Deepen & Flow – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, party people?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. Today, we have an awesome deepen
and flow practice for you. This sequence offers a
couple intermediate postures, per your request, an opportunity
to move with the breath, vinyasa style, and get
the heart rate going, maybe work up a little sweat. We offer tons of variations,
so you can give it a try and just be very mindful,
always making sure that your breath is not
constricted, but full, and happy, and beautiful, just like you. Alright, let’s get started. (upbeat guitar music) Okay, today, we’re going
to begin in Child’s pose. Yogi’s choice, but I’m gonna
take the knees wide to start, and fingertips towards
the front edge of the mat. You can also bring the knees together for traditional Balasana. Come into a Child’s
pose of your choice. If Child’s pose is not
a pose that suits you or your body, then you can come
to a nice, comfortable seat. Welcome, everyone. Take a second to close your eyes, and notice your breath. Nothing fancy in the
breath here, just noticing. Naturally just bringing your
awareness to your breath, it begins to shift and change. Take a moment to set an intention
for your practice today, something positive that will serve you in the present moment. Take a deep breath in,
confirming your intention, considering it already done, already so. Let the breath out. Good, hard part is over, showing up. You’ve shown up on your
mat, shown up for yourself. What’s more beautiful? Celebrate that by deepening the breath, appreciating your body
by deepening the breath, appreciating your spirit, your soul, by deepening your breath. Make your inhalations longer, and then try to even out with the exhales so your breath in and your breath out become even and steady. (deep breath) Then keep that conversation,
nice, even breath going as you slowly press up and come back to a lifted head. Just take a second to lift the chin towards the front edge of your mat, and then draw the chin into the chest, waking up the head. Just nodding the head
yes here, and then no, taking the nose to the right, stretch, and then to the left, stretch. Sweet. Then, continuing the journey upward, we press into the tops of the feet. Then, we’re gonna walk
the knees right underneath the hip points, find a nice
tabletop position here. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hips. Find length through the crown of the head, spread the fingertips super wide. Again, hard part is over. You’ve shown up, you started the video, so let’s stay committed to ourselves, committed to the practice. Curl the toes under here, and then press into all of
the toes, even the pinky toe, really stretching through the feet. Notice if you’re collapsing
the shoulder blades here. Find that lift. Lift your heart. Maybe it feels like you’re doming through the upper back body. Tug the shoulders away from the ears here, and then experiment with
having your elbow creases maybe shining towards the
front edge of your mat. Then uncurl the toes, and
inhale, drop the belly, shine your heart forward. Exhale, rounding through the spine. Cat Cow. Inhale, big stretch
through the front body, and exhale, rounding through. Inhale, Cow pose. Press into all ten knuckles. Press into the tops of the feet. Exhale, Cat. Arch your back like a black Halloween cat. Really stretch, kneel up. One more, inhale, and exhale, rounding through. Great. Keep the feet and the
hands where they are, and just gently bump
your hips to the left, and then take your nose and draw a line all the way around to the
right side of your yoga mat. Try to look back at your right heel. Notice if your right foot’s coming in. See if you can keep it still
in line with your right knee. Big stretch here, press
away from your yoga mat. Your arms might be starting to tremble if you haven’t been on
all fours in a while. Welcome back, or welcome to your yoga mat. Big breath in here, and then exhale to slowly slide it through center, and then we take it to the other side. Bump the hips to the right. Send the nose to the left. Big stretch here. Try to keep an awareness. Your hands and feet should
stay where they were on all fours, in all fours. Big stretch here, inhale. Then exhale back to center. Take a rest by drawing the elbows down right where the hands were, and keeping nice railroad tracks here. The wrists are gonna wanna come in, the hands are gonna splay out, so keep a mindfulness. Heart to Earth pose, Anahatasana. Big stretch also, for the shoulders. We walk the knees straight back. They’re gonna wanna walk in. Some might wanna walk out. See if you can keep them in line. We’re really paying
attention to detail here, in the foundation and in our alignment. Keeping the wrists in
line with the elbows, and the ankles in line with the knees. Forehead may not come to the earth here if you’re super tight in the shoulders, so you can bring a
