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hey guys today is Sunday May 31st and and on my way to the gym I'm going to film the day of eating again because you guys seem to like those and they actually help keep me on track as I'd mentioned before so I like doing these videos for you guys on my way to the gym sometimes I eat before sometimes I don't just kind of go by how I feel in the morning and I'm kind of getting a late start it's 10:16 right now so I do want to eat something otherwise I think while I'm lifting I'm gonna feel very fatigued so I'm going to have a quest bar you know the chocolate chip cookie dough I do like having these pre-workout because it's a nice balance of protein and carbs that's kind of the magical combination I would recommend and then I brought some other food with me so that if I get hungry afterwards I could eat we drive like 35 minutes to the gym so this school quest will start my day off and I'm gonna go to 90 backward no post-workout meal going down I usually usually Jason and I both eat at the gym after our workout because we lived I do a little cardio and then it's like a 40-minute drive home so I get super angry if I wait till I get home so this is my favorite thing right now not super filling but Jason makes the best little egg sandwich ever it's just 50 grams of egg beaters but he strategically puts the seasonings on it sun-dried tomato basil from mrs. – and then one piece of Velveeta cheese and he puts the cheese very strategically that like you just get a bite of cheese and seasoning and every bite it's perfect and he makes these before we leave in the morning so they do get like a little cold but the flavor it tastes better being cold and like sitting there so it actually like absorbs and it tastes very wonderful and delicious so any time I eat them I want two of them which sucks I hate that so I'm going to have that with one scoop of mts weigh the caramel Sutra it's like my favorite right now I love it nice and creamy amande have that with it and it also got three ounces I believe blackberries doesn't look like much but these are like the biggest black berry is ever so this ends up being like a good combination of carbs and protein not a whole lot of fat but just enough kind of post-workout for me to to refuel and feel like I'm not gonna kill someone so hey guys it's about 3:30 right now and I wanted to kind of have like a little meal and I made a little SH morges board of food because it's just what I felt like doing and I want it to kind of have a little balanced intake here so what I've got is just two slices of toasted Ezekiel bread this stuff comes in the freezer and I left it in the fridge I'm not really sure how long it's good in the free the fridge for but there's no visible mold so I think I'm okay but it's been in there for like over a week so I'm just trying to eat it up I've got five egg whites here and that was a total fail because I went to take the carton of egg whites or eggs I should say we buy just like a carton of 18 eggs once taken out of the fridge and in typical klutz keira fashion I dropped them all over the floor yeah so there wasn't that many used out of that cart neither cleaned them up Jason clean them up for me so I could cook my egg whites so we're like on the floor like salvaging which ones I could use for my egg whites and which one you can use for the protein cheesecake later so my egg whites came from the floor but that's all good you know when you're a dog owner like you tend to eat dog hair on occasion so that's cool um so I might actually put my egg whites on my toes to make a little sandwich I'm not really sure yet how I want to tackle that but I bought some bell pepper and just slice that up it's like 60 no like 55 grams of bell pepper and then this is 100 grams of watermelon I cut up which isn't very much so I actually didn't I didn't put this in my fitness pal or anything yet like this kind of still how I eat right now because I'm still eating so much I don't have to be super strategic ahead of time like a training day today I get 200 carbs so I just kind of like eat what sounds good and then I put up my phone and see where I am I'm at like unless I know I'm getting close to like my fat carbs whatever then I strategically plan it out ahead of time but for the most part I'm still kind of like being in tune with like I write what sounds good to me right now what do I want to eat that kind of thing so in a way I'm still trying to be as intuitive as possible so yeah this is kind of my Plain Jane little meal I don't do a lot of like elaborate cooking big creations never have never do it's just not how I roll this seems to be simpler for me I just skeptic foods and mix them together so you might find out some weird meal combinations but it works for my belly so I'm gonna chow down on this put it in my fitness pal see where I'm at for the day for macros see how I feel and take it from there so that's it I'm gonna eat my dirty eggs now who is that 200 grams of watermelon I don't know how many carbs that is but listen now on water mom so I definitely might go in for more watermelon oh it's so good I'm so juicy I just choked on it and it like trickled down my throat and I choked I still swallowed it though and we'll cut it there hey guys it's about 5:30 now just been hanging around at home it's been shitty out I'm wearing a sweater because it's literally 50 degrees out even though tomorrow's June I'm gonna eat again I've got candy can't see it it's covered by a slice of Velveeta cheese it's amazing what cheese does to your diet I friggin love cheese I'm just one slice of cheese can really change change your food but I've got four ounces of lean burger under there the 95 percent beef Jason grilled us up a bunch of burgers this week so that with cheese and reduced sugar ketchup I've got here serving of this vegetable garden quinoa that I'd made earlier in the week to finish that up and then here I got this at Wegmans the other day it's like a kale a kale blend with like shredded carrots shredded broccoli and there's supposed to be some sugar snap peas in there and then what I did for like a dressing too exciting here I just added some apple cider vinegar to it and tossed it around and that and added some Splenda – it makes a fabulous dressing on any like crisp raw vegetables