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(pleasant music) – Hello my friends. Welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. And today I am going
to show you how to use one of my favorite flours to bake with, and that is almond flour. I love baking with almond flour. It’s one of those things that
is kind of sometimes difficult to maneuver but once
you get the hang of it, it absolutely amazing. It’s such a great way to
lighten up your baked goods. It gives baked goods kind
of this like cakey texture and it’s also really healthy. It’s almonds right. So you’re getting the healthy fats, you’re getting protein, and
you’re getting all the amazing nutrients that almonds have. So today we’re gonna make
three almond-based recipes. And what I will just note
about almond flour is that if you have something that is
primarily almond flour-based, I have found that it
works better with eggs because the eggs have a way of helping to provide a little bit of structure and it doesn’t get quite as dense. So a few of these recipes
do have eggs in it. And actually one other note
is that all of these recipes are not a 100% almond flour necessarily. So we’re using almond flour as like something to mix in as part
of our gluten-free flour combination, I guess you could say. So we are making a really
delicious almond flour lemon cake. We’re also gonna be
making some peach crisp, which I know it’s a little
bit late in the season to be sharing this but
it’s a fabulous recipe and you need to make it, it’s so good. And then we’re also gonna
be making a banana bread that uses almond flour as well. So all these recipes are up on the blog, if you wanna try them. As always, I’ve linked them down in the description box below for you. Before we dive in, I would
love to just pause quickly and invite you to subscribe if you are not yet part of our community, tap that red button right below this video that says subscribe before you go. That’s all you gotta do. Otherwise, let’s go ahead and dive in. Alright so the first recipe
we’re making is our Peach Crisp. We’re gonna start with the topping which is quinoa flour,
almond flour, oats, cinnamon, some coconut oil that’s been melted, maple syrup and a little
bit of vanilla extract. And you’ll just stir that all together until it forms kind of
like a crumbly texture. There are gonna be large chunks, which is definitely
what you’re looking for. Set that aside, we’ll
move on to our peaches. So you can just add your peaches directly into your baking dish. Don’t have to grease
it, nothing like that. Don’t even have to peel them. Just add them in there, kind
of layer them with a spoon. Kind of even them out. Sprinkle them with some coconut sugar and a little bit of tapioca starch. Then just stir it together
until the peaches are coated. Again, kind of like evenly spread them out so it’s as flat as possible on top. And then we’ll just sprinkle
on that crumble topping and you can just use your hands to kind of get it into the corners. It’s okay if some of
the peaches are showing. And I like to try to leave
some chunks if possible. Then you’ll just pop it in the oven until it is golden brown, peaches are bubbly, everything like that. It looks absolutely stunning
when it comes out of the oven. Look at that crunchy topping. It’s so good. And then you can just slice right into it and serve it up. This is by far, one of the
best crisps I’ve ever made. It’s so good and you can
absolutely swap peaches for any other stone fruit. I think plums would be awesome. Apricot would be really good, or even just a blend of the three. I also just love serving
this with a nice dollop of vegan, vanilla ice cream. Or even, you know my fave, coconut yogurt. So I hope you guys try this
one ’cause it’s a goody. (pleasant music) The second recipe we’re
gonna make is an olive oil Lemon Almond Flour Cake. That’s kind of a mouthful. We’re gonna start by cracking
our eggs into the bowl. And because this is
mostly almond flour-based, we are gonna be using a lot of eggs here. So four eggs, and then
just beat them together until they are smooth. Once the eggs are smooth
and kind of scrambled like you can add in some honey or maple syrup as well as some lemon juice,
olive oil, and vanilla extract. And beat that together until it is smooth. Then we’ll add in our dry ingredients. We are using almond flour, of course. As well as just a touch of millet flour. You can also use quinoa flour here. And then we are going to
add in some baking powder, some baking soda and some sea salt. And stir that together until a nice, gorgeous cake batter is formed. It’s gonna be a little on the thicker side but because there’s so
many eggs, it’s also kind of just a traditional cake batter. And then we will add in some lemon zest, fold that all together and
add it into a spring form pan that is lined with parchment
paper on the bottom. I love doing round cakes
in spring form pans because they are a lot easier
to remove from the pans so this is just my preferred method. And you will bake this