blanket or a block here, or you can just hover, breathing deep. Try and melt your heart
towards your knees, and if you’re feeling any pinch at all in the shoulder girdle,
go ahead and come up off, and take a rest, or you might even try widening your elbows
just a little bit more than shoulder width apart. Everyone, activate through your palms. Find that hand to earth connection. Big stretch here as you
melt the heart back. Hips up high, tailbone really
reaches towards the sky. Now connect to an ujjayi
breath here, if you will. Soft restriction in
the back of the throat, and then support this big
stretch and this experience with your mind and your
body with the breath. Let it guide you, maybe connecting to ujjayi breath here. (deep breathing) Then, on your next inhale,
press into the tops of the feet, press into your elbows,
press into the palms, and slide all the way through,
into a Sphynx pose here. Walk the elbows right underneath
the shoulders once again, and then the feet should
stay exactly where they are, in line with the hips, just
pressing into the earth, pressing pubic bone down. There’s a common tendency
here to just anchor and lift from here. Today, I’d like to invite
you to tuck the chin into the chest, hug the low ribs in. I’m exaggerating here, but
they’re kind of coming up here. Then, from there, roll
up into your Sphynx. Rolling up by tucking
the chin into the chest. You might stop here, just
keeping the neck nice and long rather than clenching here, really creating space. Arms are getting tired, I know. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Toning muscle, strengthening, opening. Tug the shoulders away from the ears. One more time, we’ll
nod the head gently yes, very gently, and then no, to the right, and to the left. Yeah, great. Beautiful. Slowly, we’re gonna release everything, elbows come out wide, and then
your fists come to like a, “Bubblegum, bubblegum in
a dish” situation here, and you rest the forehead on the fists. If that doesn’t feel
good, palms for a pillow. Palms for a pillow. It’s
like, “Alms for the poor.” Then, really fancy yoga move here, we just lift the toes up. You bend at the knees. You’re just gonna swing
the legs side to side. Ah. So we begin to find space,
length in the waist. If you are a runner or an
athlete, this is really great on your quads and your
hips, psoas, really nice, really fancy yoga move here, love it. Continue to deepen the breath, and we’ll bring the knees
back in line with the hips. Bring the tops of the feet down, palms underneath the shoulders. Curl the toes under, lift your
kneecaps, tone your quads, and then engage the belly here. So tighten the belly, draw the
navel up towards your spine, inhale, press up to top of a push up, exhale, Downward Dog. Beautiful. Take your dog for a walk here. (deep breath) Remember that length in the side body, that softness, easiness in the neck, that awareness in the
feet and in the hands, and that attention to
detail in the joints, how they stack, et cetera. We’ll take it for a nice, slow walk up towards the front of your mat, eventually stepping the feet
together right at the top, arch to arch, bend the knees, and take a big, generous forward fold. Big bend in the knees here, big stretch in the lower back body. (deep breathing) Big inhale in, big exhale as you root
down through the feet, tuck the chin into the chest,
and rag doll to roll it up. Channel your sixth grade
theater arts class here. Find the joy, smile. We’ll roll up to Mountain. Come into your best and most
beautiful Mountain pose here, really rooting down through the feet and finding that lift of energy
up through the full body. Right away, we’re gonna reach
the fingertips behind the ears today, and reach up towards the sky. Interlace the fingertips
and keep the index finger pointing forward here, and
then pull the thumbs back just a hair. Inner thighs have this inner
rotation in towards each other. Go ahead and lengthen the tailbone down to find that support in the
torso and the back body. Hug the lower ribs in. Close your eyes, deep breaths here. (deep breath) Find that length, that
space between the ear lobes and the shoulders. One more breath, you got it. Great for circulation here. On an exhale, release and
take it all the way down, forward fold. Inhale to lift up halfway. Go ahead and slide the palms
to the tops of the thighs for this first one, root the shoulders, pull back with the elbows
like little grasshopper legs, and find length through the torso. Find that containment, again, here, that support of hugging the lower ribs in, navel up towards the spine. Tuck the chin, think Sphynx
pose here, in the neck. Nice and long. Big breath. Hello, plant. Then exhale, forward fold. Great. Bend the knees, plant the palms, step the right toes back,
