5 Healthy Taco Recipes

hey my lovelies so the channel has been around for just over three years now if you can believe it and I realized I have never done a video dedicated to one of my very favorite foods tacos I love tacos they're really easy to make they're super versatile and the flavor possibilities are endless so today I thought I would fix that by hearing five awesome taco ideas now a lot of these tacos features a tasty salsa recipes I shared in my last video if you haven't seen that definitely be sure to check it out all of the great recipes for the salsas we're using today or in that video I'll link it in the description box below now without further ado let's talk about some tacos we're kicking things off today with an incredibly flavorful chipotle chicken taco if you've never worked with chipotle peppers before you are in for a treat and this is a great recipe to start with chipotle peppers pack a little bit of heat but they also have a ton of smoky flavor so they're really really delicious I'm getting started by cooking up my chipotle chicken for my tacos I've got a skillet heating up on the stove with a little bit of oil to that I'm going to add some onion and some red bell pepper I'm going to cook those just until they soften up next I'm going to add some minced garlic and cook that for another 30 seconds just until it becomes fragrant and that's what I know it is time to add my chicken in this recipe I'm actually using some leftover cooked chicken that I've just shredded up but if you want to buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store this is a great way to use it next I'm adding some diced tomatoes my chipotle peppers that I've chopped up a little sprinkle of chili powder and some salt and pepper I'm just going to stir this all together and heat it through for two or three minutes and then you can simply pile it on top of either a corn or flour tortilla and then you can load on the black bean and corn salsa this is one of the great salsas I made in my last video should definitely check that out for the recipe it is so super good and actually really easy to make I'm going to finish these tacos off with a little bit of sour cream and boom they are ready to be enjoyed if you're going to give this recipe you try I definitely recommend doubling or tripling it because it freezes really really well and having this amazing chipotle chicken on hand is a great weeknight dinner safe next up I've got an incredibly flavorful take on a traditional fish taco instead of white fish in this recipe we are actually using some salmon but if white fish is what you have on hand it will work just as well I've got two salmon fillets laid out on a baking sheet and I'm just going to season them up with some chili powder some garlic powder some salt and some pepper it's as simple as that we're going to get these into the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until they're cooked through then we are going to assemble our taco goodness I'm going to start by piling on some finely sliced cabbage I love cabbage and tacos because it adds a ton of lovely crunch I'm also going to load on some nice creamy avocado top that with my cooked salmon and then finish it all off with a good helping of salsa verde now you could use the store-bought salsa verde here but if you want to really take things over the top go ahead and try to make it yourself it's really easy and it's super flavorful this is actually one of those incredible recipes that is super healthy but hey super decadent so I really hope you guys will give it a try next my love's I've got a great meatless option for you vegetarians and vegans out there this recipe features some amazing portobello mushrooms which we love they're super hard a really really filling and so delicious I've got some oil heating up in a skillet on my stove to that I would add my portobello mushrooms I'm going to season them up with a little salt and pepper and give them a 2 to 3 minute head start before adding my slice poblano peppers and my red onion what's really cool about this recipe is that if you don't want to do it on your stovetop you can just as easily roast your vegetables or even better grill them on the barbecue we're going to let them cook for 7 to 8 minutes just until everything is softened up and cooked through and then we're going to flavor this up with a little bit of minced garlic it's ground amen I'm going to let that cook for one more minute and these tacos are ready to be built I'm starting with a nice layer of guacamole on my tortilla then I'm just going to pile on my veggies hips up with my favorite hot sauce and finish them off with some fresh sweet and crunchy corn these tacos are super satisfying and the perfect man for meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday next I'm doing a throwback to one of my childhood favorites basically we're making some classic ground beef tacos if you're not into beef no worries you could do this with some ground poultry if you wanted to or those veggie grounds that you can buy at the supermarket either will work I'm getting started with a skillet on the stove I'm just going to cook my beef until it is no longer pink then add lots of flavor I've got some diced onion some minced garlic and some minced jalapeno I'm going to season this up with some classic taco seasoning and a little salt and pepper and just cook it until my onions have completely softened then it is ready to be loaded onto my tortillas and topped with some shredded cheddar cheese a little bit of sour cream some chili peppers if that's how you roll and some green onion for good measure now these my friends are what I call tacos supriya finally on today's taco extravaganza I think I've saved the best for last these aren't my chili lime shrimp tacos and they are topped with a grilled pineapple salsa that is absolutely to die for once again I've got a little oil heating up in my skillet on the stove to that I'm going to add some shrimp in this case I'm using shrimp that has already been peeled and the tails have been removed trust me this makes eating these tacos a whole lot easier I'm going to season my shrimp with some chili powder and some red chili flakes little salt and pepper and then cook them until they are no longer pink once they're cooked through which thanks the shrimp's awesomeness usually only take three or four minutes I'm going to turn my heat off and finish these off with a little grating of lime zest and some lime juice I'm going to stack this goodness on my tortillas top it with I keep a helping of grilled pineapple salsa and then finish them off with a few jalapenos like this ladies and gentlemen we are in flavortown talk about satisfying holy smokes guys I really hope you will give these ideas a try if you do be sure to tweet me Instagram me or snapchat me a photo because I love seeing your creations thank you so much for watching keep in mind all of the tasty salsa recipes are in last week's video and I've linked them all in the description box 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  1. Wow! Thanks Sara for the tribute to my home Country! Tacos is by far my favorite food and you are one of the few that know the real ๐ŸŒฎ preparation!! These must be tried with corn tortilla and not flour ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™

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