Functional Bodybuilding Tabata w/ Marcus Filly

Hey, guys I’m Marcus Filly. I’m 6x CrossFit Games competitor and the
founder of Functional Bodybuilding. Functional Bodybuilding is a training system
designed to help you look good and move well by combining the best principles of bodybuilding
with functional fitness into one program. Welcome to Tabata! Here we go in five Four Three, two, one, GO. Tabata is a great workout format just so that
you can get in a short, intense dose of some training and its also a great way to try out
some of our functional bodybuilding movements if you want to go out and try them today. Tabata Songs makes it so easy to do your Tabata
workouts. You just start the app, play the music, and
let the words guide you, and you don’t have to think about anything or look up at the
clock for any reason. We have three scaling options for the “L
Sit Flutter Kick,” today. The first is the “Single Leg L Sit”. The second is a “Tuck L Sit Flutterkick”
and the last is a simple “Tuck L Sit”. Some of the surprising things that we’ve
seen amongst our participants in our functional bodybuilding programs is that people are feeling
less run down, more energetic with their training, they’re finding their passion for fitness
again, and they’re developing great strength overall by balancing out side to side imbalances. If you’re interested in giving Functional
Bodybuilding a try, head on over to and sign up for our email list. You’re going to get a three-day sample of
our 12-week functional bodybuilding program called Awaken Training Series. Go get that, now. Wow Good morning.

12 thoughts on “Functional Bodybuilding Tabata w/ Marcus Filly”

  1. Tabata protocol was made using a spinning like bicycle. Consisted of a 20 seconds all-out with a 10 seconds rest 8 times. This is weight lifting, functional training or whatever some want to call it.

  2. That's not Tabata because the countdown should be evenly spaced also the countdowns are all over the place, he counts down from 5, then from 3, then from 10…huh? What's happening! Hope there are voice or other sound options?

  3. This guy has to be careful with Flexion movement when lifting those kettle bells of the floor, which is devastating to the spine. Good workout though

  4. Alguien me puede decir si para entrenar asi, se hace ese circuito de 4 minutos cuatro veces? O cuantas veces? O solo una vez?

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