then step the left toes back. Come to a nice, strong Plank pose. The mantra here is, “I am strong,” or you can quietly say to yourself, “I can, I will, I choose. I am strong.” Slowly lower the knees or stay lifting, loop the shoulders, hug the
elbows into the side body, Chaturanga, or Chaturanga practice. This is what Chaturanga
practice looks like, with the knees down, elbows
hugging in, gaze forward. Find that containment,
hug the lower ribs in, navel to spine, and slowly lower down, elbows hugging into the side body. Then inhale, Cobra, exhale to release. Curl the toes under, lift the kneecaps, inhale, press up to Plank. Big exhale sends you
to Downward Facing Dog. Great. Deep breath in here. Long exhale out, maybe through the mouth. Great. Anchor through the left heel, and on a big breath in, lift the right leg up
high towards the sky. Take a second to just roll around here, to move with your breath, maybe
big circles with the knee. You might stack the hips,
right hip over the left. See if you can draw your right shoulder in line with your left as you play here, rotating the ankle, waking up the body, and then connect to your strength, cultivate strength. Hug the right knee all the
way in towards the nose. Try to touch your right
heel to your right glute, and hollow through the
upper back body here. Big breath in, big breath out as you step the right foot up. Great. Go ahead and lower the back knee. Take your right thumb to
your right hip crease, and allow that to pull you all the way up. Great. Left fingertips are gonna
reach all the way up towards the sky, and then
we’re gonna reach towards, and maybe pass, the front
right corner of your yoga mat, outer edge of the left
hand or the left arm come to the outer edge of the left leg. Great, and then keep your
right thumb pulling you back as you start to look towards
the back right corner of your yoga mat. Breathe deep. Getting a nice, good stretch here, opening up through the hips. Keep that connection to your lower ribs. One more breath. Great. Then exhale, release, half split. Ardha Hanumanasana. Beautiful runner stretch here as we pull the right hip crease
back, flex the right toes towards the sky. Soft in the neck, you can
sway a little bit here. Breathe deep. Maybe play with that wave, that
extension through the spine. One more breath here, and then slowly rolling
through the right foot, we plant the palms, curl
the back toes under, lift that back knee. Step the right foot back, lower the knees, if you like, here, or this time,
maybe you keep them lifted. As you shift your gaze forward, hug the elbows into the side body, Chaturanga practice, belly to Cobra, or Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Inhale, everyone open your heart, then exhale, back to Down Dog. Everyone’s vinyasa will look and feel a little bit different. You can make it your own. Move nice and slow, and
since it is vinyasa, move with intention,
move with your breath. Here we go. Drop the right heel down, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Couple breaths here to roll around. Find what feels good. Be mindful, move with your breath. Big circles, maybe stacking the hips. Rotating the ankle. Then connect to your power. Here we go, nose to knee, really hollowing through
the upper back body and trying to touch
left heel to left glute. You got this. Inhale in, exhale, step it up. Lower the right knee, stack
front knee over front ankle. Here we go. Left thumb comes to the left hip crease. Let that pull you back. We kind of scissor the legs. Find that lift from the
center, Mula Bandha, lift from the pelvic floor. It’s as if we’re trying to
pull the front and the back of the mat together. Then here we go, lift right
fingertips all the way up towards the sky, big
side body stretch here, and then exhale, reaching
towards or past the front left corner of your yoga mat. Great. Outer edge of the right arm or right hand to the outer edge of
your left thigh or leg, just wherever it falls. You’ll find it. Then maybe we take a gander back at the back left corner of your mat. This is gonna wanna come through. I wanna keep the hips in alignment. Breathe. One more big breath here, you got it, and then we release. Palms come to the mat, or fingertips. Send the hips back,
flexion in the left foot. Send those left toes
really up towards the sky. Try to tug back with your left heel, and then a couple moments here to play. (deep breathing) One more breath here, and on an exhale, rolling
through that left foot. Plant the palms, lift the back knee, and send the left toes back. Move through a vinyasa, something
that feels good for you. You can always skip it
and send it straight to Downward Facing Dog. Inhale is the Cobra or the Up Dog. Exhale is what takes you back. Adho Mukha. Big breath in here, big breath out. Bend the knees, inhale, look forward. On an exhale, hop, jump, float to the top, or simply step one foot
