Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Branch Warren’s Family Man Edition

hey guys branch Warren here with my daughter Faith Warren we’re going grocery shopping I’ma show you what I buy every week I would even eat bread in the early parts of my
diet and usually whole wheat what I would eat so now that uh I’m retired
I love bread so I eat it every every morning for breakfast so we have a new addition to the family
called a lizard lucky the lizard so uh we’ve got to find him some some green
stuff to eat something like that watermelon you wanna get a whole one a whole
watermelon you wont eat it all nah uh that’s bigger than you can I get one of these salmon fillets just one of these fillets so uh I was going over the years ago man
I was going over a bank statement and I’m like where’s all the money going and I’m like
thinking of course you know as a guy it’s never me it’s got to be the girl right so
Trish got home and I was like hey what do you spend all the money on she goes it’s not
me I go all I spend money on his food and gas you know for the truck and uh she says
it’s you and all your damn sushi and so uh I started looking at it and I was like oh it was like 2,000 a
month I was spending on sushi so I chilled out plus groceries yeah man I bet I was
spending 4,000 a month probably on food yeah it was
crazy yeah it was insane man that look good piece of steak you like these kind
don’t you yeah some fillets enough but you want your own alright get one you want
that kind lets get the small kind that works grab that one put it in the bag throw it
over here sour cream or apples it changes everything man the day they’re born so
anybody that uh you hear people say that until you have
your own and it really you’re like man whatever and I don’t really like I can’t
say I even like kids before I had my own you know talk about having kids
I’m like man whatever and then this one came about and changed everything that
day you know so bodybuilding makes you makes you a real self-centered
selfish person even if you’re not that way and you gotta think it makes you
that way because your whole day is about you you know it’s about your training
your your food your eating your cardio your tanning your posing
practices it’s me me me me me all day long and so it makes it difficult having
a wife a relationship much less having a family so once you have children the whole
dynamic changes you know for the first time in a long time I thought of
somebody else before I thought about myself so everything I did I always
thought about my family before I thought about myself you know and
so it uh I think for a lot of guys it makes them grow up it makes them become men
you know that’s what a man is about you you take care of you put
other people first you put your wife your daughter your family in front of of you and you got to take care of them so I think she makes you make better
decisions and it makes you a better person I drink coffee like crazy man so that’s
my vice in life I don’t drink I don’t smoke but I drink the shit out of coffee once you have kids the shopping basket
looks much different from when you’re just a single bodybuilder so I love hot sauce so Trish puts it on
everything I put it on my eggs sometimes always got rice in the rice cooker at
home you run out of rice it’s like national emergency bro you never run out
of rice on the bottom big one on the bottom yep wrong one I think at one point I was dieting especially when I was younger
you know foods expensive and so uh especially meat things like that so uh I
was eating like 40 a day so it was horrible
and I’ll just let you use your imagination why so yeah I think I got
ready for a contest and uh I basically dieted down I had eggs oatmeal rice
canned tuna fish maybe some potatoes that was the bulk of my diet hey guys thanks for watching that’s what
I shop for on a daily basis be sure to subscribe below

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  2. 3:25 Should have her farmer's carry those drinks Branch! Never too early to get her training for the Olympia! 😂😂😂

  3. Where's the two big family packs of toilet paper he needs since he'll spend so much time on the toilet???

  4. Depression really hit this guy hard, he lost his character.
    And no, it's not sushi, it's the steroids Warren, that's where the money is goin

  5. If you can spend $24,000 a year on sushi, you can afford a plane ticket to Japan where you could learn to make it from the Branch Warren of sushi. They never run out of rice there either. 😉

  6. Cool video. On an unrelated note, can we appreciate the rich guitar tone in that groovy background music?

  7. i love branch man … i just listened to him on Fouad Abiad's podcast and he's such a nice, down to earth guy.

  8. I’m glad you brought up how family has changed your outlook. Definitely not spoken of much in the industry

  9. Maaaan when his daughter growup amd start dating, dudes are gonna be intimidated as hell by him.

  10. Been following his career for years, and this is one of the first things I've seen where he genuinely seems happy.

  11. Why do people buy fillets? they're expensive, not even that lean, and doesnt taste like much even with the fat. A new york or flank is so much better imo.

  12. 4 grand on groceries then 2grand on sushi 🍣 then I bet 5 grand on gear ⚙️ a month. in less he was making it himself lol

  13. Love the honesty that Branch mentions about being a he has a daughter and Life has changed. He's retired and puts family first.
    Good lesson in life.

  14. fool, I spent $82,000 per month of champagne 🍾 and I only drink two cups 🥂 and I let all my peasants drink the rest!

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  18. Dude NO Chicken breast is 25grams in 3ounces or 23 for the crappy kind. 19grama for 3oz chicken breast -_- no wonder people have problems people can't even count the protien right.

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