until it is golden brown and a toothpick inserted into
the center comes out clean. It does get a little
bit on the brown side, which I honestly am fine with. You could try baking it a little bit less and letting it kind of rest on the counter but I don’t mind a little
bit of a brown cake especially since we’re making an icing. So just let this cool and
we’ll move on to our icing. So we are going to start by just stewing some frozen blackberries on the pan. And you just are gonna cook them down until their kind of like, almost
like a jam type consistency and you can just kind of mash them with the back of your spoon. Once you have them to that consistency, it’s kind of broken down a little bit, set the little pan aside
and we’re gonna move on to our icing, which is just powdered sugar and lemon juice. And just stir that together until it is forms a nice little glaze. And then we can pour the glaze
on top of our cooled cake. And just use a spoon to kind
of like push it over the sides and it will kind of form this
like really nice drizzle. And then I like to dollop the blackberry right in the center and
the juice kind of like oozes down and creates this really cool kind of spidery rainbow effect. And then you can just serve it right up. It is so awesome, you guys. The texture is incredible. It’s so good with the blackberry on top. It adds just like a
little bit of tartness. It’s moist, it’s flavorful. There’s only a quarter cup of sweeteners in this entire recipe
and it tastes amazing. (pleasant music) Our third and final recipe is
our almond flour banana bread. I’ve actually made a few
of these on the blog before so I’m giving you a zucchini
chocolate chip version here. So we’re gonna start with
our almond flour as the base. Then we’re adding in some quinoa flour, some flaxseed meal, coconut sugar, some tapioca starch, a
little bit of baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and sea salt. And then also some cloves. Give that a quick whisk
until it’s combined and set it aside. Wet ingredients is
going to be two bananas, and you’ll just mash
them up until they are kind of creamy-ish. Add in your eggs. Beat that together until
it is completely smooth. Then you’re just gonna
add in some maple syrup, olive oil, apple cider vinegar
and you can also add in some vanilla if you wanted. Beat that again together
until it’s smooth. Pour the wet ingredients
into the dry ingredients. Fold it all together until it’s combined. And you could either
just bake it right now or you could stir in your add-ins. For our add-ins today,
we’re gonna add-in some shredded zucchini which I
pressed between a paper towel. As well as some dark chocolate chips, and I’ll just fold that all together until it is combined inside the batter. And then you can just transfer the batter into your prepared loaf tin. I use a nine by five tin
lined with parchment paper and greased on the open sides. Smooth it over with your
spatula and then I always sprinkle my banana bread with additional chocolate chips and zucchini. I just think it’s like so pretty. Pop this in the oven until it is golden brown and cooked through. And I like to let this
cool completely in the pan before I transfer it to a wire rack. And if I need to let it
continue to cool, then I will. Otherwise, I’ll just slice it up. And the best way to keep this
is to actually freeze it. It freezes really really well. I always have a stash in my freezer. I just pop the slices in the
toaster oven and reheat them. This one is awesome for summer obviously, ’cause there’s a lot of
zucchini during the summer. But if you love zucchini all year round, it’s also great to have a stash on hand. And then, once I do toast it up, I love to serve it with
some nut butter here. It’s just some creamy peanut butter but cashew butter, almond
butter, you name it. So good. Also really great with
additional sliced bananas on top. But either way, it’s such a yummy bread. It has an amazing texture. The almond flour makes it
so kind of moist and cakey and so good and also really healthy. So I hope you guys give
this one a try too. (pleasant music) And there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s
almond flour-based recipes. If you personally enjoy
baking with almond flour, I would love to know what
sorts of recipes you make. Let me know down in the comments. You can come back. You can leave links. Anything that you love
making, using almond flour. I’ll also include the almond flour that I recommend in the description box. So if you are interested in picking it up, maybe you haven’t tried it before. That can be found there as well, as well as all of the
links for the recipes. So there’s lots of information in the description box for you. Otherwise I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go. Give this video a thumbs
up if you did like it. And I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys. (pleasant music fades)

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