up, followed by the other. Forward fold. Inhale to halfway lift. Exhale to soften and bow. Follow your breath. Bend the knees softly, inhale, spread the fingertips, reach for the sky. Full body stretch, and
exhale, hands to heart. For a moment here, close your eyes and observe your breath. Notice how you feel. (deep breathing) Find a soft bend in the knees again, and inhale, reach it up. Exhale, down you go, forward fold. Inhale to lift halfway. Exhale to bow. Bend the knees, plant the palms, step the right toes back,
followed by the left. Vinyasa. Send it all the way down. Now we do Cobra or Chaturanga to Up Dog. We’ll meet in our Downward Facing Dog. Awesome. This time, I’m gonna anchor
through the left heel, and right away, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, nose to knee, and then step it up, lower the back knee, and we’ll inhale, reach
both fingertips up high, pulling that right hip crease back. Imagining your right thumb there still, and you can keep the
back toes curled under or come onto the top of the foot, whatever feels more stable. Take a big beach ball
up and over the head, inhale in, then exhale, rain it down. We’re gonna interlace the fingertips and draw the knuckles down and then away. Move nice and slow, down and away, holding strong foundation here. Consider that scissoring effect here. You’re trying to take
the front of your mat and the back of your mat,
pull it to the middle. Big stretch, big opening, big breaths. Now, goal is reach down and away. Whoah. Down and away. If you close your eyes,
hold onto your foundation. Great. Inhale, lift the chin,
maybe a back bend here. Breathe deep, exhale to release. Belly comes to the top of the thigh first, left palm to your yoga mat. Big twist here, inhale, reach for the sky. You can lift that back
knee, if you like, here, really stretching left
heel towards the back edge. Inhale in, draw the shoulders
away, squeeze right knee in towards the center line. On an exhale, rain it down. Beautiful. Plant the palms, step the right toes back, and move through a flow. (deep breathing) Downward Dog, take a nice,
rejuvenating breath in, and a big exhale out through the mouth. Drop the right heel and inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, nose to knee, strong. Great. Step it up. Lower the right knee, and to
Crescent whenever you’re ready. Inhale, reaching the fingertips
forward, up, and back. Anjaneyasana. Imagine your left thumb
near your left hip crease. Find that scissor effect as
you lift the fingertips up. Big beach ball up and overhead. Keep lifting up through the heart, and then exhale, rain it down, squeezing your thighs to the mid line. Interlace the fingertips,
opposite thumb on top this time. Knuckles draw down and then away. Again, down and then away,
opening up through the chest. Notice if you’re kind of
dumping all your weight here. See if you can, again, consider
bringing the front edge and the back edge of your yoga
mat in towards the center. Strong activation here,
going a little bit deeper, stage by stage, layer by layer. (deep breath) On your next breath, lift
the chin slightly up. You might take a little back bend here. Then exhale, gently
release, belly to the thigh. Right hand comes in line
with your left foot, and you find your twist. Maybe you lift the back
knee, or it can stay lowered. Left fingertips reach towards the sky. Again, in this posture,
imagining that left thumb there, pulling the left hip back. Big breath in, draw your
shoulders away from your ears. Reach your right heel
towards the back edge. On an exhale, we rain it down. Plant the palms, step the left toes back. Move through a vinyasa
or feel free to skip it and send it straight
to Downward Facing Dog. (deep breath) We’re gonna be here for three breaths. Feel free to take these next
three breaths in Child’s pose. Close your eyes and experience
your body and your breath here today. Stay present. (deep breath) Awesome. If you’re in Child’s pose,
make your way to Down Dog. In Down Dog, we slowly bend the
knees, inhale, look forward. On an exhale, hop, jump, float to the top, or simply step one foot up at a time. Forward fold. Inhale to lift halfway. Loop the shoulders, find length, and exhale, soften, and bow. Press into the earth, bend the knees, spread the fingertips super wide. Root to rise here as you
inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath and big stretch. Exhale, hands to heart. Big inhale in. Exhale out. Keep it going with the breath. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, enjoy this move, down you go. Inhale to lift halfway. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale, find something new here. Soften and bow. Bend the knees, plant the palms. You can step one foot back at a time, or, on this round, we might hop it back. Top of a push up. Soft, buoyant elbows