I highly recommend it so it gives it that kind of nice like sweet sweet flavor but very refreshing as well so gonna eat this now and then catch up on a few things and that's right now hey guys so it's like 7:30 now and we're kind of winding down on Sunday night and Jason I usually have a little sludge date on the couch at the end of the night depending on where we're both at and our macros but that's what we're both gonna have right now and that's what I'm going to end the night with so I have looks a little wild in there I am a bikini prep but to hit my macros I'm having one scoop of the red velvet mts way and I've got half a cup of blueberries in there a few servings of whipped cream and I did not have a lot of fat today and I didn't hit my fat macros yesterday so I wanted to make sure I hit them today so there's two tablespoons of peanut butter drizzled on there I did go pretty high with my protein today but I was really craving this I wanted something sweet and this is like my new favorite so as I mentioned before Marc does say it's okay if want to exchange carb grams for protein grams so I basically went over 30 grams on my protein today and went under 30 grams on my carbs for a total of I don't know can you see this J is it worth showing or no it's pretty blown oh that's pretty blown out I'll just say it then I can see it it's a hundred and fifty three grams of protein I realize that's a lot for a person of my stature right now he did drop me down to 120 like I said though my carbs were supposed to be 200 today I was preferring to have protein over carbs so I chose to have that and some days I rather have carbs but today that's just kind of what I was feeling ended up having 37 grams of fiber 49 grams of fat my fat goal right now is 50 so that's good that I kind of hit that pretty close there um anything else down here I want to show you let's see did pretty good on my vitamins for today that's really it let me figure out calories here daily calories ended up being sixteen hundred and sixty-four five-foot-two and I was 119 pounds this morning yeah I went up awesome yeah so that ended up being my macros for today we're slowly cutting things down week by week so I think I'm gonna keep doing these flexible dieting videos for bikini prep to kind of show you as my macros are getting cut kind of you know the choices I'm making and how I'm working and dealing with it I think it might be helpful for some of you to see that so that's gonna be it for my my food intake today I'm gonna eat this up I did want to make a special announcement to you guys that I have started taking on clients online clients a lot of people have been asking me over YouTube over Facebook Instagram etc and as you know I don't do YouTube for a living I do work at a hospital 40 plus hours a week so I had been hesitant to take on additional clients on top of YouTube prepping my job family all that kind of stuff but I really want to know I'm in a good place to kind of start doing that I can't take a lot of people at once I am already working with a couple people so while I'm first starting out I'm just gonna take a few people at a time but one thing I would like to say about my approach I want people to be aware of that I am a registered dietician so my approach is gonna be a little bit different than the health coaches that you see advertised on Instagram over social media elsewhere where they're like 50 bucks here's your plan boom do it that's not what I went to school for I'm not gonna prescribe a meal plan for anyone so if you're looking for meal one through six to be prescribed for you I can find plenty of people who can do that for you what I want to work with people to do is assess your entire lifestyle from top to bottom so it's not just gonna be here's your meal plan I I am gonna require and ask a lot from the client in terms of information about you your health history your sleep habits your eating habits your stressors your your triggers all kinds of stuff you name it because I really believe that all things everything impacts your life it impacts your ability to lose weight and those are the things that we really have to basically like peel the layers off the onion to kind of find out what's going on and how to fix those things so a meal plan could help you lose weight yes but anyone can do that what I do is help identify those little find places in your life that we need to week those little minor things that can help you make lifestyle changes so that's what I'm about it's not to say if you're prepping for a competition bikini clients I'd be glad to work with some of you but for anyone who is just looking for that that extra push and support to kind of learn their bodies better and to help make some behavior changes for long-term that's that's really what I'm all about so you guys can hit me up if you're interested at Kara quarry FitLife at gmail.com please only serious inquiries I will continue to help answer and guide you guys as much as I do currently on the youtube comments but again when you ask very specific questions I can only give you you know so much of an answer with knowing such little information but I'll continue to help you guys all as much as possible but if you are interested in coaching and setting something up online to work with myself please send me an email there and yeah I look forward to working with some of you it's what what kind of gives me satisfaction in this profession is helping people that want to be helped so hit me up if you guys are interested I hope you enjoyed this flexible day of dieting flexible day of eating this is what I'm finishing my night with oh my god oh my god first time the peanut butter tastes like an ice cream sundae oh my god it's so good people need to try that red velvet did I get the red velvet my teeth usually look like a zombie when you eat up mmm weed guns I've slowed down and I make you laugh you're the favorite I a savor every last macro hey guys hey guys it's Kara here and I'm gonna show you some clips from my shoulder workout I did this week started out with my branched chain amino acids I'm making sure to drink those every time I'm working out just cuz I'm gonna be cutting down my diet I want to make sure I maintain the muscle that I've worked so hard for the past couple of years I'm shoulder pressing some 30s

