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Hi, I’m Ella Jotie Co-Founder and Creator of Barre Fitness and today I have Jes and Katie with me and this is our plié thigh workout. Try to lengthen the hip flexors here and lift the knees with the core muscles. If you don’t have a ballet barre your can use a sturdy piece of furniture such as a chair or a kitchen counter. Find your parallel position, ankles are directly underneath the hips and the heels are directly inline with the second and third toe. You want the heels as high as can be. But if at any point it feels uncomfortable go ahead and keep the heels on the floor. Make sure the movement is in your muscles and do not use momentum. Add a little tuck under of the tailbone and then reach back. Tuck and reach. It’s a small tuck activating the glutes and core muscles. Keep those heels high! Pulses straight up and down. Feel those thighs working. That was set number one! Start in first position. Bring your heels together and toes apart. Lift the heels all the way up and then tap them down. Bring the heels together and plié. Squeezing the heels together takes the pressure off of the ankles and knees. And keeps the movement in the muscles. Squeeze the inner thighs together as you come up. When in doubt…. SMILE! DO NOT hold o to your barre or chair for dear life. It’s simple there for balance. At any point, you can take your heels down to the floor for some relief. Swing the hips side to side. Oh thighs are burning, and glutes are burning now! Dig deep, this is when it gets challenging, you got this! Squeeze the heels together, find your breathe, hang on! That was set number two! You want to come down to your challenge zone. That might be higher or lower than Katie or Jes or I. You really want to find your edge. Chin is lifted, neck stays long… dig deep! Hold it here. We’re not done. Little knee taps back! This is shaking and quaking those thighs! Let’s take a stretch. Stand tall and proud! You did a great workout. Nice work!!See ya….

6 thoughts on “Barre Fitness | Best Barre Workout”

  1. I cannot tell you how much I love your videos. They are exactly what I am looking for in a workout!!! Please continue to make them; they are amazing:)

  2. Can you please tell me the brand you are using for the portable barre? Would be interested in getting one to use for your routines.

  3. holy moly … didn't think I would sweat so much in 11.5mins…that was FANTASTIC! thanks again for the great at home play!

  4. Great leg workout but needed to watch on mute. "those" "these" "that" ugh!!!! So impersonal.

  5. I loved your energy, you're the kind of an instructor I would want to have. You're positive and fun while working hard. Thanks for posting.

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