here, not locked ever, especially in a hop back. Then move through a vinyasa
here or take it straight to Downward Facing Dog,
cultivating strength, moving with intention,
moving with your breath. In Down Dog, we’ll drop the left heel. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. Right knee to right elbow as you exhale. Shift your gaze forward so
the upper body is in Plank. Then inhale, Three Legged Dog. Anchor through the left
heel, cultivate strength. Only two more of these. Cross it over, right knee to right elbow. Upper body’s in Plank, long neck. Inhale, Three Legged Dog. Exhale, tap into that core, nose to knee, and then step it up. Beautiful. Pivot on the back foot. Imagine that right thumb
in your right hip crease as you sweep the arms up, Warrior I. Big beach ball overhead,
nice, strong power through that back foot, really reaching into the
outer edge of that back foot, lifting up through the arch. Breathe deep here. Inhale, lift your heart,
exhale, rain it down. Interlace the fingertips behind. Once again, take it down
with the knuckles and away, open through the chest. Strong breaths, strong foundation. Inhale, lift your heart, slight
back bend here, optional. Exhale, Humble Warrior. We’ll start to pull the
right hip crease back. Keep the power of the back leg. Front knee over front
ankle, and bring the belly to the tops of the thighs, crown of the head reaching forward. If you feel pretty good
here, you can just stay here, working hard, breathing, finding
a little bit of grace here as we build strength, trying to marry the effort and the ease. If you wanna take it further, you’ll continue to the
next stage by drawing the crown of the head
down towards the earth, really reaching the
knuckles up towards the sky, keeping the legs active and strong. Humble Warrior. Breathe into it with all of your soul. (deep breath) We’re working to get the right hamstring parallel to the mat, but in
time, so just do your best. (deep breath) Slowly connect to your
center, your core strength, as you press into the feet,
charge the inner thighs, and slowly roll it up. We’ll return back to Warrior I. Inhale, reach the arms up. Exhale, pivot on the back foot. Lift the heel and then
send it back, high lunge. Inhale in, smile, exhale, rain it down. Pyramid pose. Straighten through the front leg. Step the back foot up halfway. Take a couple breaths here,
letting the weight of the head relax over. Keep an awareness in your
shoulders and in your jaw, careful not to clench. Great. Softly bend the right knee. Step the left toes back. Return to your nice, low lunge. Inhale, look forward, and then exhale, plant the palms, step the right toes back, straight to Down Dog or we flow. (deep breathing) Right onto the other side, we got this. Drop the right heel, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, left knee to left
elbow, gaze straight down. Inhale nice and slow. Lift it up. Exhale, crossing over,
left knee to right elbow. Try to touch it. Inhale, big breath lifts you up. Exhale, nose to knee, navel draws up. Go ahead and step it up,
pivot on the back foot. Make it to your Warrior
I in your own time. Find your breath. Big beach ball overhead. Outer edge of the back foot strong. Set yourself up for greatness. Lengthen the tailbone down. If you’re building a
house, you wouldn’t wanna skimp on the foundation, right? You wanna really pay
attention to what’s happening from the ground up. This is how we stay safe and how we evolve in our bodies too, and,
I think, our minds, but don’t take my word for it. Big breath, exhale, rain it down. Interlace behind, opposite
thumb on top as last time, and then knuckles draw down and away. We open up through the chest. Really press into the outer
edge of that right foot. Strong, keep breathing. Maybe you just stay here,
or we continue the journey by inhaling, lifting the chin slightly, finding that length in the front body, and then keeping it as we
pull the left hip crease back. Belly comes to the top of the thigh. Front knee over front ankle
here, crown of the head fireballs forward. Stay here or continue the journey down whenever you’re ready, Humble
Warrior, nice and slow, staying present in the
sensations of the body, keeping the right inner thigh engaged as the crown of the head
comes down to the earth. Knuckles reach up high, strong and steady. Careful not to grip
the toes, breathe deep. (deep breath) One more breath. Really reach your hands
towards the ceiling. (deep breath) Then connect to your
strength, build that power as you hug the lower ribs in and come back to your Warrior I nice and slow. We’ll release, great
rinse of the blood here. Rinse the blood. Big Warrior I. Inhale, exhale, pivot on the back foot. Lift your right heel and
we sink deep, high lunge. Big stretch through the front
