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It’s a Mexican classic and here’s how to
make Chicken Fajitas! For the ingredients you’ll need: 1
teaspoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of Salt, 1 teaspoon
of Cumin, a tablespoon of Oregano, 1 Lime, 1 Onion, 400g of Chicken, 1
Garlic Clove, some Oil, 2 Peppers. and some Tortilla Wraps. To start with, get your Chicken pieces, slice them into strips then put them in
a bowl. Now add over the Chicken the 1 teaspoon of
Sugar, 1 teaspoon Salt, 1 tablespoon of Oregano and 1 teaspoon of Cumin. Then just about half a tablespoon worth of Oil over the mixture. Now get the Lime, slice in half and then
squeeze the juice out of both halves over the Chicken. Get yourself a spoon and thoroughly mix all the ingredients in the bowl together. Then put it aside to let the flavors infuse into the chicken. Now, get your Onion and slice each end off. Then slice it in half and peel. Now, get a sharp knife, take each half of the Onion and slice them into half-moons. Get yourself a large, non-stick pan, throw the Onions in and finely chop the Garlic Cloves and chuck those in as well. Drizzle over 1 tablespoon of Oil and heat up on the hob. Fry
the Onions and Garlic for about 10 minutes until the sides of the Onions just start to brown. Then you to throw
in the Chicken mixture. Again you’ll need to cook the Chicken for
about 10 minutes until it goes from pink to white and is cooked through. Whilst the Chicken’s cooking, you need to prepare the Peppers. So slice the ends off, remove the middles, slice them into
half, then slice into half-moons. When you’re happy the Chicken is cooked, get your Pepper and throw them into the pan as well. Then fry the mixture for a further 5
minutes and make sure it’s not too long or else your Peppers will start to go soggy. Once your mixture is nearly ready, prepare your Tortilla Wraps by either heating them up in foil in the oven or sticking them in the microwave for a
few minutes. Once the chicken is cooked through and
your Peppers are still crisp, take off the heat and serve onto your warmed tortilla
wraps. Wrap them up nicely and enjoy. These Fajitas go great with homemade guacamole and salsa dip. You can find these recipes by clicking on one of the videos on the screen.

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  1. I loved this video. I will use this recipe for a vegetarian version of these fajitas. 

  2. Thank you so much for the recipe!!
    I decided to learn cooking and I'm trying different things.
    I thought that it would be too dry but it was perfect.
    This recipe is very simple and delicious.  : D

  3. How don't you have a ton of views/subscribers? Your videos are great and really helpful. Roughly, how many people does this recipe serve? 

  4. I have to congratulate you, because, that is a delicious recipe, but most of all, by the fantastic music selection that you did!
    You make me crave for chicken fajitas, so, today I'm gonna make one of these at home (without the pepper because it makes me sick)

  5. Brilliant Warren, love fajitas but packaged kits can be pricey and a bit of a treat, this recipe is not only well tasty but good for the pocket, cheers m8 well done

  6. Fajitas are originally served on a hot plate and tortillas on a side (corn or wheat) and its not mexican food its texmex, nice video by the way. Im just here to complain couse thats what I do.

  7. Omg Warren! I luv this! It looks so easy. I'm gonna try this tomorrow night! And hopefully I do it good, so my family won't have to throw out my food again 😃 Thanks so much!

    ~Camille 💋

  8. Would the ingredients mixed with the chicken be the same if the recipe doubled or would you double everything

  9. I used to do it like this before I got a job at a Mexican restaurant, 2 main points
    1. too much moisture, its boiling, dab the oil out and cook on higher temp
    2. the chicken should cook on its sides on high temp to form a sear on the edges, same with the peppers, this is key to getting the best flavor

  10. So simple and looks delicious. I love that you put lime on the chicken. I will be making it this week. Thanks so much for the tips Warren.

  11. Just made this and it was so delicious!! Definitely going to make this again soon! No more Old El Paso for me!

  12. I was very amused and inspired by your video, so I tried your recipe and loved it. Made a few alterations but not many and then wrote a blog post about it and linked back to your video.

  13. Change the title to "how white people make fajitas " u literally made Mexican food with no chilli

  14. instructions weren't clear enough my chicken still has feathers on it it taste terrible

  15. I know this is a really old video, but I love this recipe it is amazing and I've so far prepared chicken fajita three times already. 😀

  16. When he said “put the tortillas in the oven or microwave” I was like “😒😑” Mexicans heat the tortillas en el comal compadre lol !

  17. Why is there so much hate? He hasn’t done anything wrong except from sharing his great recipe with us, so if the videos not for you, just don’t watch it. Plus does it matter he’s white? I swear Gordon Ramsay’s white and still a good cook, so stop with the hate.

  18. I tried this last night and it turned out perfect! I don’t like peppers so i use celery and seedless tomatoes instead..Thank you so much!

  19. I just sub ! Your amazing sir ! It happens that I also love fajitas and taco salad
    When I was back in the state ,I used to goto this place called TACO TOWN They serve nothing but Mexican dish..oh how I miss that place😢
    I'm so glad I stumbled in here,,thank you🙏

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