Free of IBS on a keto diet

after several failed attempts at following more conventional advice Jani decided to try improving her health issues with IBS and seizures on her own she started researching and quickly found keto and intermittent fasting and ever since the problems which previously plagued her have evaporated hello my name is Jani a 33 year old Bulgarian living in Sweden I have been reading your website for a while and have secretly even dreamed of somehow becoming part of it that is why I was really happy to find out that I can do tais by sharing my story with you I will first start with pointing out that my journey has not been so much weight loss focused as I was not overweight however I was probably going to be had I continued listening to my doctors and dietitian as a child I suffered from a strange condition seizures with convulsions without an apparent reason this would happen every now and then and go away spontaneously in a few seconds I was not tested until my late twenties when I moved to Sweden and these seizures returned after being absent for a few years I was examined by Swedish doctors and stayed in the hospital for a couple of days while they examine my brain etc nothing was found I was released as a healthy person for many years I have had bloating and constipation issues as well and those worsened when I moved to Sweden in 2013 two surgeries and countless smaller procedures intestine checkups were done but a cause was not found I was referred to a dietician with a diagnosis of IBS my dietician prescribed me the low fodmap diet but then all my symptoms got worse I gained 6 kilograms 13 pounds in a month felt like an air balloon all the time had constant constipation pain irritation hunger and in general felt like crap my diet was eating five times a day only carbs and a little protein zero fat and because I was afraid to eat and get the symptoms I would avoid food so I would just eat something like 100 grams of tomatoes with white cheese and snack with a shake carb yet I kept gaining weight despite solids that I ate which I thought were good for weight loss after a couple of months trying to adjust my diet the dietician said there is nothing more she can do to help so I should go back to my doctor I decided to try to heal myself on my own I did my research on diets and decided to try keto and thank God I did the turning point for me is where my Kido journey started I decided to try to heal myself on my own

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