100 Percent iPhone Battery Health – How I do it

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I wanted to talk about battery health as I get questions about this every single
day the battery health that’s within the battery on the iPhone where it gives
you your maximum capacity and currently this is my XS max it’s at 100% and
people are always asking me what I do to maintain that so well so there’s a
couple things and some people may or may not agree with me but I’ve done quite a
bit of research on this from different websites such as Popular Mechanics and
PC Magazine to things like battery university and other documents from
professors as well so what you’ll find though is when you ask a battery expert
some people say one thing some other people say another thing so I’ll give
you what I do to maintain that battery health number so the first thing you
need to understand is batteries are in a constant state of decay they decrease
size over time so unlike your vehicle’s fuel tank if you have a ten gallon fuel
tank it will always be ten gallons but on an iPhone or a battery that 10
gallons over a year may shrink down to nine gallons and then after two years
could be eight gallons and over time it degrades enough to where it can’t fuel
the power needed from the iPhone so that’s what’s happening with battery
health and what that’s actually measuring its full ability to hold the
original capacity now Apple says that after 300 to 500 cycles you should be
able to get about 80% of your original charge still so a cycle is when you
drain your battery from 100% down to zero and then bring it back up you’ve
cycled the battery now if you’re only draining the battery 20% and bringing it
back up that’s not a full cycle that’s only about 1/5 of a cycle or 20% of a
full cycle so those don’t count as full cycles the math is a little bit fuzzy
depending on who you ask but it’s basically if you drain it down 50%
charge it drain it again 50% now that you’ve got a full cycle now the number
one thing that affects iPhones over time is heat so if you’re an environment
where it’s constantly around 100 degrees Fahrenheit that’s going to be more of a
factor in degrading the battery than charging it so if you’re going to drain
that battery down and charge it that’s okay but if you’re in a hundred degree
heat it’s going to degrade the actual chemical physical ability for that
battery to maintain its charge over time so I
wanted to show you my examples of 100% here on the iPhone X after one year of
use I’ve got 90 percent or 97 percent left
and then on the iPhone 6s plus after a few years of use it’s at 86 percent so
these are all doing really well after that amount of time now this meter is
here to tell you whether or not your battery can maintain its peak
performance over time and supply all the voltage needed if it’s bad it will come
up and tell you that it’s bad so let me show you what I do to maintain it and
this is where it gets a little controversial because some people don’t
like this but in a battery of this size we’re not talking about a battery for a
vehicle like a Tesla this is a battery that’s small and really the best thing
to do I’ve found is charge it overnight now people are gonna say don’t do that
and here’s let me explain that a little bit and there’s this is what a lot of
people say this is the charger I use I use a wireless charger I set it here
overnight and let it charge once it hits 100% Apple actually cuts the voltage
they regulate the voltage coming into the phone they’ll pull back the voltage
and just trickle charge it to keep it at 100% much like you had a battery tender
on a car or recreational vehicle or whatever you’re using same idea so a
trickle charges that keeps it up there and many experts I’d say most of them
that I’ve found say that it’s far better to leave it like that than it is to
actually drain it down to say 70 or 80 percent in charge of backup over and
over and over the other thing I do is while I’m driving throughout the day
this will be plugged in and I’ll be using apple carplay now you don’t have
to use apple carplay you could plug it in while you’re driving that will charge
the battery it’s much better to charge the battery in small increments
throughout the day than it is to let it drain all the way down and charge it
back up so that’s really all I’m doing is I’m
leaving it on a charger overnight it’s not a fast charger and I wouldn’t
recommend using a fast charger regularly the iPad charger is an excellent charger
to use regularly and that’s what I used for years until the wireless charger
that I just showed you here actually came to market so before iPhones had
that ability I use the iPad charger that’s not really a fast charger it’s
just a little bit faster charger a true fast
charger will push a lot more power into this like you see on other Android
phones you can use a MacBook charger to charge this more quickly but it’s still
not on the same level as some of the other phones so I would recommend using
an iPad charger if you want a little quicker charge or the original one
included so that’s why my battery health is so good I know a lot of people are
going to say don’t charge it overnight only charge it to 80% and most people
I’ve heard talk about this or read about have said it’s far too much of a pain to
do that with an iPhone and you don’t need to because the size of the battery
it doesn’t matter anyway if you’re using a car like a Tesla with a huge battery
it’s much better to keep it between 40 and 80 percent over time so that you
maintain it over that length of time but with a phone you’re getting rid of it in
a year or two and then it’s getting refurbished or you’re selling it off and
that person can replace the battery fairly inexpensively but still after
years I’m only down to 86% on the 6s plus so it really just depends on what
you do fully cycling that battery over and over is far worse just plug it in
use it and enjoy it and you’ll maintain that battery health just like I do let
me know what you think though in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed
already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron
I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “100 Percent iPhone Battery Health – How I do it”