of the right hip crease. Inhale in, exhale, rain it down. Then straighten that back foot. You might step that back
foot up a little more for Pyramid pose. Take a couple moments here to relax through the head, the neck. Let the weight of the head round over, but remember that lift in the hip crease. Sweet. Softly bend through the left knee, send your right toes back. Nice, low lunge as you
inhale, look forward. Let your heart radiate towards the front, and then exhale, plant the palms. Move through a vinyasa or
feel free to take a break. (deep breathing) We’ll take three breaths in Child’s pose. You can lower to the knees. Take a rest, fingertips behind. If you wanna stay in your Downward Dog, if you’re wanting to get
the heart rate going more, keep it going. Feel free to rest in Down Dog. Three breaths here. Soften your gaze or close your eyes. Work to stay present in the moment. (deep breathing) After three breaths,
bring your hands back up, make your way back to Downward Facing Dog. That’s where we will all meet. Big breath in, big breath out. Walk the toes up a little bit, a little detox for you here, strengthening and detox as we
press into both palms evenly. Really press in between the fleshy part between the index finger and thumb, those two L shapes, and
then draw the shoulders away from the ears. Slowly, we’ll release the right hand, picking it up, and taking it
over for a Down Dog Twist, either grabbing the outer
edge of the left leg here, or the ankle, and if you
wanna go a little deeper, you can bend the right elbow, and take your gaze
underneath your left forearm. Breathe deep here. Gently release back to center, and we’ll take it to the other side. Feel free to take a rest in between. Looking underneath the
right armpit just here and bending the left elbow to go deeper, or maybe just take your
hand to your pant leg here. Breathe deep. Press into the fleshy part between the index finger and the thumb. Breathe into your belly, one more breath, and then exhale, release. Awesome. Step the right foot up,
followed by the left. Forward fold. We’re gonna walk the hands
underneath the feet here for a nice relief in the wrists. The toes are gonna be right
where the wrist creases are. Toes come to the wrists
creases, and you can widen your stance so you
have more stability here. Then rock front and back. Nice stretch through the arm here. Relaxing the weight of the head over. Stick with it, stay focused. It’s worth it, this exploration, and the challenging moments too. Lean in. We’ll gently release. Inhale, halfway lift, so lengthen, and then exhale, fold. Press into the earth. All four corners of the
feet, spread your hands, and inhale, reach for
the sky, big breath here. Exhale, hands to heart. Alright, here we go. We’re gonna walk the feet
together, arch to arch, and give yourself a little bit
of space between your heels. Itty bitty living space right there. Then spread awareness throughout the feet. Hands come back to heart
if they aren’t still there, and we’re gonna send the hips back. Rather than bending the knees, think about sending the hips back
first, so it’s this first, and then bend the knees as
you come into Utkatasana. Great. Lift your sternum
towards your thumbs. Active in the arms here. Great. So we’re coming into a
little Utkatasana variation. Hug the lower ribs, try to
sit back into your heels. You might even lift the toes to test that. Fierce posture here. Here we go. I’m gonna shift my weight to the left foot and gently cross right ankle
over the top of the left thigh. Keep this right foot active. Press away. Remember that big collapse in the hips? We’re pulling the left hip crease back. Keep that maintained here. It’s gonna wanna spiral forward. We’re gonna keep it pulling back, stacked. Breathe. Now hold onto your sweet
breath, long, even breath as best you can. Stay focused, stay calm. Here we go. Inhale, lift sternum to thumb, and then slowly exhale. I’m gonna release the ankle, hug right knee in towards the chest. Inhaling again, then exhale. Send the fingertips back, airplane arms, and slowly push your right foot back towards an imaginary wall
behind you, Warrior III. Open the chest. We’ve
done lost of opening here. Find length, lift from
your right inner thigh. Press into the earth here with your hands. Imagine pressing up and away. Create more length. Tuck the chin. Remember that Sphynx
pose, and then here we go. Slowly drawing the hands back together, knee back to the heart. Soft bend in that left knee. Cross it over. Beautiful. Two more of these. Let’s play. Here we go, moving with
your breath. Inhale. Catch my breath. In your own time, keep breathing. Right knee squeezes in. On an exhale, send the
fingertips back, airplane arms. I play here, moving, Warrior III. Nice and slow. (deep breath) When you’re ready, reel it back in. Full body strength near
here, stay focused. Do your best. Palms come together back at the heart. Anjali Mudra. We lift