47 thoughts on “Full Day Eating Flexible Dieting | Special Announcment”

  1. I want to to take time out and say thank you. I found this channel about 3 weeks ago and i am very drawn to it. I love food and i have been watching a different food videos for years on youtube.

    What i appreciate about you is your relationship with food is really healty. Not saying you're perfect(nobody is) but i get the sense that you listen to your body and never deny it. People think its bad but its good just dont over do it right?

    I really hope your channel keeps growing in masses you really display a presentation i belive the whole world needs to see. Its not just the healthy food, the tracking macros, or bulking and cutting. Their is some unique about you that you have tapped into i thank you and your husband for having the courage and work ethic to keep this channel going. Thank you.

  2. I would love that sludge recipe! Dying over here! YUM! Just found your channel hoping it motivates me to eat better and get on track.

  3. For the Ezekiel bread it'll stay good in the fridge. I had mine in for over a month and there was no visible mold.

  4. So excited that you are doing coaching the way that you are!! Definitely so different from what you typically hear from online coaches 🙂 If I ever have the opportunity to take on something like this I will definitely be inquiring with you about it if there is space available at the time! And loved the full day of eating too, that sludge looked SO good!

  5. Ahh so excited you're doing some coaching now! Definitely will be emailing you. Maddie (my bulldog) makes me so sleepy too. Love her to death but when I come home after work and she's just snoring/doesn't get excited to see me, it's kind of a bummer haha.

  6. Awesome. I might inquire with you for coaching. I have been debating for a while now. I love your videos Kara! <3 So informative, breath of fresh air from all the diff types of " nutrition knowledge" saturated on social media. You will be an awesome coach!

  7. Wow hun you work 40+ hours at work, plus family and friends, plus personal nutrition/fitness coaching for others….. How do you have time to fit in "you time" and your personal goals, workouts, and prep? You must be exhausted like ALWAYS… Kudos to ya girl 👍 You are and inspiration to myself and I am positive tons of others. I am cheering for ya and excited to be following your exciting journey 😃👙

  8. Your channel
    Is good. But velveteta cheese? That is a fake food. I try to do all whole food, grass fed cheese etc. As a nutritionist?your thoughts?

  9. i've been following your channel now and wanted to say i love your videos and find your nutrition background very helpful.  I've had a severe eating disorder (anorexia), for more than 15 years and was curious if you help individuals with EDs? thanks again.

  10. So happy your taking clients!  Always thought you'd be the best being a licensed dietitian.  And I got the MTS red velvet….so making sludge tonight as a post meal from teaching my classes!

  11. haha I thought I was the only one that uses the word shmorgesborg no idea how to spell that. Umm yeah I totally dropped my whole lunch yesterday I was pissed. i was like picking the potatoes pulling dog hair haha and cat hair haha anyway looks good! I love bell peppers my favorite snack! xoxo

  12. Hi Kara! How should I come back to my normal macros when I finish my cut? Will I gain again all the fat I'm loosing? Thanks so much!

  13. I always keep my Ezekiel bread in the fridge and I find that It'll last about a week and a half. I'm sure between you and Jason it shouldn't be a problem. It's a pain in the butt to try and defrost it piece by piece.
    p.s. sludge envy!

  14. Eggs are the worst to clean up!! So slimy! I once dropped a CASE at my parent's bakery! It was like 6 dozen eggs!

  15. Exchanging protein for carbs is ok? Are you sure because I'm pretty sure everyone would do that cause everyone fears carbs, calories are both the same with each 4g but each macro is really important. If you consume way more protein than your body needs its not gonna automatically build muscle if you didn't work for it. Your body is probably gonna use some of it as tissue and piss it out. Carbs are so important, hodgetwins do a great job explaining this. * I mean one day won't hurt * – but viewers MIGHT think it's alright to drop their carbs and add protein (daily) that they truly don't even need (?)

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