18 thoughts on “GMC Acadia, oil collected in intake hose solution”

  1. These engines do not use PCV valves, they use a flow orifice which is installed in the rear valve cover. All you did by installing a "Positive Crankcase Ventilation" valve is provide a flow path when your existing orifice got clogged. Clearing the clogged orifice costs nothing and keeps the engine as designed. That will decrease the oil by 100%.

  2. while detailing my engine and engine bay today, i removed the intake system so i could reach deeper into the engine bay. I noticed oil pooled at the bottom of one of my intake hoses right by the pcv valve. I just recently started learning about cars and what each parts do, there is no smoke and my car runs fine. Is this normal? And what should i look out for if it becomes a problem?

  3. so add something that wasnt in the original design? I like the idea of a PCV being there, and I may just do this despite it never had the issue until recently. My issue is with a PCV-less Rendezvous. 2007

  4. Just to clarify, you mean there is no more oil consumption and blue smoke after you changed it? Thanks for figuring this out.

  5. I've been having this problem with my Enclave. Does this fix work better than just relaxing the oem parts? Thanks!

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