you don't want to listen to me 2019 they can say that I just real after midnight didn't hear you guys think the later the nighttime goes the more edgy I get the more I'm like let's do it alright show us why I know P so how am I supposed to eat this like with the ear and the corn corn the corn one bite yeah mm-hmm wasn't that not sure but this is some where's this and whoa whoa oops okay I don't trust myself over there right now hmm you know this is so weird I don't know if I like that he's weird mm-hmm you don't like it I don't like it I actually like it yeah so what do you like I'm fighting to go yeah so random like three things you're looking for in your dream woman let's guess you guys uh-huh all right gosh right you know you hit us if we're wrong mmm number 118 I'm gonna go easy I don't get hit right you looking for it someone who's kind mm-hmm you know funny too you know yeah yeah yeah so you're looking for someone who's really kind who's tried out but naughty cold it's called like what is it clean in the streets dirty in the she chairs like you're looking for someone it was kind but has a sense of humor yes yes yes you're looking for someone who is cute yes so I forgot a bod and more more like face I don't really look how many bodies and plus but face and then you're also looking for someone that you can like bring home to your mom yeah yeah and and someone who's like you know has a gold vicious you know non vicious but like works you know I like smart so that's it that's it 18 can you hit him yeah thanks like the story of well I 18k pop so this guy's that is right it's a funny story I'm scrolling through Instagram right and I'm scrolling through someone's feet or someone's like I think they should up on my feet again I'm gonna complete stalker no I was probably on their Instagram right and so I'm scrolling through her Instagram cuz she real cute I went up up and he looks over my shoulder and he goes damn and I what any goes my fiance and I we will not let he said one thing one time and for the rest of his life we will always say baby she 18 now if my food is disgusting at a restaurant would I complain then I go you would but you wanna tell the waitress or waiter if you're sitting down with somebody in with your family you know what I complained to the restaurant Oh what are you that no waiting device videos food just doesn't taste good it's not spoiled acai expired there's no hair in it no okay fine you guys know me what was like the worst restaurant experience you've had like mm-hmm and you're like what the hell is this service what's the craziest one have you had any play new ones what's like the worst customer service you've ever oh my oh my god here we go boo I'm ready it was a where I worked okay it was my boss no but uh this ever was these people that ask for a refill right mm-hmm they literally got six weeks I can't have six refills mm-hmm were you talking about customer right now oh yeah yeah well let him talk yes really busy okay yeah took my money okay so the customer oh yeah so it was uh they asked for six refills six wheat six for like less than 30 seconds I just want to know like how many times they run to the bathroom with a sharing one was it like a family of 21 no it was six people with one guy one guy one is six refills so he's keep drinking drinking drinking yeah maybe he's the man just and then he gets mad at me why where's my seven three guys out of sweetie no it wasn't ours just like it was really busy I tried my best and I said yeah yeah I'm sorry and what'd he do I'll get it as soon as possible he's really busy he just got kind of mad and he said bring the manager and he just made a huge dramatic dramatic scene yeah what is the matter he wanted the man I mean obviously manners as I said sorry but behind the scene like in the kitchen he was like you know it's all good just I understand cuz it's all busy yourself and that's his seventh cup like that sometimes I love that we're asking like what's the worst customer service well maybe he's never had bad customer service is that I was to the Cheesecake Factory where they have a novella as a menu and so when I order food I mean you guys have seen the way I order food I don't just casually sit there and say hi I would like a chicken salad with the avocado egg roll on the side I'm like I want to have a cacao egg roll I want pasta I want this I want that like I ordered like enough for like 20 people for two people right and as I'm ordering he's not writing it down oh no yeah yeah yeah yeah and so then like in the middle of it you know I start to feel like a little bit insecure you know about his ability which is you know none of my business no stuff he's like no everything outside I said no no I'm getting good right and so I keep going and I keep going and he says sounds good and then he walks away over one hour 60 minutes passes we did not go in during prime time there was nobody else there he comes back and everybody else around us got their food they he never went to anybody else he was the server for the tables next to us but he never went to them but he comes back only to our table and you know what he says our system went down and so your order was erased I put it in the system but the system erased not my brain my brain didn't erase it the system erased it what I'm assuming happen is he probably didn't put it in immediately and he was like oh let me get to it in five minutes and then he kept forgetting and then 60 minutes later obviously he doesn't remember the order and he's like ah I can't even put it in now and go up to them and be like sorry the kitchen's backed up you know so then he's like this system's down but like everybody else got their food and I'm like right there okay what's your worst customer service survey USPS lady oh yeah yeah yeah hi what happened everyone dead ass USPS ladies they got a hard job we're idiots when it comes to mailing stuff all of us are idiots okay so you go to USPS and you try to do what you can you try to do the best that you can and you say ma'am I think I filled out this form right yeah what do I do you know and so then they tell you and usually they're a little bit of noise I get it I'm annoying I take the sass but this lady she will see you in line she ain't even talking to you okay you're not even talking about her you don't even know if you're gonna get her because there's other people there so you might get the lady next door but she'll start screaming get off the phone man well do you know I wasn't the one on the phone I would never but she would just yells in front of everybody yeah and I'm like man I've never walked out of any places actually with that much rage it's so mad I've never seen him mad at like people that he doesn't personally no but like listen to that she'll do this one time I did get her I remember that I still got the wrong forum and she looks at me and I go oh is this not the wrong like is this the wrong forum