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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with baked philly cheesesteak sliders that’s right people love
miniaturised food and not just because it’s more fun eating three of something
than one of something but I also have a theory that deep down inside one of the
primitive parts of our brain everybody secretly wishes they were a giant which
is why I think there’s a sense of power that comes over us when we hold
miniaturized food and of course this is probably another example of one of my
theories I’ll never be able to prove but anyway that aside let’s go ahead and get
started and for this we’re gonna need about a
pound of steak which we will season very generously on both sides with a mixture
of salt freshly ground black pepper and cayenne and by the way what I’m using
here is a couple beautifully marbled pieces of top sirloin which I think
offer a great combo of beefy flavor tenderness and affordability alright go
ahead and use prime rib if you want but to me that’s kind of crazy and then what
we’ll do once those are thoughtfully seasoned is go ahead and sear them in a
little bit of olive oil over medium-high heat and I’m hoping to cook these to
about a medium which for a couple steaks this size is going to be about five to
six minutes per side and of course make sure that passed nice and hot before you
put your meat in so that you can create a beautiful nice dark brown crust which
of course equals extra flavor and if you don’t believe me boil a steak and try it
sometime and then speaking of flavor once we turn this over if we’re gonna
use onions which you are what we’ll do is go ahead and add those around the
outside around the outside around the outside and let those soften and cook
with maybe a little pinch of salt while that second side finishes cooking and
then what we’ll do once we think that second side is just about there is go
ahead and move things around so that the steaks are on top of the onions and
we’ll let that go for another couple minutes and then once those have cook
long enough and we remove them to a plate to cool what you’re going to be
left with in the pan are some of the most gorgeous beef a fine sauteed onions
you have ever seen and if we wanted we could leave the heat on and cook these a
little longer but personally I actually don’t want them to get too soft and
sweet so I just turned off the heat and let those cool and while we’re waiting
we can move on to prep our rolls which for me are going to be these cue
little soft sandwich rolls and we want to try to use something nice and light
and airy here and not too dense and also not too sweet
okay sorry Hawaii but for this I think we just want a regular neutrally
flavored roll and to prep these what we’ll do is take a small knife and we’ll
go in at about a 45 degree angle an attempt to cut sort of a wedge out of
the top and yes of course we’re gonna save those pieces to make bread crumbs
speaking of which once we’ve cut that piece out I like to pinch a few crumbs
out from the sides okay not so much the bottom because we want a nice base for
our filling but I do like to remove a little bit from either side oh and if
you’re wondering if it’s gonna be a problem that all those rolls aren’t
exactly the same size not really since these are all gonna bake up about the
same and besides if you think about it not all your guests are gonna be the
same size so I went ahead and did that to all 10 and that’s it once our rolls
are prepped and they’re sitting down a foil-lined pan assuming that our steaks
have cooled we can go ahead and thinly slice those up and not just sliced
because once we cut these across in that direction and of course taste that end
piece for quality control what we’ll do is turn them and cut them across the
other way so we have some nice thin maybe I don’t know half inch pieces
all right the exact size never usually matters that much as long as you’re
consistent so we’ll go ahead and cut up our meat as shown and then toss that
into a mixing bowl at which point we can add our now cooled sauteed onions along
with any and all accumulated juices oh man do not throw those out and then next
up we will toss in some roughly chopped pickle peppers which I guess if you
wanted could be regular fresh peppers but personally I think that briny
tankiness of a pickle pepper works way better in this and then as far as our
cheese goes I’m gonna add some nice soft cream cheese along with a whole bunch of
freshly grated provolone and then we will finish up with a little salt and
pepper at which point we’ll grab a nice big
spoon and mix this until thoroughly combined and of course the big debate in
Philly is whether you should use provolone or
Cheez Whiz but here by combining the cream cheese and the provolone I think
as you’ll see once these are baked we get the best of both worlds are you
stretchy melty cheese and kind of a cheese sauce
and that’s it once we have that mixed we can go ahead and fill our roles to the
top oh and I should probably mention if you really are into the Cheez Whiz
version what you would do is substitute a nice orange mild cheddar for the
provolone and that will mix with a cream cheese and you’ll have something fairly
close but anyway you decide I’m you are after all the Sylvester Stallone of
whether or not to use provolone but regardless of which you use once those
are filled up we will finish these off by topping with some extra grated cheese
and not just a little a lot okay so pile on whatever you think is
the perfect amount and then put on just a little bit more and of course we’ve
created this cheese ourselves because why wouldn’t we seriously it only takes
a minute and the cheese quality is gonna be way way better and that’s it once
those are set they are ready to pop into the center of a 425 degree oven for
about 15 minutes or so or until everything’s heated through and our
cheese is melted and the edges of the rolls are getting browned and if
everything goes according to plan they should look something like this and then
because I want these to look nice for the other food bloggers I went ahead and
garnish the top with chives something that has been done in Philadelphia
exactly zero times but I like how it looks and tastes and that’s it I guess
we could let these cool down a little bit before we eat them but I didn’t
these looked and smelled so great I dove right in eating right off the pan like
some kind of savage anyway miniaturization aside these really do
taste exactly like a cheesesteak and we did not need a giant hot flattop girl to
make them which very few home kitchens have so I really do love how these come
out especially considering we’re using the much easier bake method so I went
ahead and transfer those onto a platter so I could take some pictures and also
so I could eat one more which I tore right now for the gratuitous stretchy
cheese shot and by the way is it just me or do my hands look really big here but
anyway that’s it baked philly cheesesteak sliders or as i call them in
the first 10 takes of this voiceover philly cheesecake sliders but anyway
whether you have some friends coming over to watch the game and you wanted to
make something tasty or you just want to get in touch with your inner giants I
really do hope you give these a try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all
the ingredient amounts of Morpho as usual and as always you

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