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boom what's up everyone mark Levon or Tiger comes to my man Tony Yost my man Tony shit uh-huh okay there is here you are Tony press the wrong button alright I'm about to answer my second cut and have a question about cardio it's the most convenient for me to do it right after lifting weights since I'm already at the gym I was planning through 15 to 25 minutes on the Stairmaster burn 200 to 350 calories that's only 300 calories it's only about 15-20 minutes for my fat ass some people say this can cause muscle catabolism and whatnot so I just wanted your input I think a lot of people are confused about doing cardio and burning muscle while cutting so maybe you do a video response on this voke folk ok do Tony brings a tear to my eye that bro size is this strong I'm a bro I'm the fucking king of pros man this shit's like 1980 intermittent fasting y'all know I'm not a big fan of it the main reason is I don't think timing matters doesn't have been fasting work yes does it work better than other methods of dieting no doesn't work about the same yeah does it really fucking matter no here's the deal your body's not that stupid as long as your overall daily allotment of calories are hid whether you do it before after during fuck eat a burger during cardio fits your macros I don't fucking care you know here's the deal my whole life has been based on eating clean healthy Whole Foods full of micronutrients why I just like them better I like micronutrients I find my energy levels are high hi I've eaten shit before guys I was a fat motherfucker as a teenager man I was fat and I eat food here and then I'll tell you what when I was bulking and just eating shit food because I needed the calories dude I felt like shit man I hated bulking this year hated it I feel so much better now playing soccer my daughter six years old on my bow she's got run over by L feel good so check it out you only doing 15 to 25 minutes on the step mil you're burning 200 350 calories all right you're not going to go catabolic as long as your overall calorie needs are met and here's the thing one thing I've noticed about working with John Otis Hollywood cardio love and motherfucker this guy has meetin over 6,000 calories a day doing 30 minutes of cardio four times a week why well it's pretty simple cardio off burn fat and it really does and eating food keeps her metabolism right it does I mean you don't go into starvation when you want to keep your calories higher you can burn calories through cardio so we're creating that deficit with cardio which is lighting making my calories high which is a really good thing so that's kind of going on a tangent the bottom line is when you do cardio whether it's after working out whether it's first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after eating a fucking Twinkie after eating a ding dong I don't think it matters what matters is that you're burning those calories now high-intensity interval training that's a whole nother animal or you're dealing with its EPOC or post exercise calorie burn but even then I don't think it fucking matters if you do it on an empty stomach or after eating a fajita now go to all kinds of food choices here got doughnuts fajitas bagels for y'all Jewish people Shalom up in this bitch all right check it out I just ain't checking out too much guys kinda like that anyways anyways anyways I was kissing my sister the other day look at my beard I love you Dan van Laar can do a whole bunch Q days Mar just want to get something up check it out man you're not going to burn muscle um you're not gonna burn muscle you're just not going to as long as your calories are hit and you're not doing anything stupid you can be calories adequate while adding in that cardio and you're losing an average of one to two pounds a week even point five to two pounds a week I think you'll be fine all right that's it and I like brass chains during training during during cardio if you're really afraid of it so I'm gonna steer cellucor BCAA if it really really frames you have some perhaps chains I mean if it's friggin making you lose sleep that you might go catabolic bro dude the twins intermittent fast I trade with that man we trained at 9:00 a.m. those motherfuckers hadn't eaten in like whatever how many hours like 12 hours right then we didn't eat till like 3:00 and they're still in great shape they're shredded they're lean they're muscular they don't seem to be catabolic so if you can intermittent fasting not go catabolic after training like we did yeah ain't gonna go catabolic that's it man thank you Tony for the question I'm sorry for being so friggin schizophrenic in this answer but you know what I went off on tangents and I think that's the reason a lot of people watch this because y'all don't know what I'm gonna say cuz I don't even know what I'm going to say cuz I just read this question now anyway that's it guys thanks for watching Mark global minor Tigard fitness comm cardio after training it's not a game

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  1. "I don't care if you do it after eating a wiener." That's a really specific scenario, Mark… do you something to tell us? Jk bro. Or am I.

  2. I run cause I'm enlisting. But sense I've been running for quite awhile I actually started liking it. I don't run on treadmills though only the good ole road.

  3. You don’t want to lose that muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for, do you?!?!?!?
    Never enter a catabolic state with these 3 simple tips..

  4. Hey Marc I have a small amount of nerve damage in my left thigh from the military and sometimes it's hard for me to do cardio would u have a substitute for it let me know and always no homo but I enjoy your videos and input thank you

  5. When I first started working out 5 months ago and loved every free moment in fitness YouTube, I would have criticized this video… But now that I've had the experience for at least some time, I completely am with Marc on this. Plus, I would rather have a full stomach and more cardio than empty and more down time!

  6. Dude you are so right on spot. I've been hard training 4-5 times a day at the gym since may 2014, eating my 4 meals which consists of sweet potatoes, chicken, eggs, protein shakes, pastas, and I've been gaining good weight. Working out is a tedious process, just stick with it and if you don't notice the difference others will. My advise, don't lift more than you can just cause the get next to you is lifting more (set your pride aside) and form is everything. Lastly, focus on those certain muscles when you lift.

  7. Thanks for the advice Mark.  I'd been adhering to that old 1980's mindset (probably because I was around trying to learn things during the 1980's, heh).  Anyway – er, I mean, check it out – oh, fuggitaboutit, I appreciate being updated.  🙂

  8. to you fucks arguing with dude about what he is saying….with out having any scientific proof to back up anything your saying……look at him and then look at you….he is obv going further in this than you are

  9. What do you think about Jack3d? I used to take it and If was awesome! I had killer workout with it. I havent taken it in a while and when I went to GNC they said one of the key Ingredients was taken out and they recommended Cardio cuts. I now take that and I works very well, as far as energy. Not sure about the fat burning though. But it doesn't match Jack3d. What would you recommend? Ive also seen Jack3d micro in the store and its cheap but don't know anything about it or why its so cheap. 

  10. But damn IF is convenient as fuck! That's why I think it's better, not because it works better but the average massivejoe is gonna be more likely to follow an IF program than eatin' 8 damn times a day

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