3 Outer Chest Exercises You’ve NEVER Tried (GUARANTEED!)

– [Troy] Greg Plitt is without a doubt the single biggest influence
in the way I train. I always thought, for a natural lifter, he had the best chest in the world. And what really stood out to
me about his chest workouts was the variety that he
attacked his chest with. – Chest extreme, pecs perfection is what I’m about to do right now. You guys heard of drop sets,
you’ve heard of super sets, this is gonna be a super drop set. – Tons of angles, super
sets and time under tension. In fact, I don’t think I ever saw him bench press once in his videos. But what really makes his chest stand out is the well-sculpted and
rounded outer chest development. And in today’s video
I’m gonna share with you three very unique exercises
that will help you sculpt your outer chest line. We’re gonna accomplish this
with high rep range exercises that put safe, targeted
stretch tension at the origin of the pec major muscle. Now this doesn’t replace
lifting heavy press movements, so at the very end of the
video I’m gonna share with you and entire chest workout
implementing heavy mass building movements with these
outer chest exercises. If you’re watching this
video and you don’t have an aesthetic chest and you’ve spent a couple years in the gym so far, I think it’s really
important to understand why you don’t have the results
you’re looking for and, assuming that you’re lifting heavy and focusing on increasing
your push strength, I believe that the reason most of you don’t have an aesthetic chest is lack of time under tension training targeting all three sections
of your chest muscle. You see, the pectoral muscle
actually has muscle fibers going in three different directions. Now on top of this,
metabolic stress is one of the three ways our body
builds muscle, scientifically, and it’s created with
constant time under tension. And that actually means
not locking out fully back to the starting
position of the movement. So on top of these outer chest exercises, I just wanna show you guys
five epic cable chest fly movements and if you
incorporate T45 sets each week on all five of these unique
cable fly chest variations, I guarantee you, you’re gonna start having a lot more aesthetic
chest, you’re gonna target every single section of the chest. I have not uploaded a
video on this channel for one straight month. I’ve actually never done that before, in the history of SuperHuman You and the truth is, and
by the way we’re gonna head back to Vancouver in 30 seconds, we’re gonna make some chest gains, but I just wanna say,
body building is hard when you have a lot going on in your life. Building a brand is tough as (beep). Building a YouTube
channel is incredibly hard and I’ve been, like, pedal
to the metal on all three for quite some time and the truth is, I just needed to kinda take a step back and really look at what I’m doing. And I like to analyze
things, I always like to try to improve, and I’ve
been trying to work on just making my content better, making epic videos for you guys, and also Alpha Lion at the same time has been growing rapidly and it’s required so much of my time and
my energy and my focus. And I’ve been working
to create an epic system where I can upload videos for you guys every single day and starting
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and I promise you guys, I got amazing content coming your way, help you guys make some gains
right before the holidays, let’s head back to Vancouver
and make some chest gains. (gentle music) So I made a video last year on how to get the outer chest line and it got over two million views. And the most common
comment that I got was, you can’t actually target
and sculpt the outer chest. So I decided to bring in the
head of pectoral aesthetics, Professor Kitty Gains. Tell them how you can
get a better outer chest, to actually target this area right here. – Safe targeted stretch
tension at the origin of the pec major muscle, boom. (gentle music) – Let’s get into exercise number one and that is stretch fly 21s. Now I call it 21s because
we’re doing three different starting positions and
we’re utilizing T45. Now, remember, we want safe
targeted stretch tension at the origin of the pec major muscle. Now the starting position with this one is at the very top. It should be between the two and the three if your chest fly machine is like mine. So anything that gets
you a range of motion from high to low is what we want here and we’re going a pace of two seconds on the eccentric portion,
a one second pause, so I want you guys to really feel that contraction, safe targeted tension back here, and then a one second concentric motion right here. So high to low for a full 45 seconds and then what you’re gonna
be doing is you’re gonna rest 15 seconds as you
transition the fly machine and you’re gonna go mid-cable
fly, because remember, the chest muscle has muscle fibers going in three different directions. We’re gonna annihilate our
chest on the outer portion in doing this exercise,
and it’s an incredible pre-fatigue before any chest workout. Once again, safe targeted stretch tension going a full 45 seconds time under tension and you guys are definitely
going to have to go fairly light on this
exercise because it is a lot of time under tension and the reason why this is so effective, and
watch the very end of this, I had a crazy chest pump,
you could literally see vascularity right here on the
outer portion of my chest, so it is an incredible feeling when you go this much time under tension. So 45 seconds mid, and
then you’re gonna put the fly machine down to
the position of 10 and 11. So it went from two to
three, around six to seven, and then around 10 to 11 and
once again a full 45 seconds time under tension, so
you’re just gonna go one circuit through that and let’s try and do exercise number two. Number two, it’s reverse
incline dumbbell press unilateral into slow motion double reps. Now the starting position of this is, think of it as a cross between a fly and a regular pressing motion. So it’s not all the way out
here like you’re doing a fly, it’s not all the way in like you’re doing a regular dumbbell press. Now very interesting paces on this. So you’re gonna be going
two reps on the left side, you’re gonna be going two
reps on the right side, so you’re goin’ unilateral for two and then you’re going
two slow motion reps. So the unilateral reps, a
nice pace of two seconds on the way down, one second
pause, one second concentric, and then on the slow motion double reps I want you to even slow it down further. I want you to really feel that burn, nice and slow and controlled, three seconds on the eccentric portion. I want you to hold that
position for one second and then two seconds on the
concentric portion for two reps. So this is sort of a version
of the anabolic drop set because you’re gonna be
going a total of 24 reps, eight unilateral on the left side, eight unilateral on
the right side and then a total of eight slow motion double reps. Exercise number three is
wide grip stretch pushups. So with this one you
wanna elevate your hands about 12 to 18 inches off the ground, so I literally just used the dip machine at the gym I was filming this video in. So find anything that allows
you to place your hands in a wide position and
in an elevated position about 12 to 18 inches off the ground so you get that nice stretch. So with this one you’re utilizing T45, so I want you guys to really
go until failure with this. Go a full 45 seconds time
under tension at the minimum. If you can go longer
than this, go for longer. So with this one a pace of
two seconds on the way down, a one second pause, really
feel that nice stretch, and then a one second
concentric on this movement, so I show you a second variation as well if you guys don’t have anything to place your hands in
an elevated position in a wide grip, what you can do is you can do decline wide grip pushups. So I really actually pointed
my hands outward like this, as you see in the clip, and it’s actually a really great exercise
that you really don’t see very often, so you’re
gonna elevate your feet about 24 inches off the ground. You’re gonna place your hands
outwards in a wide position and you’re gonna go 45
seconds time under tension. So that is the three outer chest exercises that I guarantee most of you
guys have probably not done. So these three outer chest
exercises do not form an entire chest workout,
so what I recommend you do is screenshot this right now. Simple add in three heavy
sets of dumbbell bench press in the four to eight rep range, three heavy sets of
barbell incline bench press in the four to eight rep range, along with these three
outer chest exercises and you guys have an entire chest workout utilizing the balloon method. Thank you guys so much for
watching day number one of 15 days until Swolemas. Give this video a big like,
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button and if you haven’t seen my video on three
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I will see you guys tomorrow.

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