Giant Iron plate Tteokbokki – Korean street food [ENG SUB]

This is rice cake.
It’s called ‘tteok’. She’s putting fish cake soup in. She is putting soy sauce soup for fish cake skewers. This is soy sauce. This is fish cake. This is red pepper paste.
It’s called ‘gochujang’. Gochujang is a common sauce used in Korean food.
Its taste is spicy, but it is very delicious and popular. Gochujang is good for health because it is a fermented food. When the sauce is ready, add the rice cake. There are many kinds of tteokbokki.
This shop uses very big rice cakes. These are fried foods.
It tastes very good when you eat it with tteokbokki. This is fried laver and noodles. There are also dumplings and sweet potato fries. This shop is very famous and old in this area. The combination of tteokbokki and eggs is very delicious. These are cabbage and green onion. Refer to the description section for price and location information. This is a fish cake.
It’s soft and warm. She is putting it in a plastic bag for Takeout customers. Fish cake soup is free 🙂 Thank you very much for watching 🙂

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  1. I tried it here in my country, Philippines, my sister bought in a korean store, and the thing that i liked about it is that the rice cake is chewy and the spicyness is just right, wanna try it again though ❤

  2. 영주사람이고 서울산지 12년..
    랜떡이 뭔지도 몰랐어요.
    예전에 많이 먹긴 했죠. 학교 야자 하기 전에
    시내 나오면.
    솔직히 떡복이 맛이 뭐 특별하진 않는데
    아무튼 떡볶이 하나로 건물도 사시고
    아들이 대잇는 멋집니다.
    전 사실 쫄면이 더 그리워요

  3. 떡볶이 안좋아하는데 여기떡볶이는 함 먹어보고 싶네요 때깔이 장난아니네요

  4. My mouth is watering just watching this, yummm.
    I hope to visit soon so I can try korean streetfood 😭

  5. can anyone share tips on how to build a spicy food tolerance so i can finally enjoy some tteokbokki😂

  6. I have tried make this, but unfortunately we have different of rice cake in my country. Too soft and not as good as Korean style😥

  7. 누군 맛있다고 하고 누군 맛없다고 하는데 누가 맞는 게예요? 떡볶이 세개는 떡3개 말하는 거예요?

  8. am I the only one who heard Hobi’s voice? like omg I swear it was the same laugh as J-hope🥺

  9. 갹 우리동네잖아?! 여기 진짜 맛있어요 우리 지역에서 제일 유명한 맛집ㅋㅋㅋ태어났을때부터 여기 떡볶이 먹고 컸음

  10. Meu Deus. Luvas pra que?? Pessoas com pulseiras e alianças manuseiando a comida. Não tem o mínimo de higiene.

  11. I’ve always seen this in Korean webtoons but I’ve never seen them like, the real life food until now. It looks good!

  12. Can bugs fly in there food like being in the open would they even notice ahy ya yahy scary 🤪🧐

  13. Wowedน่ากินมากกก
    มันคือ ต๊กบงกี ใช่มั้ยคะ
    From thailand

  14. am frm Tamilnadu,India nd am jus thinking whether tiz food was veg r non veg…..xcept egg nd cabbage I don't even knw wat d other things r…lol…bt its nyc watching 💞😍😍

  15. 아… 이렇게 보는군요 ㅜ고딩때 엄청 먹었는데 한국가면 꼭 먹을꺼얏 꼭! 고마워용 이렇게라도 침 한번 삼키니 좋네요

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