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Okay, it's Mark wiens here making Thai street food recipes today We're going to do a recipe for Lab Mu which is a minced pork Thai salad um and it's an awesome dish you Alright, so the base of this dish is minced pork But you could also use minced chicken or minced beef you'll also need tae sticky rice some dried chili flakes a little bit of sugar Fish sauce lime juice some shallots Culantro. Which is sort of like cilantro? Green onions and mint leaves Also, you can click below this video in the description box to see all of the ingredients and the directions for this recipe an important ingredient in Lab mole is Kokua and what that is this is Connie, Al which is sticky Rice Thai sticky rice. Do you have to roast it? So you have to basically just cook it over a fire in a hot frying pan and then after that Gonna kind of pounded up So that's going to give the pork sell at some like a little crunch some texture to it. So the first step. We're gonna Roast the sticky rice first step you want to turn on the fire to a low heat add The sticky rice to the pan and then kind of continually stir it so the heat get sort of evenly Distributed on the rice in about 15 minutes the sticky rice is turning really yellow almost looks like sweet and actually smells like popcorn for pounding It's best to have a stone mortar and pestle and then you just keep pounding the the rice until you have a coarse powder Took me about five minutes or so And once you're done with that you can scoop it out of the crop and then put it into a bowl aside You'll come back to it later Okay, so turn on the stove again this time. We want a really high heat and we'll be using a small sauce pan pot I'd say fry it for about five minutes And you want the pork to be completely gray and completely cooked through When it's done fully cooked through you just take it off the heat And you're actually done with the stove for this recipe on [the] streets of thailand They mix the lab right in the same pot So just grab your toasted rice add probably a big heaping tablespoon full add Half to one tablespoon of dried chili flakes I'll depending on how spicy you want it tiny Sprinkle of sugar and About half a tablespoon of fish sauce next step is to slice up one good-sized lime and squeeze it into the pot I like [my] pretty sour so if you want it less sour you might start with just half a lime and taste test from there Give the lab a quick stir to get those dry ingredients all mixed into the pork And then it's time to get started peeling the shallots So you want to peel the skin off the shallots then dice them into half rings? Before tossing them all into the pot you can grab the green onions and the culantro if you have it you want to just chop off the roots first and then you can slice the Green onions really fine these herbs are going to give the cell at a wonderful fresh and just a green Touch that just gives it awesome flavor give it a quick stir right now to get those all mixed in and then you want to pluck some leaves of mint and Just sort of put them into the into the pork This time you just want to give the lob a slight stir So you don't like really crush those mint leaves um just up just a little mix oh Oh, yeah It's Salty I Think we could use a little bit of lime juice actually I like my [feel] pretty sour a little more lime juice And that should be just about perfecto Going to Garnish it with some leaves of mint some sprigs of Culantro, and then finally some Thai basil Thai sweet basil on the side and that is looking Outstanding check this out. This is my version of a ThAi street food Dish Larb Moo Hmm. Oh That's just a like a refreshing me d. Porky salad so many awesome flavors Got that good lime juice a little bit of crunch from the from the roasted rice and Then you've got those herbs to to give it that nice herbaceous tinge to it That's really good

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  1. Hi Mark, your recipe is being practiced by Binging with Babish. Would love to see you two together 👍🏻🇮🇩

  2. Yes nice taste!
    I make food for thai people often . Only one thing I want to comment.Its about the sugar.My experience is that this is one of the receipt where thai people don'ts sugar at all.The sweetness comes from the charlottes or red onion.First time I made a calb I put some sugar ii it and everybody asked why I had sugar in it.They say never sugar in a larb.Tabu!they said to me. What is your comment to this?

  3. Interesting, so you don't have to eat larb as a lettuce wrap? ☺ I had it like that the first timd, it was absolutely delicious.

  4. I'm craving to eat that salad. I'm a big fan thai food i miss those days when i was working in thai restaurant. I learn a lot to cook thai food specially phad thai goongsod. Som tam pla. Tom yum talay. Talay phad char. Phad kee mao nuea. And my favorite Dessert TAKO. …

  5. Mmm. larb moo, sticky rice or jasmine rice and some cabbage leaves on the side makes it one of the best meals!

  6. Just watched your video of bison laab in Chiangmai and thought I’d check out your old recipe. Can’t believe how long ago this was!

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