Flu Shots Shouldn’t Suck Like This | A Doctor’s Message To Health System CEOs

Hey guys, it’s Zubin Damania. Okay, this is a message for
you, hospital system CEO. Okay, the other day, me
and my family got flu shots and we went, okay, every
year I go to Target and this year I went to my local, big, huge California health system because that’s where pediatrician is. When we went there, we immediately
were treated like crap. We were treated like cattle, we were herded through a process, the person at the front was suspicious about,” Oh did you have
your address right?” “Are you trying to fool…” I’m like, ” What is this?” “Like I’m a patient here.” So, already I’m on edge,
my kids are nervous, I’m there with a friend
who’s scared of needles. We get processed through
and that’s the word “processed” and then cattle-car’d into an open space where grumpy nurses are
giving us these injections. Apparently, they’d
rather be somewhere else. So the whole experience was
terrible and it’s public so my friend who was afraid of needles, is getting an injection publicly and she’s scared, she’s gonna
cry or pass out or vasovagal. I mean, it was a horrible experience and I never even got what I really needed which was the proof of vaccination I needed for the hospital. This is a multi-billion dollar system that’s supposed to pride itself
on keeping people healthy and we wonder why we have a
50% rate of flu shot uptake. We make it as painful as possible. Now, here’s the thing. Last year and the years
before that, I went to Target. This is how that went down, you walk in, there’s
holiday music playing. It’s well-lit, you stand
in line for like a minute, there’s a pharmacist they say,” Hey, you wanna a flu shot,” “great fill out this, great.” Okay, we’ll bring you back
here in this private space, go through any questions you have, give you the injection in a
smooth painless professional way and off you go with your receipt saying, ”
Here’s what you got.” And we wonder why Target is gonna eat your lunch, Mr. Hospital CEO. If you’re not scared of the
Targets and the Walmarts who value cost,
convenience, and experience, okay, when we’re supposed
to be the big health system so the ones we’re supposed to do is like, In the old days it’s not like you went to Woolworths
to get your health care. You went to your family doctor, right? So, what happened? How is it that now our experience in these big health systems is miserable? And I’ll tell you, Target has figured out how to apply the lessons
of business processes actually effectively to the delivery of something like flu shots. Why can’t you? You have an MD and an MBA? What are you doing with it? Nothing, you can’t even
get a flu shot clinic right and I’m getting angry now because this is why people
don’t get their flu shots because they’re treated like crap by people that are supposed
to care about them. So, where should they go? I’m gonna tell them, “Go
to Target, go to Walmart” “get your flu shots there.” Because they do a great job and they’ll at least
seem to care about you. It was a very different experience so the call to action is this. Wake up, do your job,
you’re a leader, lead. We ought to own this. I do not wanna end up working for Target, doing liver transplants at
some point in the future because they’ve eaten
your lunch and they will. Get it together, we can do cost, quality and convenience better while taking care of the caregivers and that’s
where Target will never beat us because I don’t think those pharmacists could ever be as happy as a real team based
physician led organization like you’re running. So run it right. All right ZDogg out.

18 thoughts on “Flu Shots Shouldn’t Suck Like This | A Doctor’s Message To Health System CEOs”

  1. I got mine at my PCP. My wife got hers at the grocery store. Both were good experiences. I got a huge hematoma though that took 10 weeks to clear.

  2. The CEOs don't care. You're a cost. You're just delaying their next Gulfstream payment.

    There is no market forces to change the system. It's an inflexible market. The only solution is regulation. But that won't work either as you and I can't afford a legislator like they can.

    Sociopaths will never self-regulate.

  3. I got mine at CVS. I also received the receipt for proof. Screw big box, money-driven healthcare centers.
    You got billed too for both pup's shots too! Sucks to be treated like a regular patients.

  4. Honestly, I disagree about your reason for people not getting their flu shots.

    Also, are you basing this off a one off bad experience?

  5. Target does a complete shit job of delivering pharmacy services. Absolute trash just like any retail pharmacy business.

    We have everything you're complaining about where I'm working. It's a billion dollar "non-profit" company.

  6. I have an immense appreciation for the portion of healthcare managed by pharmacies and drug stores (apart from the evil of insurance and PBMs). Target fulfills their drugstore services via a partnership with CVS, and I have typically encountered hard working, compassionate and caring techs and pharmacists. My CVS pharmacist, several years ago was the first and only healthcare provider/professional to inform me and warn me when beginning an SSRI for the first time to treat dysthymia- that due to my age (under 25) I could experience temporary suicidal ideation or thoughts for the first few days – week of beginning the medication, due to brain development still happening and all that jazz. When I actually did experience this, I was reminded of the woman’s brief yet thorough remarks about the ‘new medication counsel’ when I picked up the medication, and went back at look at the attached paper on the paper pharmacy package explaining it in greater detail. Read that it would most likely subside within 24 hours, and took precaution by having a family member stay with me for that time to make sure if the contrition worsened, I had someone to take me to the hospital for a nice stay in the mental health ward. It didn’t, and my depression as quality of life improves over the next few weeks. I actually still experience this when changing SSRI medications.

    Do I resent or blame my Dr. who prescribed the medication for not informing me? No. I won’t fault my physician for being overworked and stretched thin with charting, regulations, insurance and running his practice to miss a small detail like that. It absolutely sucks that our system is set up this way and needs change desperately, but for the moment this is an example of how the whole-archy works together for the good of patients. As a team, with every nurse, PA, MA, physician, pharmacist and every tech under the umbrella being vital in our success and quality of care.

  7. You don't get yours at your Employee Health office??? No wait, nice staff that knows you and totally free.

  8. Well said. I'm a US Navy Submarine veteran, and even in the VA healthcare system, the same opportunities to do better exist. Thank you for advocating for us!

  9. A hospital, bloated administrative budgets with understaffing on the care side of things. If hospitals aren't careful, retail will eat their lunch!

  10. I had to go to Target at the end of October for my flu shot because my physician did not get any vaccine. The local big hospital in my town was scheduled to recieve their vaccine on Friday of that week. What's going on with the vaccine maker? Target had given 35 shots the day before mine and had given amost 30 when I was there.

  11. As a doctor you do not need to take shots you can simply wear a face mask and opt out of that which comes with the toxicity from The additives. There's now A Link Between the flu shots and narcolepsy.

  12. It was an absolute uphill battle to get my 8 year old his flu vaccination. His insurance won't cover it unless it's done at his PCP'S office, they lost their stock of vaccinations due to an extended power outage. Neither urgent care or the walk-in clinic had the vaccination and the county health office only does vaccinations once a month. Ended up going to Walgreens and paying $50 out of pocket, just to ensure he was protected. It was such a frustrating ordeal.

  13. Flu shots is a lucrative business. I'll never share a needle with a farm animal.I will not support the health industry in anyway, this includes big pharma and insurance. They feed off the sick. I am a DNR and will die at home.

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