the right knee up and in. Cultivate strength, cross
the right ankle over. Maybe sit a little deeper. Alright, one more time. We got this. Here we go. Squeezing right knee
all the way up and in. Keep breathing, send it back, Warrior III. If you wanna take an arm
variation on this one, you can. Big breath in, dial your right toes down. Tug the shoulders away from the ears. Big breath, and then exhale, reel it in. Palms come together at the heart. Squeeze right knee all the way up. This time, we’re gonna
reach all the way up to a One Legged Tadasana, and then exhale, let everything go. Mountain pose. Close your eyes. This time, try not to fidget. Find stillness. Feel. (deep breath) Crazy prana moving throughout the body. Here we go. Take your gaze down. Same thing on the other side, and then we’re gonna cool it off. A little bit of space between the heels. Hands come together at the heart. Find control of your breath. Then, bending at the waist
here, send the hips back. Keep the sternum lifted, not collapsed, and then we’ll bend the knees. Try to send some weight
back into your heels. Go through your checklist here. When you’re ready, shift your
weight to your right foot. Slowly peel up through the left. Squeeze left knee up towards the heart, and then cross your left ankle over, maybe sink a little deeper. Friendly little moth in my room. Could be a guardian angel, you never know. Here we go, squeezing left
knee up towards the heart. Play with Warrior III, you got this. Kick the left foot back,
send the fingertips back, airplane arms, 110% full
body experience here. Tug the shoulders away from the ears, contain through the center, strong core. Now reel it in nice and slow, squeezing left knee up towards the heart, bending through your standing leg. You got this. Palms come together,
Anjali Mudra at the heart, and then we cross it over,
Figure Four, big hip stretch. Careful not to grip your right toes. Alright, two more. We got this. Inhale, exhale. Release, squeeze left
knee up towards the heart. Warrior III, send the fingertips back, crown of the head forward, kick back. Left toes point towards the ground. You can come to point the toes here, but I like to teach it like this so that the hip drops
so that you’re not open like Half Moon. Great, here we go, reel it in. Connect to your core. Palms come together,
sink deep. You got this. Crossing left ankle over the right, relax your shoulders. One more, inhale, exhale. Let’s do this. Squeeze the left knee
up towards the heart, strong and steady. Warrior III, we explore, we play. You might take another
arm variation this time. Lift your right hip crease up. Remember that right thumb
in the right hip crease. (deep breath) Beautiful. Then, wherever you are,
make your way back. Palms come together, we
squeeze that left knee up towards the heart, last
time, crossing left ankle over the right. Sink deep, and then One Legged Tadasana. All the way up, reach with
everything you’ve got, and then exhale, replace
the left foot down, and close your eyes, and let go. Take a big breath in through the nose, and exhale, sigh it out. Two more like that, let go of some heat, any frustration, any tension. One more time. Let it go. Last time, inhale, reach it up. Keep soft fingers this time. Exhale, soften, and bow. Again, taking out all the
hard edges, keep it soft. Inhale, halfway lift, gently. Exhale, release, and we’ll walk the feet out all the way to the edges of the mat. Allow the toes to gently
spill off your yoga mat. Open the toes, and then
use your fingertips as you bend the knees and
take your center down. Slowly lift the heart here. Keep the fingertips on
your mat if you need them, or draw them, palms together
once again, at the heart. You’re gonna find that
your arms can press back on your legs here, and
you’re gonna let them really press back on the legs as you squeeze the legs into the arms. We’re definitely creating
a little resistance here. If the heels don’t come all
the way down, no worries. Just keep them lifted, nice, good stretch. Froggy pose. You close your eyes and
find an ujjayi breath here. Draw the shoulder blades together and lift your heart even more. Go deeper. (deep breath) Release, and fingertips are gonna come behind, and slow and steady wins the race here, being mindful of the knees
as we come to a seat. Then we’re gonna bring
the knees together here and lift the shins
parallel to the ceiling. Going right into it. You can catch your wrists here and completely use your arm strength here to help support. I love that, that’s not cheating. There’s no cheating in yoga. Just find what feels good,
and if this feels good, rock it out here. This is one stage. Next layer would be to
maybe release the arms and turn the palms face up, really opening through the shoulders, but keeping the shoulders plugged in here. You can reach and plug,