  1. I still have my iPhone 7 (not plus), I honestly give a sh*t about when and how to charge but I usually discharge it as much as I need to (meaning I don't plug it in early if I don't need to) but I always plug it at night. Well, if you're theory would be right, my phone must be in the worst possible condition buuuut, it isn't it's still at 81 % health. Considering that I own it since it came out and I use it every day like I mentioned this is a pretty good number.
    There's a lot of different things which affect the battery conditions. The worst things are definetely quickcharging, high and low temperatures as well as constantly fully draining it. But I do not think it makes a difference if you recharge it at 90, 60 or 30 %. The problem with dischargeing very low is that single cells in the battery can drift in voltage over time and then these single cell(s) may get deeply discharged which kills them quickly. So I think it's not the best to drain your battery very low and with power hungry apps but anything else does not make a huge difference.
    The biggest issue is quality spread in battery manufacturing, some battery (cells) tend to degrade faster than others, even in matched packs this is an issue. Having such a cell in your pack you can kill it quick by constantly draining it low or fast charge it.

  2. Orrrr you could just use a iphone normally too where it suites you and replace the battery whenever you want because its cheap at apple in aus/nz only 30$

  3. Lol. My iPhone 7 went from 90% to 79% within 9 months of usage. Then something happened and I no longer had carrier service and my WiFi was terribly slow. Was forced to buy a new phone. Happy now though. iPhone 11. After a full day of intensive using its still at like 50-60% 🙂 only have to charge 3-4x/week

  4. Prior to installing iOS 13, my Battery Health was 100%. Now it is at 94%. I really think Apple is up to some shenanigans with the battery performance.

  5. I do exactly the same as you plus once a month I drain the battery to zero and leave it charging without using it (when I manage not to use it) up to 100%. However here in Portugal where I live the energy is so impure that I can feel the stutter on screen due to the power leak crossing through the charger. I have also noticed a faster degradation of my battery that is very likely to be caused by this power leak.

  6. My iphone 6 has a battery life of 61%. I know that’s terrible but when i get the 11 pro max, ill make sure to follow your tips

  7. I got My iPhone XS like 1 month ago, My battery capacity is now at 98% i really don‘t know why.. i‘m really confused.. can anyone help?

  8. Faster charging speeds also lead to degradation due to heat. Fast charging and wireless charging are both bad for managing capacity. Staying between 30% and 80% is ideal if lithium batteries regardless of “size” (assumed: capacity). That’s why in iOS 13 it now has an option to dynamically charge to 80%.

  9. So i have an iphone 11 new, 100% health battery what i must make to mentain 100%? i do not understand the video :))) my english is very bad in listen mode

  10. Batteries are like wet stones, if you only use one particular area then that area will wear down most, just like dips in stones you get naff zones in batteries. Smoothness and using the entire range is key, if only I could be bothered 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. Just got my cousin’s old 6s plus given to me after he got a new XR. He didn’t even have this for a year and the health is at 73%💀

  12. battery health is how many times you charge vs how often you drain and charge….