you know and I'm like willing to go back it to the end of the line and redo the whole process which is gonna take me like 30 more minutes right and she looks at me and she goes like this and gives me the forum on suppose like I'm talking eyes to that like right until me I'm terrified I am scared and I say thank you and I'm trying to take this piece of paper this form so I could go over there in peace without anyone interrupting me and rolling their eyes at me to fill it out to get my ass back at the back of the line bit and she goes fill it out and so I'm standing there trying to scramble the forum because she's watching me like a hawk and I'm holding up the rest of the line and I hate I hate holding up lines that's like one of my biggest pet peeves I feel so uncomfortable when people are waiting behind me and like you start hearing their foot tapping and I'm like listen I know you're not a tap dancer I know you don't know you don't love tapping your little toes on the ground I get it I'm annoying you you won't even leave you know like I get the message and I hate that feeling is she made me fill it out in front of her while she's rolling her eyes at me I hate her she's really mean yeah anyways people who don't do that mm-hmm Elzy thing it was like really stark contrast cuz the other lady that work there she's super nice oh yeah and then there's one time when they're mm-hmm I think there was a manager there so you can see oh my god that one with that I was so funny because the same lady yeah the same lady but I think the same way these boss was there so you can see she was so annoyed by everything but she couldn't say yeah so everything is on her face but she just couldn't stay anywhere it's the best part that was so good remember I told you oh yeah he did hey what was that I think I think the boss was here today she was not yelling at anybody not rolling her eyes yeah bro it was rolling a little bit but what she's didn't say anything yeah oh noes are you now Whole Foods oh my gosh there were some intense people was it wasn't it the most intense people would yell at me for their car getting declined but a sign your fault yeah oh you guys want to know what industry ck I don't know if it's an industry so you get and it doesn't work every single time it does it a hundred percent mean that but I don't remember the exact numbers but there's specific numbers that like the code like the receipt and the system will pop up on the screen and it's like a specific message and like there are different messages so if it's a card read error like your card got declined because our card machine can't read it it's a specific number and a specific message that pops up on the screen saying like Oh decline because blah blah blah right are not authorized right or if it's like oh they removed it too quickly or something happened chip malfunction these are all things but if you get like I think it was like a number two which literally says insufficient funds so you know is not the card reader yeah it is sighs are you sure yeah I don't know if this was at every Whole Foods but it was at our Whole Foods like are there really a pop-up insufficient funds yeah you see it we you you know they don't see it I see it but I can't tell they do then I just say it was the client and the night and then they say why and I say I don't know yeah but like sometimes I remember like if people look like they were going through a hard after y'all blow this video you know whole things coming at you owned by Amazon like so you better shut your cousin or something now he's like I want to one day work for Jeff Bezos okay what did you do Oh sometimes I'm like people look like they were going through a hard time like there was this one guy who always came and he always looked kind of hungry and I don't know I don't know if he was actually hungry what he would do this thing where he would get like three different salad containers from the salad bar the hot bar and he would fill them up and they weren't build up heavy like they were not filled up enough to be a meal when you get three and like let's say two went through like the whatever the scale you know cuz you weigh it and then it came out to be like six dollars right then he'd be like oh actually can I change my mind about the last one and so I feel like he was just trying cuz you there's no scale at the little like place where you get the food for the hot bar in the salad bar mm-hmm and so like I remember it was like six dollars or something the last time that I'd like charged him and he's like oh no I'd rather not get this on then you know it was like six dollars so then it and like not charge him for like at least one of the boxes oh you're definitely getting to know did you know Stephanie said Whole Foods the cashier they have the authority to give free food but I don't think they do anymore yeah we could give away food is there a limit yeah it's just um don't be stupid you don't see me Whole Foods y'all got more to worry about okay y'all raspberries be getting moldy real quick yeah okay this ties into your last meal if I were arrested and nobody knew the real reason there was no explanation and I called my dad and he calls your mom and your mom tells you because that's how Korean family telephone works okay and your mom says hey Stephanie was arrested the other day why is that AJ what she was I don't know and then you go huh I think it's because why what do you think I said murder in me Oh I know why listen tinker are you gonna give us a reason to mm-hmm okay you forgot to feed the dogs dogs died I don't wash it and then what that's why I mean is that kind of like animal abuse right there so maybe see he's being so nice you know first of all then you know if she's arrested for dog being dead that means she probably killed both of us oh my god okay let me define myself here's the reason I don't see that up I keep them too much and that's why mangos wearing a turtleneck right now I just can't really say no I just like I scooped more and then I'm like if I were a dog I want one more scoop so you put like three more and they turn into big just little loafs of bread and I'm like I don't know how this could have possibly happened so why would Dan we tell dad dad and then you tell us why you're on death row I think you're on death row because someone punched your mom Oh mmm and then you were like mm-hmm not today not today not today so you went up to them and you were like why would you be on death row me I think your reasoning is pretty good right punched his mom or someone punched Kendall Jenner but you cannot don't touch my candle tonic you realize with me this is a show huh why are you hitting yourself the last meal for Daniel because I'm just kidding summer break is over no it's time for the real world is everywhere so she always makes things songs oh yeah summer break is over and you must go back

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