Food King Singapore: Top 10 Best Instant Noodles!

43 thoughts on “Food King Singapore: Top 10 Best Instant Noodles!”

  1. Maybe your can have Bento making with little
    Miss bento on food king .it would be interesting 😆 and fresh.

  2. One advice. Original indomie is the best,don’t eat the red or egg indomie. I’ve tried it. It tasted too bad I only ate one mouth

  3. If anyone else noticed, they only said the top 3 for the soup instant noodles but at the beginning they said 5 dry noodles and 5 soup ones

  4. Top 1 for me is the Korean Ramen Samyang, all the scoville unit are really high I recommend for people who likes to eat really spicy food which this is the reason I said top 1 for me.

    Top 2 I like the Japanese ramen, Japanese ramen aren't like korean one all very high scoville unit. They have the non spicy one and normal one which I recommend people to try it furthermore if you guys are finding the non HALAL type of japanese ramen you can get it in Orchard road, the name is at DonDonDonki is 24 hours all the non halal food can find it at that places but it's expensive around $7 to $8 plus but it's worth it trust me if you wanna taste the original japanese food!

  5. Went to supermarket in Macau…saw a giant piramid of Indomie Goreng…macau favorite #1 instant noodles..have tried maggi chicken noodles in tasted like raw egg..throw up instantly..🤢🤢 will try the curry one tho..seems tasty..

  6. I know this is late, i love watching old videos, but since its a maggie, i hope you just would do a maggie challenge. there’s a maggie called hot heads aka pedas giler. its extremely spicy, so why not some of the NOC people do that challenge? it would be funny especially aiken reaction

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