    never let a phone go below 10% charge up to 85% and your battery will last a really long time never play a video game imidiatly after you charge wait 10 minutes or so till the battery chemistry gets stable.. ive been with lipos and lith ions since they came out i got the first run of lith batts when they were still wondering what 1c meant… see also these chargers they give you are 1 amp thats bad.. charge at 500 mah its slower but good for the battery a slow charge is best fast charging with the apple charger is bad.. get one that on the back says 500 mah output.. yea it will take 3 hours but it will save your battery.. do this for all things dont charge your tesla past 85% or let it go to 10% and your battery will thank you

  13. My sister's iphone 7+ has been at 100% after 7 months and my xr is at 96% after 4 months of use damn 😓😓😓😤

  14. Watched this a full year after you posted it! Great advice though, I try to keep my 11 pro max away from heat but I do try not to plug it in all day. I might consider changing that practice now

  15. I tried the “never under 40% to never over 90%” charge and my battery seems to decline faster. Even though I’ve seen all this research suggesting complicated battery tricks. I’ve found that keeping it above 50% like you’re saying holds the health longer. I don’t get it either.

  16. My iphone 11 Pro Max just lost 2% of battery capacity after using it for 1 month and a half. It hurts my heart. Is this normal?

  17. So what happened if u don’t have an wireless charger or iPad charger, can u just charger it when it hit 20% and then unplug it when it hit 70 or 80% becuz mines was 97 but when I was in the car with the sun on me it went to 96 and it wasn’t charging so what should I do

  18. Bruhhh!!! I have been using iphone 6 since like 2015 and i am down to 88%… so surely yuu are doing it wrong
    Welcome ✌🏼

  19. Charging your iPhone throughout the day provides better battery life so that the battery health doesn’t drop and cause unexpected shutdowns

  20. Pro tip: Use it however you want and after 1 year of degradation or when its degraded enough to bother you go to Apple and replace the battery.

  21. I have iPhone 11 I bought it 2 months ago and the battery health is 96% and I am confused can someone tell me what to do

  22. So and extension cord would help if it’s a fast charger right? I’m assuming extension cords reduce the flow of energy

  23. My iPhone 7 Plus is at 75%. Is there anyway to bring it back up, without replacing the battery? Also, I'm not seeing the 80% limit thing with iOS13. My phone will charge to 100% each and every time if I keep it plugged in and I have Optimized Battery Charging on.

  24. Just get a new battery. I will never understand how idiots spends $1000 on a phone but can’t shell out $50-100 to get a new battery every 1-2 years. Jesus Christ ‼️

  25. I think my battery performance has degraded since I got my battery replaced in January. Before it wasn't that bad but after a few months use the battery peak drained like crazy and currently stands at 73%. I may use it a bit too often, but having that first phone battery perfectly last 3 years and this one already going below 80% in just 10 months is a bit insane to me. I feel ripped off

  26. Not apple every single phone does this!!!
    From years!! Turning off the supply of Electricity after its reached 100%

  27. so the comment section are more helpful than the whole video,because my stupid ass read all the comment :/

  28. nevermind… 🤔 drop those tips and let me enjoy my day with my phone 🙃

    battery drain? time to buy a new phone. thats not only your battery draining, your phones too.. need to replace with the new technology as well..

  29. Why whole life I thought leaving it charging overnight was bad, I will cry when I remember it had 100% for more than 4 hours lol

  30. My iPhone 6 is at 98% after two years and I didn’t even pay attention to it. My iPhone 8+ is at 88% after a couple months and I check it all the time worried about it. No clue why.

  31. my phone was passed down from my mom (it’s a 6 plus) and it’s at 81%. i think that’s good assuming it’s a phone from 2014-2015

  32. I've had my 8 Plus for a while now, and I use it regularly, and it's still 100%. I guess I don't use my phone as much as average people.

  33. I also use CarPlay plugged in which charges the phone also, doing this constantly everytime I’m in the car is OK then for the battery health?

  34. After 9 months my iPhone 7 went down to 93%… that was a sad day, I’ve just upgraded again though 😌

  35. I was at 76% and just had to change my SE battery. Now its like having a new SE. Not gonna upgrade unless another 4inch iphone comes out!!

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