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Well we’ve crossed the
100 episode mark. And, you know
what that means. Yep a whole new era of
helping you learn about vocal technique and
discover your vocal best. Today I’m so excited because
we’re going to start by exploring the greatest
vocal exercise of all time. ♬ Hi singers, I’m Justin Stoney
the founder of New York Vocal Coaching
here in New York City. Welcome to episode 101 of
Voice Lessons To The World. Today’s question comes from
Drago M. in Moscow, Russia. Drago writes, “Dear Justin, if you
were stranded on a desert island with just one vocal exercise,
what would it be?” Amazing question, Drago. Well, if I were stranded on a desert
island with just one vocal exercise here’s the exercise
I would choose… ♪ ♪ HEH – EH – EH – EH – LP ♪ [ Hits piano ] But that’s just if I was stranded
on a desert island, Drago. But, you know me,
I’m a voice technician. I spend every waking
hour in the vocal studio. And if I’m in the studio working
on the nitty-gritty of vocal technique I’m totally going with the
greatest vocal exercise of all time. That’s right. One consonant
to rule them all.
[♪] One consonant
to find them.
[♪] One consonant to
bring them all.
[♪] And in the
brightness bind them.
[♪] What am I
talking about? The NG! Long live the king. ♬ Sure, I know there’s lots of
great vocal exercises out there. Lip trills, hisses,
messa di voce, farinelli, we’ve talked about so many
of them on this show. “The hiss.” “Lip trills.” “Messa di voce.” But after a hundred episodes
it’s time to meet the king. The NG. Let’s start by talking
about what is an NG? ♬ The NG is one of our
three nasal consonants. M, N, and NG
are the three. To do an NG
the jaw should release, the front of the tongue should
touch the bottom gums, And the back of the tongue
should touch the soft palate. It sounds like this- [ sound demonstration ] Give it a try! Release your jaw, bring the
tongue forward and tall and- [ sound demonstration ] That’s nice work. Now if you’re
having any trouble just say the word “sing” and
linger on the last consonant. Sing. That’s it! So what is this Justin,
why ya so big on the NG? Well, let’s look at
its benefits. Here are five
benefits of the NG. ♬ One, it puts the tongue
in its ideal position. Two, it puts the jaw
in its ideal position. Three, it brings the sound
into the nasal resonance. Four, it keeps head and nasal resonance
consistent as we change notes. And five, it can help with vowel
placement for every single vowel. Now there’s an awful lot
of vocal exercise variants that you can
do with NG. But today we’re just
gonna look at three. The first one exercises
the voice on pure NG. It sounds like this- ♪ ♪ NG – NG – NG – NG – NG ♪ This exercise makes
for a great warm-up that you can do
every single day. When you do it, don’t worry about
what vocal register you’re in. In other words, just let it switch to
higher registers when it wants to. This allows your voice to
change pitch while keeping your resonance,
your jaw, your tongue and hopefully your
breath, consistent. It can be very hard for
singers to change pitch without changing a
bunch of other stuff. Well, not with
this exercise. Let’s just try a couple
of them together. Guys down here- ♪ NG – NG – NG – NG – NG ♪ And ladies up here- ♪ NG – NG – NG – NG – NG ♪ Let’s do a few. ♪ ♪ That’s it. ♪ That’s right. ♪ NG – NG – NG – NG – NG ♪ Good. ♪ Just one more. ♪ NG – NG – NG – NG – NG ♪ ♪ Great, now let’s move on
to the second NG exercise. It sounds like this- ♪ NG – AH – AH – AH ♪ In this exercise we’re
going to transition from the NG sound to
an open AH vowel. Many singers struggle with open
vowels because the sound wants to go spilling out the mouth
instead of resonating in the head. This exercise solves
this problem. And, it should really
improve your upper range. The NG allows the
vowel to automatically be placed in the head
and nasal resonance. Then, when you open
up to the open vowel we’re hoping that a lot of
the same resonance remains. So we’re gonna have
guys down here- ♪ And ladies up here- ♪ And we’re gonna do
♪ NG – AH – AH – AH ♪ ♪ That’s right. ♪ ♪ ♪ Great, one more. ♪ NG – AH – AH – AH ♪ ♪ Awesome. Now we’re on to NG
exercise number three. This one goes like this- ♪ NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING ♪ Or ♪ NGENG – NGENG – NGENG – NGENG – NGENG ♪ Or ♪ NGONG – NGONG – NGONG – NGONG – NGONG ♪ That’s right, for this
exercise you get to go ahead and choose the
vowel that you want. You might start by choosing
your favorite vowel to make it
better than ever. Or maybe you want to pick
your most challenging vowel to make sure that you’ve
got a chance to work on it. Or you might even want to
pick a vowel that you’re struggling with in a song. In any case, it’s always
a great idea to make sure that your vowels
conform to the will of the NG. [ Hits piano ] Now what does that mean? That means to make sure
that every vowel learns to be in the head and
nasal resonance. And every vowel learns to
be placed in a similar spot. This is a real game
changer when it comes to applying your technique
work over to your songs. Let’s try a few. We’re gonna have
guys down here- ♪ NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING ♪ And ladies up here- ♪ NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING ♪ And here we go. ♪ That’s it. ♪ Great. ♪ So nice. ♪ And last one. ♪ NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING – NGING ♪ Well those are the three NG
variants that I wanted to look at with you today. And now for a Voice Lessons
To The World challenge ♪ For your challenge
this week step one is to find a song
that you’d like to sing. ♪ Step two, isolate a passage that
you’re having some trouble with. ♪ Step three, do one of those NG
exercises throughout that passage. Kind of like this- ♪ NGENG – NGENG – NGENG ♪ ♪ NGENG – NGENG – NGENG
NGENG – NGENG – NGENG ♪ And then once you feel stuff
placed in the right resonance, we’re ready for step four,
add back the lyrics. ♪ Highway run ♪ ♪ Into the midnight sun ♪ ♪ Wheels go round and round
you’re on my mind ♪ And suddenly the song is relaxed
and in the right resonance. So go ahead, apply this trick to any
song that you’re struggling with. I hope and trust that all your
work on the exercises will help improve your resonance, your range,
your tone, and will make your singing feel a whole lot easier. All thanks to the king,
our friend NG. Here are some more things
that I’m hoping will help make things easier on
your vocal journey. For voice lessons or Skype
lessons with the NYVC staff visit us at
NewYorkVocalCoaching.com. If you’d like a vocal course that you
can do at home check out the Voice Lessons To The World Vocal Course. This twelve part program takes you
on a singing journey from beginner to master level vocal exercises. You can find it at
VoiceLessonsToTheWorld.com. Or, if you’d like free vocal
tips sent to you each day sign up at
DailyVocalTips.com. And now, here’s Justin with
this week’s vocal benediction. The beauty of the NG
is that it makes your sound go in
and not out. In life, we always
try to force things. We look for things that are
out there to solve our problems. But really, you already have
the strength inside you. So, as the NG helps
remind you that your vocal strength
comes from within, remember there’s an
awfully strong and beautiful person in there as well. So, sing like a king. And make a joyful noise. ♬

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