Flavor City Roasted Veggies & Smoked Sausage | Paleo Diet Recipe | Step By Step Recipe

pay my beautiful people all right so
today we are making roasted vegetables and sausage we're gonna start by cutting
three zucchini into bite-size pieces and then throwing them into a bowl this is
my number one favorite vegetable dish next we're going to go ahead and cut one
large red bell pepper into bite-size pieces and also throw that into a bowl you can make the pieces as big or as
little as you like okay we're gonna cut a half of onion
into pieces followed by broccoli so you can cut the broccoli into smaller
pieces I decided to just break them apart with my hands do whatever you like Kame cut a few pieces of green onion I
know I'm gonna get some comments about how I'm cutting how I'm using this knife
I was fine I did not cut myself I was completely okay okay and that is a yam
I'm gonna go ahead and cut that into pieces and just showing you how big they
need to be or at least how big I like them to be this dish is perfect for anyone that
does not like vegetables it is very flavorful it's really really good okay and that is parsley we're going to
go ahead and chop that up now but we're going to save it for later okay so that was a pack of smoked
sausage I went ahead and use two packs of the sausage and and also cut them
into small little pieces bite-sized pieces so once you are done cutting
everything up go ahead and line your baking sheet with foil if you want I
like to line mine with foil kaalia veggies in there and then mix
them up you're gonna mix it a couple times so it doesn't have to be fully
dispersed the first time you mix it and that was avocados
by the way okay no I'm seasoning that salt adobo seasoning and this was enough food
to feed me my hubby and a couple co-workers that is time ground time
pepper parsley flakes oregano go ahead and mix it up get those
seasonings all over the veggies and now I'm adding in my sausage and you can use
any meat by the way you can use chicken anything you want a little bit more oil and those are sun-dried tomatoes I went
ahead and use five of them and chop them up to little bitty pieces and throw them
in the dish and I just sprinkle them all over and
I'm going to mix it one last time so it's gonna get evenly disbursed
throughout okay now I am using that chopped parsley I'm sprinkling half of
it over the dish now and once it's done you can sprinkle as much as you want
just for presentation purposes looks pretty okay one last ingredient and that
is garlic so I was at the very end of my garlic as you will be able to see I show
you so I probably will use a little bit more garlic but yeah feel free to use as
much or as little as you like and that's minced garlic and makes it one last time before
putting it in the oven case I'm using heavy-duty foil to cover
it the other foil I use was a photo I got in Japan it's kind of rinky-dink can
i preheat my oven to 400 degrees and baked it for 40 minutes this is the end
result it was delicious this is the only way I can get my babe
to eat his vegetables I know you ladies can relate but please subscribe comment
and share thank you for watching have a blessed day

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  1. Been waiting thought you went on vacation, your bae and coworkers need to let other people eat to…nice I have to try that out when I get time that's a healthy mix

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