reach and plug to feel that. Little core strength here to finish off, a little more core strength. Here we go. Go ahead and cross the ankles. I’m gonna inhale, reach
the fingertips up high, and then exhale, slowly
lower all the way down. Hover, little Half Boat. I know I said all the way down, I lied. All the way up, bend the knees, squeeze, and only three of these. You got this. Inhale to lift, and exhale, last one. Inhale to lift. Uncross. Gently release soles of
the feet to the ground. Take the hands to the backs of the thighs and then take your time. This should feel really good, starting with the tail, scooping under, slowly lower, come all
the way to the back. Take a nice, full body stretch. Fingertips up and overhead
should feel awesome, and then exhale, float the hands down. Inhale, squeeze the right
knee up towards your heart. Exhale, take the right knee
over towards the left side of your yoga mat, Supine Twist. Right arm extends if you have the room, and we breathe deep
here, start to cool down. Close your eyes. Begin to soften and surrender. Notice where you’re gripping. Gently melting it back to the center line, squeezing right knee all the way up, and then switching. Extend through the right leg, left knee comes all the way up. We squeeze in towards the heart. Take a nice, big, solid breath
in and then use your exhale to guide the left leg over
towards the right side of your yoga mat, opening
up into your twist on the other side, should feel awesome. Notice in the places where
you’re gripping here, and see if you can soften
and begin to relax. (deep breath) Great, and slowly rock it back. Go ahead and lift both knees here. Walk the heels up towards
the sitting bones. Inhale, exhale, press into the
feet, toes pointing forward, begin to lift from the tail. Knees go forward, hips lift up high. Think about sending your sitting bones towards the backs of your knees as you come into Setu
Bandhasana, Bridge pose, pressing into all four
corners of the feet. Imagine a block between your inner thighs, so really squeezing the
inner thighs together. Keep your gaze right up for now. No need to look at the video here. I’ll talk you through this. Lifting the hips a little higher, see if you can interlace the
fingertips behind the tail. Press down into the
earth, reach your knuckles towards your heels. Last but not least, keep
breathing deep here. Lift your chest to your chin,
and your chin towards the sky. Chest to your chin, and
your chin towards the sky. One more big breath in, fill it up, and then exhale, release
everything with control, with grace, slowly lower down. Awesome work. Take the hands, press up off the toes, catch your knees, and then
just a gentle lengthening here, should feel good in the lower back body. Knees together or hip width apart, you’re gonna reach your knees forward, find the flushness of the
lower back on the mat. If I were to reach my hand
underneath my lower back, I cannot. It’s nice and stamped down to the mat. (deep breath) A couple more breaths here. You’re welcome to take
it to Happy Baby here, grabbing the outer edges of the feet, or the inner arches for a stirrup posture, or maybe you’d like to
take a more restorative hip opener here, a
Reclined Cobbler’s pose, or maybe you are ready to
head straight to Shavasana. Take a couple breaths
to find what feels good, and eventually, we’ll
make our way to our final and most precious posture, the Corpse pose with the legs out long and
the arms resting gently, palms face up at your sides. Really awesome work today, so make sure that you seal the deal and end this ritual with Corpse pose, opportunity to allow the
nutrients of your practice to settle in, but also to
just balance out the energy. Right? For years, I was going to
these power yoga classes and I was kind of stressed out all the time. I realized that my energy, I was making myself quite frazzled. So it’s nice to move the body, and then we need to take a second to honor it, and balance
it out, and restore. So close your eyes when
you arrive in Shavasana. Take a deep breath in, and on an exhale, allow
the weight of your body, muscle and bone, to relax completely and fully. Give yourself permission here
to do absolutely nothing. If you’re on the membership site, have a nice, extended Shavasana here. I encourage you to milk
it, enjoy the whole thing. Wherever you are watching
this and practicing this, I send you love and
invite you to stay here for a couple moments even after I’m gone. I’m not really gone, I’m always here. Just kidding. Once again, honoring your
body and your practice by sealing the ritual with
a surrender, stillness. Thanks again for sharing your
time and your energy with me and the Yoga With Adriene community. I’ll see you next time. From my heart to yours, Namaste. (upbeat guitar music)

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